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  1. iAwards

    Question: In the account settings, I can hide awards. But it hides them everywhere, because there is only 1 setting... What I want to realize is: Member can hide awards separately from showing (1) in the member profile tab (2) on post bit below avatar (3) below posts/signature F.e. I want my members to choose themselves their 3 most important awards to show below the avatar (maximum display restriction = 3), so they can individually decide what are the 3 most worthy awards for them. But in their member profile tab all awards should be shown. How can I setup this requirement? Thanks.
  2. Gender Groups

    Question: At what point of time is the profile field evaluation performed and how does it act on changes? It evaluates after registration (first time only) or every time the field information is changed? If I enter male and am moved to "the male group", what's happening if I change to female? Will my group be changed from male to female?
  3. Mobile app?

    This is where PWA (progressive web apps) enter the game. Minimum common requirement: Automatic "installation" of a Desktop icon + Push notifications tied to regular IPS notifications and a bonus feature like in the "custom notifications" marketplace plugin. That's what most of us pray for. Shows communities in a browser, hence all IPS functionality is preserved during online access times. We can have everything without restrictions. For offline access: Let us define areas like IP.Pages articles with more or less static contents. This way users can browse those contents offline and it feels like a real app Unfortunately we can't conquer the app stores, but this is neglectable. That's it and probably the easiest way. It accomplishes the basic requirements, the framework is economical and affordable, and an implementation in communities doesn't require a lot tech-know-how Totally agreed, that would be a game changer. I love this vision!
  4. iAwards

    I discovered a bug: If you have an existing award, and f.e. 10 members have already been awarded with this award, and you try to copy this award to create a new one, then... Result: You get a copy of this award, BUT the awarded counter in the category overview shows "10" (which should be 0) for the new copied award. If you click on "10" to open a list of the awarded, no one is shown (=correct again), BUT there is no option to delete/null the copied awarded counter number.
  5. Mobile app?

    Is anybody here in this community who has ever managed a PWA project? Just to checkup the effort for such a project. Maybe crowdfunding would help speedup an app creation? I'm losing thousands of members every year that settle over to competitors Facebook groups or to forums that offer dedicated forum apps. The app handling feels just simpler, more convenient and more professional. Desktop icons, push notifications, some options for offline contents definitions combined with a great mobile design (optimized for bigger fingers) and the possibility to use all native IPS modules and functionalities could be a turn in history!
  6. The coinhive opt-in solution AuthedMine: https://coinhive.com/documentation/authedmine Another very new service: https://jsecoin.com/ Discussion and alternatives: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2368620.0
  7. I read about solutions, in that members consciously accept certain fair and legally confirmed agreements, and finally it's generating the most benefits for the members. I reckon there will be search engine providers and legal constellations, in which a coexistant usage might be allowed. Virtual coin currencies and "mining affiliate banks" are conquering our digital world more and more. On top of that, I f.e. never used Adsense. I provide my own commercial ads and services and love to see my community (and others) ad-free from external contents and competitors. But if I would use Adsense, I would certainly do the test, to substitude it. So in any way, new models are a chance to win.
  8. With crypto-mining scripts, members grant CPU power in exchange for whatever (i.e. VIP memberships). Look here: https://coinhive.com/ This might be an idea for a great addon, a new IPS module or third party plugin. Members don't want to pay money for memberships directly, but they might be willing in to pay with CPU power while browsing our communities.
  9. I'm also getting this error message and it wasn't fixable by the support tool ("repair this"). Currently I have bad problems with the latest IPS update also (I'm down), also due to another application. Could you please state about the database problem mentioned above if this was investigated. Thanks.
  10. Message on Signup Screen

    Confirmed it shows twice on my site, too. Confirmed, it doesn't show anymore if "quick registration" is turned off.
  11. A small search enhancement

    Good to know! Nominating this answer for the tip of the week If we had any "user documentation wiki" here at IPS, where users could add their secrets, many problems wouldn't arise or could be acknowledged earlier... Now, 10 years later, I know how to order the default search entries... Thanks to you!
  12. Exactly. This would be one optimized usage idea. As informations rarely don't change and there aren't better configuration options yet, I just turned all these boxes off. Here are more ways how to change these boxes:
  13. No, but it is highly requested to have a better integration of custom profile fields into all apps/modules/plugins to perform such operations. Once upon a time, I was talking about virtual / dynamic member groups, an idea to resolve such issues like emailing on basis of profile fields (that could change quite often)...
  14. Yeah, hopefully, my moderators also complained about this.
  15. Simplify 4.2.x By IPS Themes

    Ok, this sounds very good, thanks. I purchased the plugin but discovered some bugs to report here: Internal link embeds don't work properly: In some areas, f.e. in member profile tabs or in personal messages, the embeds of internal links don't work. It shows the embed box, but it is always linked to the root level domain, not to the individual link. Creating blank footer sections or changing fonts in the ACP/SimplifyTheme/text tab shows website as text-only: The complete design will be removed then from displaying. It's just the site with text only... Copyright "Designed by IPS Theme" is linked to a http:// source: should be https for SSL sites, the search bar on the top also has a link to http://schema.org/... and should be set to https The search field/bar in the main navigation row in the header isn't aligned correctly. Vertically it's not on the same height the menu elements are. It's above the elements and that doesn't look very nice. Questions: I want to get rid of the row between the main navigation bar and the breadcrump/social icons bar. I think this is the secondary nav bar. I don't use it currently, as I only use drop-down navigation for secondary navigation. This wastes a lot of space. Can I just hide this row away, so that the design will become more compact? Simplify is a mainly white theme: And that is a problem with some non-existing font-settings. F.e. in the leaderboard tabs or in the member profile tabs, it shows white fonts on white backgrounds for non-active tabs. Please tell me, how I can change this font in inactive tabs to dark AND also how to change the tabs background color. Thanks.