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  1. The Invision Community framework is set up with security best practices in mind but there are a few things you should make use of in order to not inadvertently bypass these protections. Validating User Input Where your application or plugins request user data the built in Form handling methods should be used. By default form input is protected against vulnerabilities but you should still ensure the correct form types are used for example using email address, number and radio fields etc. where appropriate. This not only provides the best user experience but also means the input
  2. What it is MobileNavigation extensions are used to add new tabs to the mobile app navigation menu, tying in directly with the menu manager in the AdminCP. How to use Many of the same methods are implemented as the core/FrontNavigation extension so if you are familiar with this extension you already have a head start. Implemented methods in the mobile navigation extension are as follows; /** * Can the currently logged in user access the content this item links to? * * @return bool */ public fun
  3. Ah I see, it's the vertical menu that prevents a sub item. It's not possible to add a link Link as in your screenshot unless you're comfortable making theme edits in which case you would edit the "competitions" template. Alternatively you could edit the "There are no competitions available" language string to include a link. I don't have a date yet but it will likely be inline with the Invision Community 4.5 release or shortly after.
  4. If you still have a primary nav bar for the contest page you could add an external link type as a sub item using the menu manager. Would that work?
  5. Helen took on extra responsibilities in her day job and no longer had the time to commit to it.
  6. We're keeping an eye on it as we do with all new technology announcements but there are no immediate plans right now.
  7. Since the feature was announced at last year’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) we have received lots of requests to implement Sign in with Apple in Invision Community. We’re pleased to announce that as of 4.5 this is now available. You will need a paid Apple developer account to use it but once enabled users will be able to sign in using their Apple ID and all the convenience that brings. Touch ID and Face ID is supported natively where available and works across all your devices. Choose to share or hide your email address Isn’t it just another login button?
  8. Can you please send me a PM with admin control panel access and a link to the issue so I may investigate this?
  9. This is a bug. The rules should only show if any are set. I have fixed this for the next release. This is in interesting idea. I think this could work by blurring images for competitions marked as NSFW until a user toggles a preference. Their preference could be stored per session.
  10. You can allow your members to sign in to your community using their Apple ID with the benefits that brings such as FaceID/Touch ID and Two factor authentication. Using this method, members can also protect their privacy by choosing to hide their real email address. Their account will be created using a relay email address unique to your community. Sign in with Apple requires a paid Apple developer account that can be created at https://developer.apple.com. Creating the Credentials Once you have an Apple developer account you can create the credentials needed.
  11. This is not a feature unfortunately. The app is focussed on connections between users.
  12. Does it happen on the default theme? Could you send me a PM with an admin login so I can look into that for you? I'm not able to reproduce the issue locally.
  13. I have released a new version to address the latest reported bugs. I have also been working hard on 1.4 which has some rather large changes now so I think I will target 4.5 for this. I will still be doing bug fix releases for 1.3 on 4.4 for the foreseeable future. @misfit76 Can you PM me about the horizontal widget issue please? I'm not able to reproduce that locally. Does anybody use the scheduler? I'm thinking of removing it to reduce complexity but will leave it if people say they are using it. You will still be able to create competitions with future dates in a
  14. Thanks, I’ll be working on photo competition this weekend so will look into that. This isn’t a bug but is a planned feature This is most likely because the item still exists in your delete queue. If you remove it from the ModCP it should no longer count towards entries. I will update this so soft deleted items don’t count towards the limit.
  15. I have released version 1.2 That now includes a choice between opt-in and opt-out. Opt-in will work as it did previously. Opt-out uses GeoIP to set the location based on the users IP. Users can override this in their profile or opt-out from their account settings. I have also added a profile completion step for those that wish to be more aggressive in prompting for the location or requiring a user to enter it before they can access the rest of the site. Looking forward to more great feedback.
  16. Do you see any errors in the browser console? Can you send me a PM with an admin login and a link to your site please and I’ll take a look.
  17. This sounds like a bug, please send me a PM with an admin login and I can look into it. Both should work together but I wouldn't advise it. Looking into the member location plugin the only thing it adds not included with connections is the ability to filter by distance on the member search form. If you need assistance converting the existing data I can do that.
  18. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will be working on auto IP geolocation support and opt-in/opt-out settings this weekend.
  19. Please contact me if you require support converting existing data.
  20. Ah i see what you mean, thanks. I will think on this some more. Aside from the accuracy issues that could make the results less useful I’m not sure it’s sensible from a privacy point of view. It’s one thing to display this to admin users it’s another to use the data to tailor results shown to other users. It may be possible to present the info to the user and ask them to confirm if it’s correct giving them a chance to opt out but then you may as well just ask for the info. I believe making location required or otherwise adding functionality to encourage users to fill it in is a bette
  21. On google maps they will need to start typing the place name and it will autocomplete after 2 characters. with mapbox they can either start typing or they can click the geolocate button and it will find the nearest town/city based on their device location automatically.
  22. Not currently. But I will be adding a profile completion step very shortly that could be set as required.
  23. Users are prompted to set the location when accessing the feature or when editing their profile. If you are using mapbox they can either use an autocomplete nearest city input or a geolocate button on the map. If you’re using google maps there is an autocomplete nearest city input.
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