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  1. Hi, we just updated both IPB and Classifieds and one of our users reported "Error code: EX1048" when trying to mark their adverts as complete. Seems the adverts completed, but the error code causes some concern. Any ideas?
  2. Hot horse is dead, let’s not beat it - situation explained, complaints acknowledged, onward. ✌️
  3. I got one am looking forward to having this app back in the marketplace, it’s the best if it’s kind and much needed by me - will buy as soon as it’s available again.
  4. Hi, just installed bookmarks on IPB 4.3 but not appearing on posts... Any suggestions? Looking forward to making this available to our members. :) == Oddly enough, "My Bookmarks" is visible in the member menu. == Of course I just found it - edited the member groups that I want to access the bookmarks, RESOLVED. Thanks for a great app. :)
  5. Anyone else having problems with the MapQuest map as of today? Switched to another map source for the moment, thanks in advance.
  6. Looks like it went just fine, downloaded from your site, thanks. :)
  7. I haven't been able to find the upgrade instructions for going from 2.3.1 to the latest version, or exactly what the latest version is and where I can download it. When I click on "download this file" here at IPB, there's no second download link to actually do so. Please advise, we're on the latest version of IPB and need to upgrade SiteMap asap.
  8. We installed the update and we've been steadily growing on the number of indexed pages, satisfied customer. :)
  9. I installed this app about 33 days ago and all links have been submitted, but none indexed... Waiting on further news from Mr Ramburn.
  10. Any recent reviews from folks using this app? Possibly interested in buying.. How effective is it, and user friendly?
  11. Agreed, just ran into a problem with this... IPB support advised me to edit the database, a pain in the butt. +1
  12. Install guide is bringing up just this... anapcQ <a href="[url="http://kfxhbkodqfrg.com/"]http://kfxhbkodqfrg.com/[/url]">kfxhbkodqfrg</a>, [url=[url="http://aluftgoezids.com/"]http://aluftgoezids.com/[/url]]aluftgoezids[/url], [link=[url="http://aphrrhltqbun.com/"]http://aphrrhltqbun.com/[/url]]aphrrhltqbun[/link], [url="http://qrspykpywvcm.com/"]http://qrspykpywvcm.com/[/url] Is there another install guide in the download?
  13. Put "View Today's Active Topics" back in a place where people can find it, got TONS of members who use the 24 hour, weekly, etc to browse through stuff, but have a helluva time finding that wimpy little link at the bottom of the forum index page.
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