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  1. Cyboman

    SendMail Advanced

    Hi, I'm interested in this app, just to know how many emails are actually going out every day, and in which cases emails are sent mostly. Though I have some other questions / suggestions for it: Will this app work with other apps, f.e. "mail bouncer" or other email modifications, that will "ban emails", that can't be delivered for any reason? Or will "delayed emails" by your app lead to an "address ban" initiated by other apps? What happens if emails are restricted from being sent (due to too many emails in the queue), but there won't be any capacity later on to send them, as too many prioritized emails are waiting to be sent? Will the lower prioritized emails be deleted at any point of time? I'm asking as I don't want my members to receive low prioritized emails 1 month later for example. There should be a cut-off date. Is there any notification if emails won't be sent for a long time or never? For the member himself? For the admin? For my purposes, I'd like to split the sending of emails to different email providers. F.e. I'd like to send registration/password recovery emails via a paid service to go for sure that they will be delivered, BUT other notification emails should be sent via my own server (php email). This isn't possible with IPS. Is this something that might benefit your app in a future version? Or would this be better for an independent app? ^^no. 4 is one of the solutions I'm looking for for a long time. I want to use "free emails" from paid providers to sent the most important emails, but avoid other costs for follower notifications aso. Thanks for a short response.
  2. Cyboman

    Classifieds System

    I had a similar request before around a year ago in this topic. Every communication channel should be individually selectable. Telephone as well as email. I don't want to allow/show both. In some cases this might be a GDPR violation, especially if adverters want to deny their personal informations at a later time or if they entered them by mistake (not knowing that it could be used publicly). Or if they NEVER want to be informed/contacted via email. Classifieds should honor communities with anonymous members and only allow exceptions if: the seller consciously accepts this. It should only show/offer telephone AND email contacting functions if the seller accepts this the allowed informations should ONLY be shown to purchasers after the sale is flagged as "sold", and no other member should ever be able to contact a member in any other way than PM after the sale is completed, these personal informations should totally disappear, for all members, and not be available anymore forever It's a common problem, that interested members will ask the seller to close deals out of range of the community admin to avoid additional costs/fees. We as community admins lose control about the classifieds. And it might be a big violation with GDPR... edit: just saw Adriano replied with a great solution for the "other" field. Thanks. This should be implemented by @InvisionHQ in the app directly, for "other" as well as for "email". Thanks.
  3. Cyboman

    Birthday Greeter Support

    I'm also using cron. Birthday greeter is set to send PMs and Emails only (but it never did trustworthy during the last months). In the ACP, the birthday greeter task is shown as locked in the dashboard continuously (and I still have the problems with duplicate PMs (or even 3 in 1-hour intervals), sometimes no PMs at all...) Another bug I detected: In Birthday Greeter, General Settings, Date Format -> if I activate the checkbox "use default" and save, it saves, but as soon as I come back, the checkbox is unflagged again.
  4. Cyboman

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    Support Requests !!! Notifications about open/new/unopened/due requests should be displayed in the ACP notifications AND in the frontend notifications please. Maybe itt would make sense to make ACP notifications configurable, what ACP notifications can also be displayed on the frontend. And have a secondary notification icon in the frontend header showing the counter đŸ˜‰
  5. Agreed! Please also checkout my other suggestions:
  6. Cyboman

    Classifieds System

    Hi @InvisionHQ, I just visited bbcode.it and wanted to add the "TAX class selection per category" improvement. But I noticed, the forum is down, and instead, it shows a FlySpray project management system. I also tried to login there with my bbcode.it credentials but it didn't work. What can I do? Where can I add Classifieds (and iAward) suggestions that should be considered? Thanks.
  7. Cyboman

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I would be highly interested when the new babble chat version (major upgrade) will be ready. Is there any ETA? We have a lot of problems with the chat bots and we really have to get rid of them, if there won't be a new version in the near future. The bots have been a good and funny idea during the introduction phase, but all my members are bored of the always and continuously happening same responses again and again and again. There are no chat bot response variations, no breaks, no pause. Further more, my moderators report, that if a member gets regularly warned via the native IPS warning system (temporary ban as well as indefinite ban), the banned members are still able to go on chatting (while they are banned in the rest of the community and can't use other apps/functions). This seems to be a bug in the app.
  8. Cyboman

