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  1. I'd like to allow my vip members to only be able to create/manage clubs as long as they are in a special "vip member group", in which they are promoted by subscription after purchase. As soon as the member subscription (with a higher club role feature) ends, the permissions to be a club owner / club leader should automatically be removed or paused. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. So is it a single global option for all email templates? I'm not sure if I understand it right, but there should be an option to exclude email ads images for email confirmation emails (f.e. during registration). Why? It's illegal to sendout emails with commercial contents in different countries ("EU"), if the potential new user hasn't confirmed to receive ads by email. But if email validation is required, and the member has NOT opted in to receive other types of emails with commercial ads included, then that's already a violation, if ads are displayed. Because everyone could enter any email address. And yes, you might get sued, even if a bot has entered the address. The site owner is responsible. This would be a serious problem (so I better mention it here), so please let us exclude dangerous email types, in case this isn't possible yet. Thanks.
  3. I will consider it, it goes against one of the original ideas behind the app in that it is not something you need to configure for it to work. You install it and it just works if you use one of the supported services already. I have some thoughts about the importance of such an enhancement -> rule: dont destroy your quality email quota in advance on any paid service platform, your paid email service provider will punish you for initial misuse frequency. If I could prepare in advance, and pass the criteria with a good score, lets do it. why spending money on services, better save hundreds of bucks if you can do the sending yourself. means such an enhancement is really valuable if you expand your app, you will reach all customers (full spectrum, it will go gold) 🏆
  4. +1000 My community has more than 100 subforums. Guess how long the displayed fluid view list is 😓. In its current state, my members dont like to use it unfortunately.
  5. If this would be possible, I'd directly purchase this plugin 🙂 💲💲💲
  6. My experience is that IPS Cloud connections to europe are slow, at least in my opinion, they should be faster. I've also been asking for europe cloud servers times ago, also concerning data privacy rules, but it hasn't had any priority. A CDN might speed it up, but it doesn't solve the data privacy restriction.
  7. Thank you very much. It was my fault, as I didn't find it.
  8. would be great, if "displaying…" (that is shown for collapsed topics on top) can be a language string, that can be translated
  9. checkout the free "new member defaults" plugin in the IPS marketplace
  10. In the "user post bit" on the left side of the forum posts (=the space displaying the avatar, reputation and posts), it's added "add note" + icon to it. I have a lot of entries that are shown there, f.e. custom profile fields, iAwards, points aso. REQUEST: Either -> Please let us sort, on what position the "add note +" entry is displayed (currently it sticks below my iAwards and this is quite ugly, but I'd prefer to see it below the "user posts" count) OR Please give us an option to remove it completely in the user post bit (if nothing else is possible, its better not to see it there, moderators can still view notes in the member profiles, ModCP and receive notifications)
  11. Request: Please let us (optionally) remove the "change group" option in the user post bit (left side of the forum posts) I have so many entries in there and it's just too much information there. It doesnt look nice if you have many entries and you can't even sort them. Thanks.
    This is an extremely valuable application. It keeps your offline members come back again. I can recommend it to everyone.
  12. It isn't really necessary but would have been a good idea to make things easier. But don't bother, we're still alive without the date shown 😉
  13. It would be nice, if the timestamp / date would be shown in the ModCP member account deletion listing, when a member has requested his account to be deleted. Our staff only looks into this mask from time to time, and sometimes, we keep member accounts alive for further checks, before we delete them. So, if we could see, when the deletion request was initially entered in the system, that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  14. probably the ipsPip's are meant, below "Community Regular" in your profile ^^, that indicate your status (the more dots displayed, the higher your rank is) <span class="ipsPip"></span> oooo Sorry, dont know how to insert symbols into this editor here… 😥
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