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  1. Hi @aXenDev, with the last update the problem reappeared
  2. Hi, after upgrading I still get some PHP8 errors
  3. Hi @TheJackal84 is this getting an update for IPS 4.7.2?
  4. Hi @TAMAN is this getting updated to 4.7? I can't download it
  5. Thank you so much! I found another one, this happens when you search an idea and you don't find it
  6. Hi @Kirill Gromov, I think you forget 2 translation string One the sort by, and the other in the search input
  7. @Adriano Faria Once set up, is it possible to synchronize all users to follow the content and not just those who register afterwards?
  8. It would be really helpful if all images uploaded to the site (whatever the starting format) were converted to jpeg or webp for the thumbnails. Being both compressed formats they would allow faster loading and greater space optimization. In my case I have a gallery full of PNG images in high resolution and obviously the thumbnails being in the same format even if at a lower resolution require a high loading time.
  9. Is there any update on this front? Unfortunately the PNG thumbnails in my gallery are becoming unsustainable in terms of space
  10. Hi @TAMAN It's possible to restrict the sliders only on the forum "homepage"? I mean I don't want to see them when I view a discussion
  11. Hello @aXenDev! I think I found a bug, the star review system now has weird spacing disabling the application solves the problem
  12. Hi @Kirill Gromov There's some missing strings like: "__indefart_ideas_idea_comment"
  13. Hi @Adriano Faria, Just bought MS Goals it seems like milestone string is untraslated Also how do I localize dates? in my language (in the acp) all months are translated. Edit: Seem's like the Goal-Frequency is never translated even with recurring tasks
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