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  1. Steps to reproduce Create alert as mod Visit a topic with multiple posts as member by selecting "go to first unread post" The url is "/page/1143/#comment-2849102" When you dismiss the alert it refreshes the page and the url changes to "/page/1143/" I think that this is not a normal behavior Thanks in advance
  2. When an image is in spoiler, in expanded view, the image is displayed in the "unread content" normally. The text within the spoiler does not appear as expected. Is that expected behavior or a bug ?
  3. Agree also with that!! When the record finally goes public,that should trigger or not?
  4. We agree with that!! After the record published must trigger zapier or not ?
  5. Lets say that we have a database which triggers zapier when a new record is visible only. When we add a record with future publish date , and this is published must trigger zapier or not ? What is the expected behaviour?
  6. When a record has future publish date zapier shouldn`t behave as if it is hidden or this is another condition ?
  7. It's one of the many that never happened. I think I've figured out what's going on. All topics that have been posted directly from a database record have not been archived. Can you confirm that?
  8. I added to the notes a url which in the order you describe should have been archived. I remind you that the archiving has been going on for 2 months now and since the first days it was largely completed.
  9. it is active more than 2 months without any change. since then we have updated to the latest version but still nothing has changed
  10. I removed the forum from the archive list and since the unarchive task ran I added it back to the list. I have confirmed that it does not work from the forums_archived_post table
  11. It has been active for about 2 months in a specific forum and has not yet been completed. I tried to remove and re-add the specific forum but nothing changed. I have added the link to the client area notes.
  12. I'm looking for a way to allow specific links without having to log in to acp every time and add them to the allowlist. One more question. This setting affects links to blogs, pages, etc ?
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