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  1. Does anyone know if I can use this plugin to put an add on a specific thread and only there?
  2. We at least need one of those, either the AMP or the PWA, it's way better from nothing.
  3. The AMP support should already have been implemented but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be implement any time soon 😞
  4. We got a lot of complains too. The notifications now is a mess. We also installed the patch and they are even worse now.
  5. Hello there, As a website that uses a lot of images on articles, reviews, etc, we would love to see the option to showing the images under folder/subfolders when you insert them from "Insert other media -> Insert existing attachment -> Gallery images". It's really a mess when you have hundreds of photos and you want to insert them to a post. A good way is to showing them like "Media" from Admin Panel. Hope there will be some more organization there in the feature releases. Thanks.
  6. Jirinex

    New: Reactions

    Is there an option to enable/disable it? Maybe i have a setting wrong?
  7. Jirinex

    New: Reactions

    Thank you for the quick reply. I am testing with the default theme, and I can see reactions in normal posts and replies, but not in posts under articles in pages.
  8. Jirinex

    New: Reactions

    Is it not possible to have reactions in posts under articles?
  9. I may have missed it, but is there an automatic update procedure or we manually have to import the 4.2 package?
  10. Quick shout to @onlyME for his very quick support, many thanks
  11. thanks for the quick reply, I don't seem to be able to revert any of them, probably I 've never touched them Anything else I can try?
  12. Hello, I 've updated to the latest version and now it's all screwy. The pages are not formatted correctly and also there is no titles under the images in the slider. Is there any template I need to reset?
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