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  1. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    As there are paid and free downloads files mixed up, it should have different points options for these. I don't reckon that points for free downloads would support the points idea, as your bandwidth usage would explode directly... It requires a restriction to award points "only to paid downloads and only once per file".
  2. Implemented Implemented Only to avoid misunderstandings: I meant in the project overview... not in an issue details view... not sure if we are talking about the same If I click into any project, there is a list with all issues. Same on the projects overview page, where I can select the filter tabs "open items/issues" or "overdue items/issues". There, I suggest to show a 4th badge for "assigned to". And move the issue title with a <br> tag into the next line, so the title text starts aligned left. This extends the line height of each issue by 1 line, but the overview and design would be much more beautiful and clearer. And project managers could directly see all assignments of a project on a single page. In your screenshot above, I can't see any implementation concerning this suggestion yet, but I might be wrong as the issues in your screenshot might not have any assignments But there is also no (optional) linebreak? Thanks.
  3. I would prefer some basic stuff to be included, f.e. showing the assigned members for an issue as a "4th badge" in the overview listing pages... It would be a lot easier if project managers could see directly to whom issues are assigned to. A 4th badge seems to be a smart solution. I would separate the 4 badges for "status / item type / priority / assigned to" in a single row, and the issue title in another single row. Only for design and overview reasons.
  4. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    In Evo-X Points, we can set a font awesome symbol (as a currency image) to be shown directly before each points value. It would be really nice, if the members shop functionality could adopt this, at least in the shop. F.e. PURCHASE FOR 30 would become PURCHASE FOR (#) 30 And on the top of the shop: YOU HAVE (#) 100 POINTS I currently don't know how many blank characters are between the symbol and the value (probably 1). But anyway, I'd love to see a consistent look, if possible. And this would be a design enhancement, too
  5. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Concerning Babble Self Hosted Chat, using the current last updated version: My moderators are reporting, that the chatuser online list doesn't update correctly. We have proof in different situations, f.e. indefinitely banned users -> were shown days later in the chat warned and temporarily banned users -> were shown days later in the chat, too even other users, that haven't been in the chat for days Whats the problem? Can you please have a look? Thanks.
  6. I have a group promotion rule, that members whose last post is older than 365 days AND last visit is older than 365 days will be moved to a special "deactivation group". So, if I create a new member account for a new user in the ACP, and configure this account to be in the "regular membergroup" primary member group, he will immediately be moved to the "deactivation group". Means: NEW MEMBERS == LAST POST > 365 days OR LAST VISIT > 365 days? I think, the last posting activity or last visit activity shouldn't be honored for new accounts, that never had a valid login nor any action. Am I right or am I missing something?
  7. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    Today big in the breaking news: Kodak company stocks rising +117% in the exchange markets due to implementing new blockchain technology. It states this is due to their futuristic ideas, following the blockchain hype with their own proprietary app implementation and alluring strong investors. I have to admit: I don't think that all forum users in every community will start using IPS coins and we already have points systems to measure finegrained awards per community. Maybe a nice compromise would be to fusion points systems and blockchain currencies somehow and create custom stock exchange centers I'm unsure how transaction costs for changing real money -> virtual currencies (and reverse) will affect the usage. They might be too high for a profitable system I can understand all the pros and contras in this topic, but I believe that fresh and innovative ideas will rule the future. They are the best way to create exorbitant plugins with high potential and stand out in the mass of competitors. So why not going on risk and try implementing some basic approximations to using own currencies that are unforgeable and tradeable. I like this idea, but I'm not sure about the implementation yet.
  8. Requested: Archive / unarchive custom notifications. Why? If I delete older custom notifications, they are not shown anymore in the members notification history. But I don't want to keep them in the long long unstructured list... I'm losing the overview. We need categories (for gathering identical or thematical items) archives (as explained above) scheduling (f.e. send after registration, send after 5 days membership...) Thanks.
  9. iAwards

    I've asked for this too. Members choice is ideal, for me at least. Please? I've asked for this too which awards to show at all (users should be able to select which awards should be hidden in the postbit and in the member info hover popup) maximum awards to show in the postbit / member info hover popup as a configurable option sort / order awards in the postbit and in the member info hover popup (no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...) Please consider these. Many customers ask for these options. Thanks
  10. Privacy Shield

    https://privacytrust.com/privacyshield/gdpr-vs-privacy-shield.html I'm not a lawyer and I can't describe it 100% correct, but my understanding is, that Privacy Shield is a framework, how EU companies can transfer and operate their privacy data of european citizens in the US. F.e. After the cancellation of "safe harbor" (= the predecessor) in 2015 by the EU, we weren't allowed to transfer our communities from europe to united states hosting companies, as the US are considered to have insecure regulations use any bulk mailer companies (like mailchimp at that time), that operate with servers only hosted in the US a.s.o. unless the according US company, that hosts and processes the privacy data operations "certifies" for privacy shield. Big companies like google or amazon certified themselves very fast to demonstrate a stronger data privacy handling than it is forced by US law. That was important for them to be protected from EU laws. Because they know, the EU will come one day and sue them extremely high, or in the worst case, just shut down their services. Another very interesting article is here: https://www.gdprauditing.com/eu-us-privacy-shield/
  11. Privacy Shield

