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  1. I might suggest looking at the following guides:
  2. Just be aware that Cloudflare can skew numbers as well. If it serves a page from cache, it never went back to IPB to get the page which would mean that IPB can't count it. So any base page directly by Cloudflare WILL be seen by Google (since end users would still be getting the Google JS) but IPB will NOT. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things... I say this simply to note that the two numbers will most likely NEVER really match. They're different things being measured really.
  3. IPS has ALWAYS said that 8.3 is not officially supported. It’s not tested against it. While it may work for you, it’s not guaranteed to. So now you’re coming back to them upset because something did not work because you decided not to listen to them anyway? I’m not sure how you can blame them for this. Just because it used to work does not mean it will always work when they clearly say that version is not supported or tested against. Before you complain about something, make sure your environment matches the system requirements. There is a reason those requirements exist… they don’t list them just to be difficult.
  4. I can replicate this as well. I installed the patch and still am prompted each time the update task runs to install it. There are no available updates/patches to install.
  5. Remember… IPB is seeing counting how many times the topic was opened by ANYTHING. Google does not count things that does not execute JavaScript (which is what the GA tag is) meaning it won’t count its own traffic or that of other search type bots.
  6. In your browser when running the installer… are you using the SAME EXACT address that shows up for your license in the client area? For example www vs no www and such matters.
  7. That's a lesson I learned a long time ago. 🙂 The "latest" is not always the best. In fact in the corporate world, most organizations run slightly older LTS releases of software instead of the hot off the press versions. The key question to ask is if there is something specific you need in the latest release (for example a known bug was fixed in the newest release that is causing problems for you). From a security perspective, since 8.2 for example is still supported, if there was a major security issue, they would release the next sub point release (8.2.XX). It would not require upgrading to 8.3.x until 8.2 is EOS.
  8. That's certainly up to you... however IPS generally does monthly releases. So if you skip a month, you'll most likely just be in the same spot a month later. At most I would suggest waiting a week or so after the release.
  9. Have you installed the latest patch inside of your ACP? This was just fixed yesterday.
  10. I believe you would find it in the Support section of the ACP. You'll find a link in the upper right hand corner of the ACP. There will be a section with recommended things to fix. If that does not work, you may have to fix it using something like phpMyAdmin.
  11. In a nutshell... you want to upload the files to the same spot where you first installed the IPB software into. We can't tell you EXACTLY where your files are uploaded on your website as it depends on your hosting provider and how they setup their server. Here's a little more detail on the process to do a manual upgrade: - Download the latest version of the IPB software from the client area. (If you had a legacy migration from another platform, you might need to also check the box to download the converters as well.) - Extract that ZIP file that is downloaded. Inside of it will be all of the files related to IPB. - Launch an FTP application of your choice and connect to your server. - Find where your IPB files are installed on the server. (If you're using a server with cPanel, this is typically inside of the "public_html" folder.) - Upload all of the extracted files up to your server. It will prompt you some of the files already exist and what do you want to do. You will select to OVERWRITE the existing file. This process will take a little bit to do. Once complete, you will visit yoursite.com/admin/upgrade to kick off the upgrader. It will ask you to login with your ACP credentials and then walk you through the rest of the steps.
  12. You might also try clearing your browser cache or try a different browser to see if the issue persists. I've seen a situation where a JS did not cache properly in the browser and I was getting some funky things happening in the ACP.
  13. If you would like to suggest it, I would either post the idea in the Feedback forum so it does not get lost in the sea of support requests or ask a staff member to move this topic over there for you. 🙂
  14. No. There is no concept as “mark unread”. The closest you’ll get in the base software is to have someone else post in that topic which would make it unread for you again.
  15. Most likely your PHP installation does not have the correct module to enable PHP to connect via SFTP. This would be something that would need to be compiled into your PHP installation. Just because your computer has an SFTP client on it does not mean your PHP client has support for it. 😄
  16. No. IPB would not be aware of payments made outside of its software by default. You would need to cancel the existing stripe subscription and setup/store payment info within IPB. Otherwise you could work with a 3rd party developer to create some sort of bridge that could check the status of a stripe subscription and promote/demote users.
  17. Given there has not even been a closed preview or open preview and that we are a third of the way through March… I would be highly surprised if there will be something available in download form this month.
  18. Are you using some sort of WAF or Cloudflare on your site?
  19. I can’t wait for the new bumpin’ music track!
  20. I would recommend upgrading your IPB version and PHP version. PHP7 is end of life and does not get support from its authors anymore. There are also security updates that are known in the older versions. If one of those are exploited on your site, there will not be much anyone can do to help you. If you absolutely simply cannot upgrade, I would HIGHLY recommend you have really good backups and that you actually test that you can recover from a backup.
  21. If you can’t reach the license server but you can ping it… I would check if your curl supports TLS 1.2. If you ONLY accept 1.1 or 1.3 you will likely have problems.
  22. I've seen situations where people have manually linked to attachments by copy/pasting the URL. If that happens instead of using the "Other Media" option (insert existing attachment) for example, it would not get updated. It won't update links someone copy/pasted.
  23. 4.7.16 is currently in beta. Once it is released, the issue should be fixed. 🙂
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