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  1. Hi it will be useful to include a report of a form to track the history of promotions
  2. Hi I need to be able to now who did choose the best answer , it is the creator or one of the moderators
  3. Hi i need to be able to search the content and also files of a specific member
  4. hi, now 4.5 is available , how the Best Answer Tools will work if we install 4.5 ? is there any required action before we upgrade to 4.5?
  5. i did that , and seems to be resolved. Thanks
  6. Suddenly the app allows to choose 2 best answers for the same topic and not allowing to deselect best answer https://www.officena.net/ib/topic/104303-معادلة-بعدة-شروط-وشرائح/
  7. Thanks , will try it I really do not know what this is not available as a core feature The assumption that the suitable user interface language is always the windows language is not valid for a considerable number of users in several non English speaking countries
  8. I want my forum to be mainly RTL , and i am using a different default language than english The system detects the windows language and set it as default this is no valid for large number of users , we need to be able to control the default language
  9. 1- Word Filters to be also applied to personal messages 2- word filters to include wildcard charachters , for example to replace all links in a forum , we can use www.sitename.com/forum/*
  10. Since Upgrade to 4.x , i am facing a huge issue with the default language option having the default language detected only from the browser is for sure not an optimum choice for a lot of the non-English , and specially the RTL sites i personally use the English interface of the browser , and also a lot of my users , but we need the forum to be set to RTL. I purchased one of the Add ins available to control the default language , but the site crashed after the installation so i removed it , and i was advised by Support to remove all Add-ins. Currently i ended up disabling the English interface until this is resolved , although some of my users may prefer it , and i also prefer to use it for ACP. I Strongly need an option to control the default language from the ACP , for new users and visitors, Existing users may choose to use the default detection or to force a language This is required Urgently , as it is a nightmare in My case
  11. When i subscribed last month to priority support , the fee was 225$ paid one time + 25$ each 6 month now i received an Email , saying that it will be 100$ each 6 months , and includes doing the upgrade at the end of the Email , it is mentioned that if i do not want to continue this service i can subscribe This is unfair change, if i stop the service , then i have paid the original 225$ for one cycle only. 1- you should allow the refund of the 225$ with the change from 25$ to 100$ fee either we want to continue of not at least for members who subscribed for only one cycle. 2- any subscription for a service should be valid for at least one year without change , in case it contains and initial subscription payment. 3- the change from 25$ to 100$ (4 times ) is not adequate 4- In general we need faster support replies either for the normal or support subscriptions., the main reason that i subscribed to the priority support is that normal support takes long time to reply , please look into enhancing this for both.
  12. This is useful for admins , we need it back please
  13. Why the number of attachment downloads is not shown in posts IPS4 ?
  14. 1- I suggest to update the orphaned file tool to add and option to allow moving the files identified as orphans into a temp folder rather than deleting them directly ( as an option). 2- Also there is a need to a similar script to identify the posts that has attachments , but those are not in the uploads folder
  15. In IPS4 the Topic number is not shown in discussion forms like it was in IPS3
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