    I created a support ticket about privacy shield and the predecessor 2 years ago but IPS wasn't interested enough. That's the reason why I'm hosting myself on european servers and why I'm NOT using IPS hosting for my commerce communities operating in european countries.
  12. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    yes, I'm also using both apps and it works
  13. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    I like the idea of 1 simple shop page, it's easy to understand and overview for everybody! But would it be of advantage to have an easy categorization option? I think yes! What I mean is, that there are different types of items: gamble items function items membership items custom items (maybe custom items #1, custom items #2...) If we could put category title separator rows between the items, that could be a helpful feature and help the design to become even more awesome. What I mean is like this: ===================================================== GAMBLE ITEMS CATEGORY ===================================================== random points This is the random points text purchase now 100 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- steal points This is the steal points text purchase now 10000 ===================================================== CUSTOM ITEMS CATEGORY ===================================================== custom item This is the custom item text purchase now 50000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This would help the overview enormously and look really good! Plus: If I can assign items to any category without restriction, and I can (re)order the categorys like I wish them to be, I could create a PREMIUM ITEMS category on the top of the list with the most precious items first! Like topsales or most advertised. I could make a VIP group promotion stand out and be somehow highlighted. It would trigger the interest of my members in the members store even more. Or I could create a NEW category a.s.o. For marketing reasons this would be nice. Another design improvement would be if I can select 1, 2 or 3 items and they would be featured in a special highlighted box with colored background on the top. With a very big Font Awesome symbol and BIG, BOLD letters. That would speedup sales very fast. Members love BEST OFFERS. One other issue: If I award a free custom purchase via the ACP, it is shown in the rewards & logs given by me, Cyboman... BUT: Ideally, this should show as being given by a preselected chosen neutral "bot account". Thanks.
  14. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Some additional ideas for new items: Steal points from other members: Like the steal reputation item, but I think stealing points is more suitable and a fair deal Write and publish an announcement: Usually, only admins and mods are able to publish announcements. Maybe, there could be an item for other users to publish an announcement once for a specified time and a specified location (f.e. duration = 1 week, location = only homepage, nowhere else). It should have an option, if the announcement has to be approved or not. Featured Member (of the week) sidebar widget: Members can buy an item, where they will be featured for a specified time in a special "featured member widget". This widget should have a translatable title "featured member" and show: # the featured members personal header image # the featured members personal profile image/avatar (centered in the middle) # the featured members nickname # the reputation value of the featured member # a custom 3 lines text, 120 chars (like a public twitter message) # a custom (internal) link, that can be entered by the featured member (maybe this idea could result in 2 items: one for internal links only, and another item - more expensive - for external links) -> if there a multiple members, that buy the "featured member" item during the same timeframe, the widget should randomly select a featured member, that will be selected for display (...if a slider option is too hard to implement) Featured Banner sidebar widget: Just a simple image upload with predefined dimensions (image should be forced to link to an internal page only) that will be displayed for a specified time. This should have a "preview" option for members, that don't understand, what image dimensions are... This item is like a simple advertising option. As an alternative option to the banner, there could be an option to select a background color and place custom formatted text (+ internal link) in front of it. It should have an option, if the banner has to be approved or not. Protection shield item: If you redeem this item, you are protected for a specified time for (multiple selection) these options: # If banned, get a second chance to explain to moderators and deduct X warning points automatically # If points or reputation is stolen, reverse this operation # If lost a huge amount of points, have another chance -> you can only use the protection shield, if you purchased it before something bad happened, otherwise bad luck! -> as soon as the protection shield is used once (= for 1 operation), it is spent and can't be used another time For all existing and new items, I have the following ideas: Honor group permissions: Let us set, who can purchase an item and who can't. If they can't it should respond f.e. "You must have an active VIP membership to purchase this item" Text Color for individual items rows: Let us select, in what color an item is displayed. F.e. I would like to display the "cheaper items" (=FA symbol, item name, item text) in orange, the most expensive items in dark red. Or I could emphasize only the existing VIP group promotion item in another color, so it stands out from the others. As an alternative to the text color, I could also imagine a special "item row background color". Change prices according to purchases counter: admin should be able to select, what items take part in this algorithm. Each item can be toggled on/off for this. The process is as follows: If many member (f.e. 10 or 20 purchases, should be configurable) buy an item in a specified time, let prices become more expensive (f.e. 10%, should be configurable). If they don't, let the price go back to normal. ^^ These are only ideas I wanted to document here Damn, I really love your members shop!