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  1. Also adding this post for cross reference ->
  2. I'd like to ask if it could be possible to change the "Description Text" field type to a full text area field with formatting options. This way, we could place some additional links in there, f.e. to other forms or to the privacy terms. Thanks.
  3. Cyboman

    Birthday Greeter Support

    All members of selected groups. This would be really great. I have no mail limits ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Cyboman

    Birthday Greeter Support

    I'd like to suggest a new feature: If an (allowed) member has a birthday "today", then send an email to all members of allowed groups. It will be an inspirational reminder! Cheers.
  5. Cyboman

    Inactive Members Management

    Hi, I'm interested in this plugin. I have a huge member database that has grown for more than a century. What I want to realize is, that I can automatically "unsubscribe" inactive members from "bulk mail" if they haven't visited for x days ( so they will even be triggered by a task without having to perform any online action ). Nowadays, email marketing has to be handled with high care, also because of the GDPR, and there is no known option so far in the IPS universe, that can unsubscribe inactive members automatically and on a regular basis, and still keep these members in their original member group. Could this be a good suggestion / a function of interest for a future version of your app/plugin maybe? Thanks.
  6. Cyboman


    Hi, here are some suggestions for enhancements to the app: Show opt-ins for each newsletter in the ACP. -> Let administrators see how many and who is currently subscribed to an individual newsletter -> show the current sendout counts (how many emails have been sent?) and maybe a monthly history Implement additional sendout member filters / more filter options -> currently we can only filter for member groups (who will receive, who may opt-in....) -> requested is a functionality, where I can filter regular member groups AND ON TOP OF THIS -> # joined the community more than/equal/less than x days ago ("registration filter") # last visit newer than/equal/older than x days ("inactivity filter") # has reputation count higher than/equal/lower than ("quality filter") # custom member profile field value is/is not xxx ("custom filter") Upcoming birthdays / birthday list -> show the x upcoming birthdays or all in a day/week/month/year -> use the data from the member profile (birthday field) Problems I am experiencing with the current version: The html previews don't look like the final versions -> line height and paragraphs are not honored correctly Test distribution doesn't convert the newsletter fields like "unsubscribe link" and others The time format of my topics, files, images in the newsletter is corrupt -> in my live community all time formats in topics, blog entriesโ€ฆ are shown correctly and translated (foreign language set as community default) -> in the newsletter they are in english and not translated unfortunately (maybe due to different languages being turned on?) -> in the newsletter the entries show time with timezones, but I only use 1 timezone, where I live, it's confusing Images don't resize according to the device display size/dimensions -> I'm using the default template code, and if I import downloads files with their images to the newsletter, the images shown in the distributed newsletter extend the device size -> results: either images are moving out of sight on the right edge of the device OR images are shown correctly and the newsletter text becomes so small that I almost can't read it anymore (so I have to zoom in again) Best regards
  7. Cyboman

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Good idea. I think the "member inactivity" (=last visit or real last visit) should get more attention f.e. only award reaction points if member's last visit isn't older than x days only award response posts points if member's last visit isn't older than x days only award weekly/monthly/yearly points ifโ€ฆ. only award bank interest if ... There are many cases where it would make sense, if we could exclude inactive members from receiving points, if they are offline for a longer time. If my members would know, that they won't receive anymore points after day x, they would login more often and it would drive up the community engagement. Similar to the "inactivity rule" it would also be great to do the same with f.e. "bulk email opt-ins", so we as admins can choose to not award members, that are currently not subscribed for bulk email. That would help the email marketing a lot.
  8. Cyboman

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Some concerns I'd like to remind for consideration for the announced upcoming big update please: Promote item to promote to secondary member groups It would be really great, if you could consider the "promote member group" item could promote to secondary member groups. My regular subscriptions promote members into secondary premium groups, so the item, that can be purchased by points, should also follow this functionality or it'll probably create a lot of chaos if primary and secondary group promotions get mixed up ๐Ÿ˜‰ Points for (1) reaction giver and (2) points value differentiation between "reaction areas" Monthly points if subscribed (opted-in) for bulk email This would really make sense, to drive and push the opt-ins into our newsletter Points depreciation after inactivity time x As an optional setting # reduce points by x% per week/month/year if longer inactive than x days I don't want to create trouble with bringing up old suggestions, but I kindly ask for consideration as they are important for my app usage. Thanks you.
  9. Cyboman

