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  1. I though we can only choose the files where showing in the popup
  2. It's enabled in GD: We are trying to figure out how to enable it in ImageMagick also.
  3. We are using GD as we don't have WebP support for imagick at the moment but still. We have to set the "Allowed File Extensions" to "No restriction" to upload WebP images as WebP is not listed there.
  4. Even on "Posting -> Attachments -> Allowed File Extensions" there is no WebP so we could not upload a webp if we do not have choose the "No restriction" option.
  5. Hello, Unfortunately it's not working The ad displaying everywhere in the forum, even on the new content feed. We want the ad to display only under all Gaming threads and all the forum gaming sub-categories. For example: Gaming PC Thread 1 Thread 2 PlayStation Thread 1 Thread 2 Xbox Thread 1 Thread 2 Hardware (not here)
  6. Hello, Is there any way to place an ad on all threads and sub-categories under a category?
  7. Nice improvements, but we would be way more interest for webp and gifv support.
  8. About performance. Could you please share or send us your config file?
  9. Could you please give us some feedback, do you recommended for IPB after testing it? Did you face any issue after the installation etc? Thank in advance!
  10. We mostly use it (regarding IPB) to publish our articles / news via RSS feed to Facebook.
  11. We already use Zapier. Awesome to see an integration for it on the next release!
  12. Any update on this? Still there no support for authentication method for Google's crawler?
  13. Totally agree! We have advertisers which they do not want a nofollow link and there's not an easy way to change that, especially for not admin users.
  14. Hello, Few minutes ago we received the following email. Does anyone else have this issue?
  15. Does anyone know if I can use this plugin to put an add on a specific thread and only there?
  16. We at least need one of those, either the AMP or the PWA, it's way better from nothing.
  17. The AMP support should already have been implemented but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be implement any time soon 😞
  18. We got a lot of complains too. The notifications now is a mess. We also installed the patch and they are even worse now.
  19. Hello there, As a website that uses a lot of images on articles, reviews, etc, we would love to see the option to showing the images under folder/subfolders when you insert them from "Insert other media -> Insert existing attachment -> Gallery images". It's really a mess when you have hundreds of photos and you want to insert them to a post. A good way is to showing them like "Media" from Admin Panel. Hope there will be some more organization there in the feature releases. Thanks.
  20. Thanks a lot, that looks close to what I need, but can I also match the post id to the user who made the reply? Edit: I need this list for a specific article, not for all posts in the articles database.
  21. Hello, I assume sorting a database posts by the amount of "likes" is not possible, so could anyone maybe point me to an sql query I could use to get this info? I have in one post about 300 or so post and I need them sorted by their likes. Thanks.
  22. Hello, does it work with 4.2.6?
  23. Is there an option to enable/disable it? Maybe i have a setting wrong?
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