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  1. Thanks, Nathan. I have tried but the problem seems still the browser. I have tried different codec like H.264, but still no play button worked.
  2. Hello, The mp4 video link I need to embed into a post can not be played in the post, but it can be played in the browser by pasting the link.
  3. I remember I could set a bbcode to embedded videos from outside link, more like this style: [video]link[/video]
  4. Thanks. While video embeddable was a feature in V3.x I remember. 😉
  5. How about a video link like http://....../.../filename.mp4 ?
  6. Hello, Does anyone know how to embedded a video into a post? The link is an unencrypted http address ends with .mp4 Thanks.
  7. Hello, I got a -200 error when I was uploading a piece of video into the gallery, but not every time. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I remember long time ago the Gallery category supports password protection. Is this feature not in the current version or there are other ways to make this done? Thanks.
  9. Sorry I didn't clarify clearly I meant the default view of pictures in a gallery. 😅 Thanks.
  10. I meant it would be nice if I can set the default view of the gallery items in the ACP. The current default view is 'Show as thumbnails' which not show enough information to the users and some of them don't know to 'Show as list'. I remembered this feature appeared in the very previous versions. Thanks.
  11. Currently we can not set the default gallery list view in the ACP. Hope this could be fixed in the next release. Thanks.
  12. The weird thing is the Day 'dd' is translated to '日', while the Year 'yyyy' and the Month ‘mm’ are not.
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