    (DP42) Custom Links

    It's a good idea to restrict the link parser somehow, so it won't generate unlimited links. This should be configurable. Why? Google shouldn't crawl my pages and detect a linking overdose. An option would be useful to restrict links per post, links per author, and links per page. If you have too many keywords linked, and many keywords are used by the poster, this sometimes results in in a huge amount of links per page. It would be nice to see the custom link CATEGORIES come back, to better organize links if you really have a lot of them. In my case for example, I'd like to have 20 categories (for the thematic and synonyms), and each keyword/keyphrase is linking to the same link
  10. Cyboman

    Future of 3 party apps

    Only as an idea, how would it be then, if the developers could decide for themselves if they want to publish statistics or not. In any "harmonized" indication location (probably below "File Details" in the marketplace), where they can choose, what statistics indicators count for them and should be published? If they do, some progression bars and/or an overall score are presented. If not, there will be a text stating "The developer hasn't switched the statistics module on. This might be an indicator for an overall stable and robust release, that doesn't require frequent support and updates. You should check in the marketplace support topics here for additional customer interactions." First of all, "honored developers" wouldn't mind publishing their glorious customer support and updates statistics. In that case, they would probably highly benefit from showing "statistics about their development habits" to their customers. If I'd be able to "receive some signals" about how much a developer cares about support and updates, this would be a very good pro-purchase argument. Ideas: Enhanced downloads file average rating (star rating) We know the already present Review average rating (star rating) Maybe an additional "re-rating" or a "temporary status rating" functionality would make sense (that will be nulled after a couple of months). So the present "Review average rating" would be counted together with the "temporary status rating". In some occurrences I bought an app/plugin and I rated it 5 stars. Months later, the app is totally neglected and I would wish to mark it for a temporary rating correction, without deleting the initial review, as I think this is fair. I just want to add a temporary one. Customer reports about broken apps and unsatisfying support per time period (this is what was mentioned to be introduced by IPS soon?) -> maybe shown as a temporary colored signal per current period (last 3 months) GREEN = Indicates a Highscore, almost no or very few customer reports YELLOW = Indicates there are several customer voices in the current queue RED = Indicates that it requires the attention by the developer IPS versions and compatibility history (how often an app is successfully tested by devs or customers over time) Maybe shown as a colored time progress bar for service continuity. Colors of this bar could be taken from the previous indicator. Activity and quality indicators tied to the app's support topic # FAME FACTOR: How many responses have been made as monthly average (or a Developer/customer responses ratio) # THANK YOU FACTOR: How many positive reactions the developer has received (shows how many community member recommendations have been granted) (or a Positive Reactions for developer/responses count ratio) App was transferred yes/no App uses third party code / APIs or high risk integrations that might vanish any time yes/no Estimated overall probability score, if this app is suited for potential longtime support & updates These are only ideas.
  11. Cyboman

    Classifieds System

    Hi, I registered for your FlySpray Bug & Suggestions System in September, but I still have no access, so I guess I haven't been manually approved. The registered name is the same as here in the community. What is wrong? Without access, I can't report bugs and suggestions, there. Thanks for granting access hopefully soon.
  12. Cyboman

    HD Group Icons

    This request is very old ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you've read the latest IPS blog entry about "4.4 app manifest & icon management", they talk about "if you upload png files, size them 2x for retina display optimization" (as svg not natively supported). But it isn't even possible to upload a png image in double size (which should show only in half the dimensions) IPS, please implement this improvement also for member group icons, for the sake of a consistent sharp and crispy retina frontend look. Thanks.
  13. My score is 4,9 / 5 I only forgot about the image alignments (that they don't stick to their own rows/lines and are positioned as fluid beside text) and I just wanted to code an own editor button for this as I've done during BBcode times before ๐Ÿ‘ Now I can remember. ๐Ÿ’ฅ
  14. Cyboman

    Improving fluid view ?

    What has happened to the plugin?
  15. Cyboman

    Future of 3 party apps

    Disagreed. Yes it is work to do and it has to be done officially by IPS, but there are tons of options how you could measure if a developer is a trustworthy developer. F.e. you could measure responses and response time in marketplace file support topics, reviews by time period, additional satisfaction follow-up polls, version history, counts if documentation or additional help pages are available, if he leads an own 3rd party developer club in the IPS community, how many members the club has and how many members a club leave, follower counts, IPS could support a "bug lists module" in developer's clubs and check if bugs are fixed (in a reasonable time) or not aso If I had the time, I'd write you hundreds of indicators down to build an initial certification system.