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  1. Faqole

    Set Fake Member(s) Online

    You can already turn them off from their profiles.
  2. Faqole

    Set Fake Member(s) Online

    Do you mean to leave them online for ever?
  3. Faqole

    Set Fake Member(s) Online

    The online session for the fake member(s) will be the same as that for the legit members. You will have set them online again. Otherwise it will look suspicious if they are 24 hours online.
  4. Faqole

    Close/Prune Old Topics

    Would you mind giving me access to your forum so I can look into this?
  5. Faqole

    Inactive Members Management

    Please remind me this week end and I will make the change and send you the modified file.
  6. Faqole

    Close/Prune Old Topics

    I can not reproduce this, nor has anyone else reported such an issue. Does this happen only with the task added by my plugin or with other tasks too?
  7. Faqole

    Members Browsing Forums

    It counts members only. I can add the count for guests for an extra fee though.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This widget will display the most liked topics of the day/week/month/year or whatever time frame in days that you like. By default it will display the most liked topics of the month. Permissions are being preserved intact. i.e. users will see only topics in the forums where they are allowed to do so. Below is a detailed overview of the widget settings. Widget Title: You can enter the title of the widget. Liked Topics Time Frame: Here you can select the time frame in days of the liked topics. By default it is set to show the most liked posts for the month. Total Topics: Here you can decide how many topics to display. Viewing Groups: Select the group(s) that you want to view the widget. Forums: This setting controls the forum(s) that you want to display most liked topics from.


  9. Faqole

    Close/Prune Old Topics

    I do no tplan on expanding the plugin any further, but I can add that option for you for an extra fee.
  10. Faqole

    Close/Prune Old Topics

    Are you using my plugin? Because from your post it appears that you do, but your name does not appear in the list of members who purchased it. Can you tell me how did you get hold of it?
  11. Faqole

    Close/Prune Old Topics

    Can you please post the warning message in english?
  12. A new version that is compatible with the latest Ipb version is released.
  13. I see what you mean. It would be very useful indeed. It has been added. It supports the full bbcode editor. Please see the attached screenshot. The very first setting at the top. The application has been updated with the new feature. P.s. With this application, you can delete the suspended/closed accounts as well btw.