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  1. I'm back!!!

    You may have the answer' I'm having this issue with one of my themes


    [[Template core/admin/customization/themeDescription is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]

    Any ideal?



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    2. Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      I'm working on trial and error method. So far no error.

    3. Morrigan


      I normally compare it to the default template to see what's different because it will have to be somewhere in the modified code.

    4. Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      I think was the base default theme (IPS) files.

      New theme in 4.5.4 with old edits and my BlackChrome and Medevil Magic themes have been converted. Some of my other themes had no issues.

  2. I'm still here. :sorcerer:

    1. Adlago


      That's great magic:thumbsup:

    2. Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Been working on theme and the new version.

  3. That was am Issue that IPB fixed. Updated to 4.1.11
  4. I think its more the corporate cost that is the bottom line. At this time and until it becomes critical, I won't be afraid to go directly to the CEO and challenge him. I've done it in the past with other companies.
  5. Am moving design site to a new host server and rebuilding the theme files. Will work on ASAP
  6. @Charles The issue I have is that my host (your competitor) on a shared host account, are only offering 5.5 at this time. When contacted their CS states that 5.6 and 7 are not stable, that's there stance, and want be adding until the version are deemed stable. But they would be happy to provide a VPS or dedicated. I don't think they will worry if my site needs 5.6 or above, they are not changing until a majority need the version, not a minority.
  7. Still looking for a way to to run 13. xp box was no joy. The dev box is now moving into Win 10 XP keep crashing the HD.
  8. Ok reformatted HD and reinstalled xp. used wampserver 2.0h, but no join sm-install starts by freezes.
  9. The code is complete, the problem is running sm_install the code starts but when the DB is running sql table it keeps dying. Stand by the xp box I made is again hosed, I think the MB is hosed.
  10. No user physical item, but commerce will work for items, but as stated its admin only.
  11. Was able to make an xp box but 13 still want install a lot of sql error. Was able to install 236 but I'm looking to find caliblue v5 in 236. I know there was a 13 version which is why I was trying to setup a 13 version.
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