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  1. The more you compress the images, the greater the quality is sacrificed and the more CPU that it takes to generate the file itself. The default values provided by IPB give a good amount of compression while balancing resources used to generate it vs savings. With that said, feel free to change the sliders up/down as it makes sense for your community. If you're super focused on the ultimate smallest file and have tons of CPU power and don't care if the image quality drops a bit... jack that value up to the max. If your site is heavily dependent on ultra high quality images and you don't want IPS dropping the quality of anything uploaded, keep that value down very low or off entirely.
  2. One thing I've noted recently is that my Internet Service Provider is using both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Yes, even though I have a static IPv4 address... I also have a IPv6 address as well. My guess is your ISP might be doing something similar as well.
  3. This is something they've been working on previously based on other live streams, etc. It's not as simple as simply tossing up a random Opensearch/Elasticsearch instance when you talk about the size and scale that iPS operates at. In addition, there are BIG costs associated with an enterprise class platform... so it has to be done in a way that is economical for IPS as well otherwise that hosting cost could have a decent size bump!
  4. I just confirmed with a default theme you can add both header and footer. Create a new default theme and confirm. If it appears on a default theme but not yours, it’s something to address with the theme author.
  5. FYI… IPS has only supported stock/default keyboards.
  6. Definitely sounds like a problem in your mysql database. It's possible the server's hard drive itself is full (not meaning your account itself, but the server's hard drive itself). Most hosting providers oversell/overprovision their servers. This means even though your quota might be 30GB and you're using only 4... but if the hard drive itself is full because everyone else is using space, you can absolutely encounter that situation.
  7. I believe you could do something like this in a Pages database.
  8. A sneak peak behind the scenes at @Daniel F's desk...
  9. As a hint... some hosts by default don't even log PHP errors. You may need to enable them. Check out: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/troubleshoot-php-errors/ Typically in the php.ini, you can enable logging for your site and also where it's logged. However it's not guaranteed that the host allows for custom php.ini files so it's not possible to definitively say that the above will work and why contacting the host may be required.
  10. Honestly to me it sounds like a cop out answer from the host. If they actually investigated it, they would know and be able to pretty easily be able to say what the biggest items in the request was. I would personally ask them for more detail and to identify what they are claiming is the culprit.
  11. Do you have any login methods defined other than the standard one you posted in that screenshot?
  12. Most browsers won’t display images called under http when the base page is https. Thats loading insecure content on a secure page and not allowed. (Mix mode is allowed for localhost delivery in most browsers except Safari.)
  13. ACP > System > Settings > Advanced Configuration Under the "Server Environment" tab is a section called "Security". After you make this change, you may need to clear your system cache and for any guests accessing the site, you may need to wait 15 minutes for any pages cached by the CiC CDN to clear. Make sure you fully trust this other site as this makes it possible for it to do some rather nasty things if that other site is compromised or anything similar.
  14. If there is text on the page that is good and you want your text to be next to it, just edit your language pack (even if it's English) to add whatever you want it to say.
  15. Yes it would. Bots are not logged in members, therefore are guests. It would require some sort of third party customization to identify the search engine and treat them as a different group than a normal guest.
  16. The best place to suggest that is in the feedback forum. Posts in the support forums get lost from consideration in a sea of support requests. 🙂
  17. You can change it only for you by making the theme available to your member group and then switching to using it from the front end of the site. If it does not work, just switch back to your prior theme! If it does work, you can make that theme the default for everyone by choosing that option in the theme settings! 🙂
  18. Just make sure to give it a name like "New Default" or something so you know which one you're actually selecting! Also make sure once it's good that you remove the old bad "IPS Defaults" and set the new one as the theme for all members. 🙂
  19. MySQL5 no longer receives support/updates from the manufacturer. So if they won't upgrade, I would highly recommend a new host. That's basically waiting for an accident to happen. https://endoflife.date/mysql But IPB still works on 5.7... later versions however most likely won't. So you have time to figure out your plans. EDIT: teraByte and I apparently were on the same train of thought there! JINX! 😄
  20. I would suggest creating a test instance of your site and using it to test removing plugins/apps one by one till you find your problem.
  21. Honestly I’m not sure there is a problem here at all. We are talking about 15 MB TOTAL in size. Your themes and JS are taking the most space but those will be the same regardless if there is 1 or a million posts. The cache is 7MB but 3 of it is overhead that could be cleaned up. Personally I would convert all tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. But the things that are taking space are not related to the things that would scale based on number of items posted.
  22. Are you getting NEW log entries after the date/time of when you made the change?
  23. From what is described it would be in a monthly release and not a hotfix. Hotfixes are typically used for important fixes that can’t wait for the regular release cycle.
  24. This is nothing to worry about. Other browsers such as Safari did this YEARS ago. Google dragged its heels because of what it meant for trackers tracking you across multiple sites.
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