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  1. just found out the hard way that guests in fact cannot vote even on polls in public forums 😞 please add this!!
  2. Hey Lindy, well that's very unfortunate to hear, especially because it was announced previously that this would be included with the invisionpower software itself. For me personally its also a cost factor since I only send out mass mails every few months and do not want to pay extra for something that should have been included in the software in the first place. At this moment I'd rather prefere to have the mass mail function removed completely instead of the current state. Germany's largest ISP has permanentely blocked our IP for sending out mails without bounce handling. I was not awa
  3. The source of the problem is not the issue as it is the IPS Software that cannot handle bounces. There's not even a mail option to specify a return mail address.
  4. Can you go into detail about this? I do not see any options to specify a bounce handling mailbox when sending bulk mails from IPS.
  5. Well my community just got permanetely BLOCKED by germany's largest ISP "Deutsche Telekom" for sending out mails to a so called Spam Trap. I do not bother my users often with mails and since there's no bounce management in IPS I got blocked for mailing a recycled spam trap. They won't unblock me until i "clean up my data" - which I cannot do because I do not know what defunct email address has become the spamtrap. a few more days and it's 2019... Is this ever going to happen?
  6. Looks like i still cannot search custom fields which makes the whole pages custom databases pretty much useless... Any update on this?
  7. Hello there! Just how absurd the GDRP can be explained by famous german lawyer Mr Solmecke. Enable Subtitles with English translation... Enjoy...
  8. For the data that leaves the EU please ensure that the hosting company in the US complies with the Privacy Shield Agreement. Please note that the previous "Safe Harbor" Agreement is not deemed enough according to the EU high courts. There are several due diligence things for your to do: Check and if your hoster in the US has a VALID certificate: www.privacyshield.gov/list These certificates are to be checked and renewed every 12 months If your hoster is not on the list you theoretically can bind him contractually but I guess that's not gonna happen. Your hoster nee
  9. Said someone who clearly never had an Abmahnung ? Take Facebook for example: all bad press aside, FB reacted accordingly. Even a Lithuanian hosting company I do business with has responded with preemptive solutions. As well as every other company I do business with. All but one: IPS. The law is known since 2016 - we're in 2018 and theres not even a data processing agreement. I do realize "lets see and react" is very american, but that does not help me or even pays my legal fees. Using your resources right is very much appreciated. But don't you feel that you should assist your EU
  10. Business-wise not the best decision. While implementing all relevant data-privacy options would open up the software for each and every country the current approach does not. For countries that do not need feature X there's no downside, just don't use the feature. For countries that need a specific option it's more or less 'goodbye IPS'. I would strongly advise against it. Imagine someone else claims ownership of said postings. Especially if this happens with content that passes the threshold of originality this could create a big problem. If you keep a record of the previously assigne
  11. I am no expert on UK law but I can tell you from experience that it is not allowed in Germany. It would be absolutely absurd if anyone could just install 8K PTZ Dome cams and zoom in on your girlfriends boobs, now would it? While this has nothing to do with requirements for web tools I have to add: The new GDPR law trumps all local laws. Not much of an impact in the UK i guess since they're leaving.... ?
  12. Well that all depends if your software causes the personal information to be published or if its a third party. In your example a third party (re)posts personal information, not you. Its very common in other cases that if you do something to the "best of your abilities" it is considered to be enough. In such highly speculative instances you are obliged to remove such personal information as soon as you get notified not before. When using a software like this and use the embedded function to quote someone I guess one could make a very compelling case against you. You as the publisher of th
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