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  1. Let me just point out, the reason why I can't use Downloads as suggested by the support team is because I need a mechanism to convert those who downloaded the demo, into a new user group (in order to build my newsletter). Nexus will keep track of those who downloaded the demo by treating it like a purchase.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am selling a product that is non free as well. The idea of my business model is to capture demo downloads (free downloads), so that I can send monthly newsletters to that particular user group. But I also need the ability to sell the product and convert demo users from "Demo" user group to "Purchase" user group.
  3. I have a bit of an issue with using Commerce for free products. Great application, and almost perfect for my cause! However, the issue is when I create a product for $0 (this is my demo download), the sign up form contains required billing info that you can see I highlighted in red. I feel that this can potentially scare off sign ups which would lead to a demo download. My suggestion is to remove the required Billing Information from products that cost $0. There is no need for billing information if these products are free. I am wondering if anything can be done about this? Thanks!
  4. Just leave it the way it is, and skin it later if you don't like it. That's the beauty of Invision Board, they allow you to customize it any way you want :) There obviously is a reason why they changed the way they display subforums in 3.2 from 3.1. Let them do the market research for us, and we can worry about building our communities :) Also, there is no need for the green and red icon dots to show "read or unread" with the new structure, because the whole sub forum title will become un-bold when read. I find this much more effective personally.
  5. How to Track Like's?

    I'm also wondering if these "likes" and "following topics" can be linked to facebook in any way.
  6. Ok, so I "liked" a post, but I was wondering if there was a way for me to track my "likes", and remove them later if I wanted to? If so, where can I accomplish this? If not, maybe you should consider adding this in as a feature.
  7. Opening up the hosting

    Bad business model. I bet you'd make a lot more money allowing users to make a one time, but more expensive purchase of this product. All smart webmasters want to own their data, not have it hosted on someone else's server. Bad business move by IPB in this respect.
  8. Tutorials

    Well, it would be nice to "see" the images within the article. We conduct masterclasses on my music composition forum, so it would be desirable to discuss a point, and present the image as a caption within the article. Thus, image placement is important.
  9. Tutorials

    You can't use the img tag on attachments...I tried. Or am I doing something wrong?
  10. Tutorials

    Another Suggestion: Uploading images to a users own "tutorial image folder" which would be different from the usual IPB attachments system. I ask for this, because embedding images using the tag within certain parts of a tutorial would be very desirable. The ability to resize images within a document would also be welcomed. Do you think you could add this feature?
  11. Tutorials

    Awesome :)
  12. Tutorials

    Either after the column "views", or call views "stats", and display replies at the top of the row, and views at the bottom of the row like the traditional IPB layout. For example, take a look here to get an idea of the layout I am describing.
  13. Tutorials

    Suggestion: I think you should show the number of replies to a tutorial, if the admin opts to embed comments within a tutorial.
  14. Latest VB to IPB converts list

    Young Composers (converted from vb 3.6)
  15. Opening up the hosting

    Also some of us may want the sense of ownership. If we have very large chatrooms going on, we don't want it to be on your server, we would want it to be on OUR server so we have control. Some of us want to brand our websites and have complete control (as to modify the chat to our own liking, guarantee continued chat hosting, etc). Hosting on a server we don't own gives us insecurity. Although I realize this is just a chat, and not a storage of permanent information, I would just feel safer knowing I have control over the intellectual property, because what if you discontinue your chat product, and we run a very successful set of chatrooms? Then we are out of luck.