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  1. I will get @Pete T to test it for me as he updating any plugins that need 4.4 overall.
  2. No, I have not given up on it. I sent you the plugin file in private.
  3. There is no reason for refund. The plugin works fine.
  4. 1) In the Acp you can order the Categories, which will appear on the front side too. It is not for affiliates. The order and sorting of the affiliates has been shown in the app 's support topic. 2) Nowhere it says that such function exist in my app. I gave you access to my forum where you tested it thoughly and I answered every single pre sale question that you had. The thing with you is that besides asking multiple times for a discount, after you purchased it, you started demanding 10 different new features to be added at no cost. And big features too. I am sorry but it does not work that way as I explained it to you. 3) The description field is there to add a single line description and not to write novels. But you can disable it.
  5. I can not reproduce that sir. In my testing it works fine with the selected forums.
  6. I have updated the plugin. Now the old topics will be hard deleted instead of soft deleted.
  7. Can you post a screenshot of the plugin 's setting and a translation of the error message?
  8. The task lock issue has been fixed. Please download the new version of the plugin and do an update.
  9. You can already turn them off from their profiles.
  10. Do you mean to leave them online for ever?
  11. The online session for the fake member(s) will be the same as that for the legit members. You will have set them online again. Otherwise it will look suspicious if they are 24 hours online.
  12. Would you mind giving me access to your forum so I can look into this?
  13. I can not reproduce this, nor has anyone else reported such an issue. Does this happen only with the task added by my plugin or with other tasks too?
  14. I do no tplan on expanding the plugin any further, but I can add that option for you for an extra fee.
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