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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not able to maintain my IPS applications any further. The source code is released under the MIT license: https://github.com/ABSAhmad/IpsTeamSpeakIntegration @Daniel F can you please disable purchases/renewals, thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently planning what to do next with the app, are there any feature wishes? Something that has been annoying you and should be changed? Shoot me a PM and I'll consider it 🙂 Best Regards, Ahmad E.
  3. You'll need access to the query server admin - so it might not work. Yes it is. Yeah, unfortunately I had personal issues to figure out and indeed "disappeared" for quite a while. I'm sorry about that but I'll keep the app updated 🙂
  4. Hey, it does not work with the cloud hosting because you cannot open the needed ports in the firewall.
  5. Can you please send me ACP/FTP access, so I can take a look why this is happening and fix it.
  6. Hey, this seems to be an IPS issue but just so I can be sure, would you mind sending me ACP/FTP access so I can take a look?
  7. Unfortunately, that is not possible due to their firewall. You need to be able to open specific ports to be able to "communicate" with your TS server which they do not allow.
  8. No, it is not planned. However I might actually add that in the next release.
  9. Hey, no that is not possible, I'm afraid.
  10. Yes. Sorry guys, I'm really busy these days and cannot get enough time to work on such stuff. The good news is, I'm taking off starting next week wednesday, so you'll see the plugins getting some love at that time again. Everyone who has Problems in the meantime, please add me on Discord Ahmad#3905.
  11. Hey, Check if your default ("Guest") group has following permission set: b_virtualserver_info_view b_virtualserver_channel_list b_virtualserver_client_list b_virtualserver_servergroup_list b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list PS. sorry for the late reply. If you have issues on your site, it is better to send me a PM directly. This way I can keep track of the issues better. For other questions and the like, this thread is the right place
  12. Can both of you PM me ACP/FTP access?
  13. Hey @Phil7789, I cannot re-produce this issue. Can I try to debug this on your installation? Is this a plugin? I cannot find an option to force members to accept guidelines, maybe I am just not seeing it?
  14. Hey, you posted a stacktrace but the actual error is missing (should be the first line above the #0). Can you post that too please?
  15. Seems to me like the URL to your TS instance is wrong? Or maybe wrong information (user/pass)? Or perhaps, you need to whitelist your websites IP on your TS server (if you haven't done so already)?
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