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  1. 2) The primary motivation for putting a license warning on the front end is simply that many (far more than you'd likely realize) administrators do not visit the AdminCPregularly. It can be months in between AdminCP visits on some sites. Point taken, and I was afraid you'd say that. I can't imagine only checking on my site once in a while, but I'm sure they enjoy not having too.
  2. I can understand some rationale to help us remember things. It can become bothersome. I think (unless there is a desperate need to shake the tree for the coffers), The in-your-face index page warnings, hints, tips, nags, reminders, should be displayed in the Admin CP, for Root view only. The warnings that appear now in the Admin CP and dismissed for a week at the time, are distraction enough. Please, don't go the Microsoft route of nagging someone to death about upgrading, or that their support license has expired. When they go to the panel for support, and they have none, then that is a powerful reminder to get the plastic out. The current model of display outside of the Admin CP, even though only Admins can see it, smacks too much of desperation. Please, consider moving all the Root/Admin notices to the CP area only. Also, an option so "we" can decide if anyone below Root can see them, would be nice.
  3. Nice addition Matt. If your community likes gifs, use it. If they don't, don't enable it. Just like clubs.
    A Chatbox really makes a great addition to most forums. My members and I want to thank onlyMe for providing such a fine free application. In a time when most devs have all but abandoned the simple forum owners, onlyMe and a few others, continue to provide quality plugins/applications for us free. App is super easy to install, has so many great features. Easy to set configurations.
    I love this plugin. I used it on 3.x I am having a problem getting it to work, but I will. Thanks for maintaining it!
  4. This is a nice addition to the community. Thanks!
  5. Seems like I ran into this once. Re-uploading all the files fixed it for me.
  6. Did you double check your settings in ACP>System>Email Settings> Use the test button to make sure it is sending. Also double check ACP>Members>Registration Settings, make sure the "Email Validation" is checked.
  7. I noticed the color picker with fewer colors, but I used to be able to right click a topic title and it produced an editable box where you could change/modify the title. Has that been removed? It no longer works since upgrading.
  8. Thanks for the information, it was a great widget with all the options you had in it. Sorry they pulled the plug on the API. Thanks,
  9. Thanks for the fast response! It is RSS from a Word Press Blog of mine. The Blog link is http://castlekeepdanes.com/depotblog/ The RSS feed link is http://castlekeepdanes.com/depotblog/?feed=rss2 Thanks,
  10. Dang, upgrades always improving something but breaking other nice things. My Rss feed NB40 from my Blog used to work flawlessly but after the recent update to it has stopped. The board RSS feed works to import into a forum section but the sidebar RSS block no longer works. So the RSS from the Blog must be working okay but the NB40 isn't working any longer. Any suggestions on how I can fix it? Any help appreciated because this is such a great widget.
  11. Thanks Rhett I appreciate that information.
  12. I have noticed my core search index in the database is 58mb for a 220 member 90,000 post community. Is that normal, and is there a way to reduce that to lessen the load/size of the database? Thanks,
  13. A big thanks to support (Charles Warren) for finding a solution. If any of you run across this fluke, just use the "Global Search box" at the top right of your ACP it should then find the member in the ACP and you can work on editing them from there. Thanks again to support!
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