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Events stream side by side ?


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Some versions ago, Events stream showed events side by side and that was a good solution for a fast / condensed view of the events in a month, as you can see here :


spacer.png spacer.png

But in recent versions, they appear one below the other, in a kind of distended banner unreadable in my opinion.

It also generates a lot of lost space in the page ... and you can not see more than 1 1/2 event without scrolling whereas before we had an overview at a single glance ....



What do you think ? Would not it be better to be able to choose between the two displays?


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Surprised that it is not possible to display chronologically in a table ... 

So you could consider that the line by line display does not offer a good readability. May be finding an other arrangement of the data on this laaaaaaaaarge banner....

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Since the calendar view has been changed, my members have stopped using the calendar at all... 😭

Especially for wider displays, the cover images display very ugly.

It might be working ok on mobile devices, but for common desktops and large monitors, it's just a bad looking solution without any overview anymore.

Please offer an alternative option.

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