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  1. Redundancy in IPB 3.2

    At first I thought the avatar at the top was a bit much but it gives a nice header to the post. The avatar in the reply wount be as bad once other people reply.
  2. I noticed this on a site today and thought it would be really nice for gallery comments and extra comments for articles / pages (not so much forums) You can eiter vist the link or look at the attached image. http://www.buzzfeed....zelda-chess-set This is a plug in that allows you to use facebook as your commenting system. I believe implementing something like this would be every helpful to every community. Allowing friends of users to see your site and content from yourself and maybe in-turn, become a new member. Here is the FB page about it: http://developers.fa...lugins/comments
  3. Updates looking good although I'm not really feeling that burgundy. Maybe it will be better on an active site.
  4. Download: Random Gallery Image

    Would be cool, rather then a single image you can have 9 or so small ones and make it act like the "Recent Images" block you see on the gallery home page. (with mouse hovers)
  5. IP.Board 3.2.0: Tagging and Prefixes

    1. Will we be able to have pre-defined prefix per forum or is it only global? 2. Will prefixes only be shown on forum view or will they be present on latest topics / IP.C ?
  6. Download: Random Gallery Image

    In your skin css open ipgallery.css you should have (if not, add) the following. .galattach.cover_img_50 { background: url("{style_images_url}/gallery/50x50.png") no-repeat 4px 4px; padding: 13px; } .galattach.cover_img_75 { background: url("{style_images_url}/gallery/75x75.png") no-repeat 0px 0px; padding: 13px; } If you have the css code and do not have the images, you can get them below. .
  7. Every so often I'll get a PM from a user saying they want to delete there account and I usually just ignore it. I would like to give users the option to "remove" themselfs from the community, yet I would like to keep the content they made and have a record of the users info. Could there be an option for the user to sudo-delete themselves. There would be an option in the user cp "close account". Clicking this the user would have to re-enter there PW, read some text about how there posted content will say but there name avatar and other identifying markers will be removed (names will be changed to something like "deleted user" ) and they will no longer be able to access the account. Click a OK check box and hit enter. The users name and other info about them would still be available to the admin, if it is ever needed. Doing it this way will allow admins to reactivate the account in the event the user logged in at a library and someone managed to close the account.
  8. Is there a way to turn off where it show, I would only like this to show in profiles
  9. Few comments. Change the layout a little, should have the title first, not who recently posted. Would be nice to show what forum the topic is from. Dont need to know who created the topic. Maybe something like: {Title} in {Forum} {Date} by {User that replied}
  10. About time something like this showed up. In the third image.. what does "a new post will now be considered as flood" mean? Will the new post show up still? A few months ago I suggested a "necro bump" feature. Much like what you have created here, but after the time has passed (where the topic becomes dead) a message would be appended to the post to let others know. Something like that would be nice to see in feature updates.
  11. IPS Product Line Release Schedule

    Will the updates be patch files, or we will still have to download and upload everything?
  12. Download: [mm31] Hide Language Dropdown

    nice, one suggestion... I never got why the language drop down is there on sites that only have one language installed. Maybe in your next version you can add a feature so if a site has more then one language installed it will show up.
  13. IP.Content 2.1 Dev Update: Block Improvements

    This is cool and all but something I would liked to seen since IP.C was created is "forum blocks". The option to make a page and include a forum section on a page "Invision Power Services, Inc.", "IPS Customer Services" etc. This way we could make hub pages for each section and have forum info on them pages. Any chance we'll see something like this?
  14. Contact Form

    (SOS30) Contact Form v1.0.0
  15. [Suggestion] Close Topic with Reply.

    Never seen this multi-moderation. While it would be good for general things like "Topic locked do to spam" etc., Id like something more personal that the moderator could add when locking said topic closing. I guess what multi-mod does, but the options at the time of closing, rather then in the ACP. Pick close topic, get a pop up > Would you like to edit the title? {text box} Would you like to add a reply? {text box}