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  1. It looks like this was already fixed actually. Please make sure you are using the latest version (1.4.5)
  2. Thanks, I'll get a PHP 8.1 compatibility update out this weekend.
  3. This is intended. When creating a dark theme you will need to adjust more elements than just the background. Elements such as ipsType_pageTitle will also need to be adjusted.
  4. A fix for this has been submitted for review and should be in the 4.7.1 release unless there are issues in testing.
  5. This is a column used to store additional meta data for the statistics row and has multiple uses. e.g. for email statistics it stores the email type that was sent but it can be used for storing any extra additional data.
  6. Thanks. I only see one aggregateRating object in the json-ld source for the page you sent me via PM so I'm not sure what's going on here. Do you have the option to re-trigger the indexing in search console? If so please try that, it may have been an indexing error.
  7. If the original untranslated string only has one %s then %2$s will not exist. You need to use %1$s for both times you want the replacement to occur.
  8. This would imply that the page referenced has two entries for AggregateRating in the source code json-ld. In reviewing the code I can't see how this would be possible however. Can you add the link to the actual page so we can check the source?
  9. You can define custom locations as in the following guide. A location in a topic would be the same for every topic and forum however. It's not possible to add locations for specific forums or topics without customisation which is beyond the scope of normal support. If you post your question in the customization help forums here you may be able to get some extra support.
  10. If you are adding the same variable twice you can use the following format; %1$s e.g. "This is your email %1$s, and so is this %1$s. Neat!" Where there are two replacements already in a string you can use this to alter the order. e.g. "This is the second item %2$s, but this is the first %1$s"
  11. The main difference is you are able to sell advertising space directly to your members.
  12. We use various tools and methodologies along with 3rd party audits to secure the software. We don't publicly disclose the specifics of this however. Additionally we operate a bug bounty program (with acknowledgement in software release notes) for responsible disclosure of issues and our customers (particularly enterprise) also often perform their own independent audits.
  13. Some communities restrict their default member group from being able to send private messages. You can do this and then the system can move them to a higher group with elevated permissions once they have posted x publicly approved posts.
  14. Thanks, I have fixed this version check for a future release.
  15. These changes are not retroactive. When you alter this text it is applied in the record content directly. You would need to adjust the records manually for already created entries.
  16. Yes, I'll see if I can set something up over the weekend.
  17. Yes, there shouldn't be any breaking changes between 7.4 and 8.0. If you find any issues feel free to PM me for support. 8.1 is *not* yet supported.
  18. The new features of free puppies, unlimited sunshine and good fortune for all will have us jumping in delight.
  19. This is an IPS bug fixed in the next release. It is not a function of the photo competition app.
  20. The requirements checker has been updated to not prompt users of MariaDB to upgrade.
  21. I have submitted a fix for this for inclusion in a future version
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