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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not able to maintain my IPS applications any further. The source code is released under the MIT license: https://github.com/ABSAhmad/IpsTeamSpeakIntegration @Daniel F can you please disable purchases/renewals, thanks.
  2. There are no instructions on purpose, this would imply that there's support - there's not. It's not maintained anymore and most likely not even compatible with 4.4. It also has known bugs which aren't fixed - it's publicly available so developers can use it/learn from it. It shouldn't be used as-is though.
  3. Code is located at GitHub and I just changed the license to MIT: https://github.com/ABSAhmad/IpsDiscordIntegration @Lindy (sorry I'm not sure who is the Marketplace moderator at the moment) can you please close this topic and take the app off the marketplace? Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry guys, I wasn't able to live up to my promise. Speaking quite frankly I just can't keep working on this/keep supporting it. If you have purchased this app and couldn't actually use it, send me a PM (I'll go through them all on the weekend) and we'll arrange a refund as long as my credit can cover it - I haven't actually used any credit for a long time so it should be fine. I'll also release the source code under the MIT license so it can be used as a reference if need be or maybe some other developer wants to use it as a base (though I wouldn't recommend it since it hasn't been updated for the last IPS releases)
  5. Database feeds? Do you mean databases in terms of the Pages app? If so then not in the initial release but will be added in a following release.
  6. Oh yeah, sorry totally forgot to update the thread. The first version will be released on this weekend 🙂
  7. You could set it up so that by default members only have access to a "Welcome" channel where you instruct them to link their accounts. And once they're linked, they get access to the rest of the discord server by upgrading their group to "Registered member" or something similar 🙂
  8. Hey, nothing, the bot only modifies linked accounts. Everyone else is ignored.
  9. Yes, I'll extend everyones subscription once the updated version is released. My nephew was born on Friday so I had to throw out my weekend plans out of the window to help my brother and his wife taking care of their current child while they were in the hospital. So unfortunately I couldn't work on the app 😕 We have a holiday this Wednesday so I'll try to get everything done then 🙂
  10. There are a few issues that I still need to fix - but I'm currently swamped at work 😕 I'll post an update as soon as I have one (most likely on the weekend)
  11. Hey, the question was marked as answered but the bug is in the IPS codebase, does this mean that a fix will be included in a following release? Best Regards, Ahmad E.
  12. Hey guys, I'm currently planning what to do next with the app, are there any feature wishes? Something that has been annoying you and should be changed? Shoot me a PM and I'll consider it 🙂 Best Regards, Ahmad E.
  13. What has changed so far: Group syncing is now asynchronous too - A background task will run every 10 minutes to sync all changes A background task will run every day which will sync all members who are connected to discord Implemented proper rate limit support, so the Discord API rate limit should never be hit Also implemented a "retry" mechanism in case the API rate limit should ever be hit (for whatever reason) Calendar event posts will now be posted asynchronous too, a background task will run every 10 minutes What I am still working on before release: Make "Downloads" posts asynchronous too Add more settings, when exactly to kick a user, ban a user etc. Documentation 😉 I'll try to get those three things done today BUT an official release won't happen this week anymore. I will be on vacation from 05.09-17.09, so I won't release the app and go - I'll release it when I get back. For those who want an unofficial release (to use on a DEV instance) and give early feedback, please send me a PM.
  14. Hey, there is some leftover debug code (only active IN_DEV so it isn't critical) in "system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php" on line 303: if ( \IPS\IN_DEV ) { echo '<pre>'; var_dump( $e ); exit; } Best Regards, Ahmad E.
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