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  1. Cyboman

    Icon for topics that has polls

    Any visual indicator would be great.
  2. Cyboman

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Probably related to this -> and related to the last post from Marian concerning "members with most points" widget.
  3. As soon as I click on "browse anonymously" a black popup box tells me: "You are now browsing anonymously" This text string isn't translatable yet. Not sure if there are more text keys missing, but all (at least frontend) texts should be translatable
  4. A last comment: Currently, the "anonymous symbol" is between notifications and personal messages. I would place the font awesome icon on the very left or the very right of the menu. It would be better, not to separate the notifications/pm symbols.
  5. Thanks for the update: very nice and almost perfect There is one behavior I detected and don't understand: If I toggle to anonymous browsing, everything is fine, I'm displayed as anonymous (ok, now I'm twice in the online list, me visible online 1 min ago + me anonymously but that's not the biggest problem, but might be addressed in a later version anytime) BUT: If I leave my browser open, still logged into my community, and I return 1/2 hour (or a while) later, I'm still logged in but VISIBLE AGAIN... I think this feature should save the "last status" until changed (OR until a specified time, at least 1 day or 1 week...), it shouldn't switch back shortly and automatically. Especially not, if there hasn't been a logout. As another simple optimization, in a later update, please let us define the glow intensity. Currently, it's a bit weak and almost not recognizable. But a great idea!
  6. Cyboman

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I'm having the same problem and reported this above. As one of the "early purchasers" after the IPS has shut down, there weren't any problems in the beginning of the app. But since several upgrades the count shows a false number and the online members in the chat online list is wrong. It shows users not in the room and even banned members... Please repair this problem. Shutting the chat on/off multiple times a day (I think this was recommended as a workaround anywhere) is not a suited alternative. The online list must always properly check the current chatters (and beyond that imho, the anonymous chatters, too, but we already discussed about it as an option request). I get a lot of user feedback concerning this problem. Thanks for helping.
  7. Cyboman

    Reactions Per User Group

    Please clarify: "Who can see who reacted?": Will users, that don't have permissions to "use" a reaction, see how it was "used by permitted members"?. F.e. unpermitted users can see who and how many members clicked "this unusable reaction"?. Maybe a special permission setting could be very useful. If I create "a special reaction for moderators only", will then, if used, the "reaction receiver" be notified about this "only mods can use this reaction" reaction? (I don't want this, but maybe this should be configurable: "Who will be notified when someone gives a reaction?"
  8. Cyboman

    More power for bulk email opt-ins!

    I'm still having this on my mind. Currently I'm looking for a workaround for this problem: is there any way, to "filter members, who have opted in to bulk emails, and move them into a new usergroup"? and maybe a way, to remove them automatically if they opt-out again? anyone interested to create such a small plugin? All ideas to this missing functionality are highly appreciated.
  9. Cyboman

    News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Hi, except for my last post here https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/440419-news-ticker-support-topic/?do=findComment&comment=2729459 there is also the problem, that if I "add a member, that can edit the ticker on the frontend", these permissions are not honored. I entered several members in this field (they don't belong to permitted groups, but this isn't necessary), but to none of them the "pencil" symbol is displayed.
  10. I noticed some strange behavior... On every first time, I try to get on the index page (first load), I get an error message (shown above). If I reload directly afterwards, the index page loads correctly. This might be related to the plugin. Facts: I'm on a CiC installation My login is saved, so I don't have to enter my credentials to login again any next day
  11. Cyboman

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    If I purchase an item, a black popup box is popping up with "purchased", which isn't translatable yet. Maybe it would also be of advantage, to have a popup as soon as you click on "purchase for xx", which communicates "Do you really want to purchase this item? xxx points will be deducted from your points account." before the item is finally purchased. And I still think, there should be an option to "purchase and redeem items directly". Having all actions on 1 single page is much more logical to users and they don't have to search where to find their already bought items. Concerning the game "paper-scissors-rock...". From my past, I know this game that you have 3 turns/rounds playing it (or even more), before it says "won" or "lost". It would be nice if we could extend these games a little bit. My users would love to have more turns playing it with a single purchase. They purchase like 20 items of this game at once and it is a bit of too much clicking around...
  12. As highly requested Purchased as No. 1! As always, congratulations for this plugin! I really believe in the power of this small enhancement. From today on, "anonymous browsing" is a VIP feature. -> the texts for the "on mouseover quick text previews" are not translatable yet. Please... if there would be an option to change the default font awesome icon, that would be nice (css total replacement of a fa icon in the whole community is not an option). A Best of solution would be, if we could place a custom image instead of the font awesome icon in there... (png or svg with transparent background). But that would be a maximum awesome feature! Thank you for your great work in the IPS community!
  13. Cyboman

    Raffles System

    Hi Adriano, I just rechecked the raffles app and have detected some issues and I would also like to suggest some enhancements. Bugs: If you add a group manually to a raffle, after the group is added, you are redirected to another page. But if you then go back in your browser (by using the browser back button), it has added ALL community members to the raffle. It shouldn't act like this. If single members are added manually # then the app permissions are not honored. F.e. I only allowed admins for testing, but it also adds members, which don't have access to the app, too. # then the maximum participants are not honored # then the raffle restrictions aren't honored either. F.e. I add a group, but the restriction states "only members with at least 100 posts are allowed", but it selects the whole group and also members with no posts... If I create a raffle, I can't add myself. Not even via the action menu. But as soon as I add the admin group (and I'm part of this one), I will be added. I think I should always be able to add myself to a raffle. If members are added (individually or per group), they don't receive any notification Enhancements: Please add a function to "remove ALL participators", especially for testing purposes Let the author edit the raffle restrictions after initial submission (=saving the raffle) for as long as there aren't any participators. There are a lot of cases where I require to change the restrictions again. Finetuning often happens after initial submission. "Has opted in for bulk mail" should be added as a restriction. This is one of the most important features in the community but almost never honored. The raffle could check in intervals (f.e. once a week), if the members are still opted in. If not, they should be removed. This would be extremely good for marketing purposes. Please allow "secret participants" as an option. I want to have raffles/giveaways with anonymous members. Members who own a ticket in such a secret raffle, should be displayed to admins only. Instead of displaying the member avatars and the usernames, just display a blank or black default avatar with the description "secret" I suggest to have a special raffle/giveaway type, where participants must be added manually (you can't buy paid or free tickets). Only manual additions are possible! Is there an option for "automation rules" integration already? I would like to suggest, that an action could be established with a rule: "if member x does y, then add a free ticket for this member in raffle z" Please consider these enhancements. Thanks.
  14. Cyboman

    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    I'm using featured content slider to show images/fotos from my gallery. My problem: images have different dimensions (due to different devices they are made with). So different image sizes get stretched or cropped and it doesn't look good. What about a feature to display images, so they will always fit into an image container, that just fills the space completely but doesn't resize its dimensions? I mean a function like in the cover images, which - in worst case - only display the middle of the image.
  15. Cyboman

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Not sure about the resolution thing on my laptop... it might be a Microsoft edge browser misinterpretation... I will investigate further on other machines and report then... About the new "anonymous" function / ghost mode: This is really excellent and works like a charm. Thank you very much for this, it made my day! Only one little suggestion concerning it: I know, the anonymous function is set to "on" until the end of the user session, but could it be possible to set a "max time", f.e. 3 days like for the other shop items (f.e. vip promotion)? A lot members never logout and the feature shouldn't last infinitely until the end of time If this could be possible, it would be perfect. Anyway, this ghost mode is really really cool, as members have to pay for their anonymous status now. That's great news!!!