    Enhanced Links Moderation

    I think this might be a very useful app for me. Link moderation management is highly required in my community. Does it also work in this use case? -> "Allow any links apart the links specified" in combination with any of your extra moderation abilities? (so any links except the specified links will work BUT ONLY IF the moderation limits of your app aren't f.e. set to less than 30 days and membergroup = NEW MEMBERS Does the auto-moderation (=hide) also work in personal messages/conversations (PM)? Or even in all IPS community apps? Maybe it would be an advantage, if not only linked-URLs would be managed with this app, but also text-links! I fear as soon as I introduce this plugin, members will create dummy accounts and only post text-links for copy and paste and I require a solution for these ones, too. Though I love the simplicity of this app, I think a sophisticated link management app could be great. In such an advanced link management app, these features could be useful (future suggestions): # a complete whitelist link list (will always work and never be moderated via your app) AND a complete blacklist link list (will never ever work) # special (admins) notifications/emails if special links are posted # "mark as spammer" directly (and auto-hide) if special links are posted # filters for "post-count" and "reaction/reputation-count"
  9. The main problem of the app is: it is very useful for new communities without members or for communities with only 1 inactivity email rule, but not for existing communities with thousands of members (that registered over the past decades) and a lot of inactivity emails rules. In a newly created community without members, you can set up a fresh set of inactivity email rules and they will be activated one after one as soon as the inactivity days of former members rise. But for existing communities with hundreds of thousands of members - if I implement a set of f.e. 5 email rules there - they will receive like 2, 3, 4, 5.... emails at once and that's a no-go. I am not able to send a member, that hasn't been logged in for 100 days 3 emails at once: "Hey, we miss you for 100 days" AND "Hey, we miss you for 50 days" AND "Hey, we miss you for 10 days". I already wrote about this on page 1 in this topic. Solution: The rules trigger mechanism should be implemented the same way as the "IPS member group promotion rules". There, only one (1!) rule is processed/triggered, the one with the highest criteria. So if there is a 100 days rule AND a 50 days rule AND a 10 days rule, ONLY the 100 days rule is triggered. Let us specify an order to each different rule (drag and drop and move the position of each rule). Then your app starts checking them from top to down. As soon as one rule (I order the rules with the highest criteria on the top) is processed, it will stop. Yes, please implement a higher logic. Thanks.
  10. Cyboman

    Classifieds System

    Exactly, I'm also waiting for some urgent updates to start using the app (that I've purchased already 1 year ago, but I never was able to use it due to its limitations). one general tax class is not enough! please allow setting the tax (and maybe also the commission) classes per category, NOT in the settings for all categories. Different products or services or dependant on private or commercial sales require different tax handling. Main problem is: I am not allowed to sendout automatic IP.Commerce invoices, that don't specify the tax exactly and according to laws. anonymity & GDPR problems - missing terms & conditions per category - problems with deactivating email contacting on frontend I think there should be an ongoing development of the app. For me, unfortunately, I can't start using it with its current limitations.
  11. +1 There are so many requests around concerning the "group promotion system" it's missing deeper specified items (f.e. only download files) scheduled event triggers (f.e. a trigger - for all members that match the criteria - on a single or recurring date) inactivity triggers (that will also cover inactive members) and more Currently, we can achieve some of these requirements with the "automation rules" app, but it would be very beneficial if the "group promotion rules" could do this as a native IPS function out of the box. Related to the example above, I'd also like to promote download contributors, but if they will become inactive, I'd like to demote them again automatically.
  12. to avoid misunderstandings… this option should be only available to "global community / root admins", NOT for "club admins / owners" (last mentioned should never be able to delete content masses at once)
  13. Have a look at this file -> It's not a filter for the bulk mail feature, but a way to send bulk mail (=custom newsletters) to club members by club owners.
  14. Great idea! Many views should be simplified. I believe in a consistent fluid design, also for downloads.