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  1. @Fosters New version has the same error as the old version. Unfortunately not usable. Please see here:
  2. The new version is online. Thanks for that 🙂 👍 Is it possible to add a check "$memberMarker !== FALSE" here? If the member has no membermarker, "canView()" crashes because the function is called on a boolean variable. Thank you very much 🙂
  3. Thank you very much 😀
  4. Are there any news regarding the IPS 4.6.x update?
  5. Is there a release for IPS 4.6 planned and if yes, when?
  6. This is exactly the behavior I have too. @Morrigan Thanks a lot for confirming this. 👍 I have already started to doubt myself. 😉 This is exactly my guess. The interesting part is, that Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera can handle this.
  7. Hi community, Me and other Firefox users of my IPS community observed a problem with the current Firefox version (83). I'm discussing this topic since a few day with the IPS support team, but we have not yet found a solution. The problem concerns the position where Firefox is scrolling to, when you have a link with a specific comment (anchor) of a topic. There is a precondition I have already found out. The problem occurs only, if there are two or more huge quotes or spoilers in the topic The browser window should not be maximized (maybe only relevant for 4K displays) Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera is working fine (no need for testing) It would be great, if you could help me out and tell me which post you see or what happen when you click on the link below. Step 1: Open the topic without a query paramter https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/459814-community-support-wanted-firefox-users-can-help/ Step2: Click the link with the query parameter https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/459814-community-support-wanted-firefox-users-can-help/?do=findComment&comment=2839934 (The links leads to a post in this topic) I already have several videos where you can see the problem on my environment. I can share them, if there is a need. I hope for your support and best thanks in advance. 🙂 Christian
  8. Are there any news about this version?
  9. 😇 This is really confusing. Maybe Martin A. has an idea. Is this a Testsystem? Localhost hosted?
  10. This is strange. In my case everything worked fine. For a short time, I had to maps in my community suite and both were listed under the applications. Can you make screenshot of your applications please?
  11. You have to buy the new community map and install it in parallel. After the installation of the community map, you will get a migration wizard which is doing the rest for you.
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