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  1. Anyone tried it on 4.4 final realease yet?
  2. And a remark one of my forum users had: If you ignore a forum and you enter the ignored forum, it appears to be empty. No topics show up. You have to unignore it to see any topic. In our opinion, if you enter intentionally an ignored forum, it's topics should appear.
  3. I would like to prevent users to ignore certain forums (like the news Forum). It is nothing very important, but nice to have.
  4. I would like Clubs integration, Clubs should be able to create own Channels.
  5. Dear developers, it would be great to allow a leader to assign Moderators and leaders to a public Club. Bst regards hj
  6. @Matt I think about adresses. Are they only stored once as a master date? Or are invoice an delivery addresses stored for each invoice/transaction? If yes, this is a personal data. Same is with custom fields for transactions. I can request personal data with custom fields. They need to be included in the download as well. I did not check custom profile fields. Are they in the XML? But thank you very much for your efforts regarding GDPR compliance. edit: Additional: I am not sure if the purchase/ invoice itself is considered a personal data. I guess yes, because I can tell which product a specific user had purchased in the past.
  7. Hi, thank you for implementing all the GDPR Features. I noticed that for the new download function, not all data from comerce are added to the xml file. I miss purchases and invoices. Could you add them? Best regards Hans-Joachim
  8. Hi, is there a way to send out invoices automatically by mail? At least in Germany I have to send the disclaimer and the terms by mail to a customer. I've put the required legal texts in the additional fields of the invoice. But I don't see how I can send the invoice automatically by mail. It would be great to have that option, or offer similar fields on the order confirmation, which is automatically sent. Best regards Hans-Joachim
  9. @Lindy Pity but perfectly understandable.
  10. Because is a public area. Inside the bank, where only visitors are recorded, it would be allowed.
  11. My lawyer also heavily insists, that there must be a checkbox in the contact form. @Matt Another Thing: I like the new download Feature for personal data. I would like to give that Option on my members in their account Settings. I don't see any harm in that. Maybe give the Administrator the choice if he want to give the members that Option.
  12. Does that includes topics from Clubs? Can I tell on which Clubs the ignore work? edit: Ignore that ? I just saw that it was added.
  13. Yes, please! It is nothing big, but it is annoying ?
  14. @Colonel_mortis Thank you for your answer. I totally agree with you about the meaning if csp and what it is made for. But: As a european, I have to deal with the new privacy laws (GDPR). CSP would be a way to filter iframes and similar old content, before I can get rid of them/alter them to something compliant. My Forum has almost 3 Million postings. It will take a bit to find a good sloloution for old content. And yes, unfortunately, the new law is really strict.
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