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  1. That looks very good 🙂
  2. I may or may not have been studying the roles to see if I can hop "back onboard" 😉
  3. Oh I'll admit I don't think I'd checked the ACP out, the front end was completely blank and in the logs themselves I'd found said error and it sprung to mind what the likely cause was, so I stopped looking elsewhere. Tested on localhost dev with display_errors enabled (purposely at php7.0.3) and it displayed said error but that was expected.
  4. Maybe to the init.php file, I'm not sure. Although it did not catch me out, one site I was looking at had by some chance switched back to php7.0 , this turned out to be due to replacing the 'use version x' in a .htaccess file being lost. Anyway, currently if you attempt to run (run not install) the suite on say php7.0.x or lower, you tend to end up with a blank page or if you are lucky an error such as... Parse Error : Unexpected '?', expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) init.php on line 1413 ... or something quite similar to that. This may be very confusing to some, assuming they see it and/or check their logs. My suggestion here: A simple addition perhaps in index.php or init.php with something along the lines of using phpversion() may help quite a bit here as if its treated like the requirements checker then the cause is shown, something the end user may be able to fix themselves, otherwise they'd end up with a ticket and the support tech would possibly direct them back to their host to fix, causing the client two tickets one at 'each' whereas with the error shown they may know to contact their host about it. Thanks for consideration. 🙂
  5. I do have a few bug reports to post now too, well two at least that are reproducible and not related to my erm 'adventures' EDIT... Editing the path above once it was found then checking it in the db as well as throwing out most of the generated js from uploads and all of datastore minus the blank index.htm file and it decided to work again. Thanks. Marked the relevant post as solution, although option ( 2 ) was never an option for me. 🙂
  6. I found the (as mentionde previously) the final part of the upload path has a " \ " between public_html and uploads, whereas the rest of the path is " / " , ie : / home / blah etc / public_html \ uploads < see the " \ " there ? I changed it in the link you provided, emptied out datastore and the nonsensical javascript it had built in uploads (this got recreated anyway) Interestingly it lists two one correct now and one not, but it gave me a no permission error when I tried to alter one, it says its moving the files (except there is nothing to move) so I'll wait and see what happens. Option is is not an option, there's probably a tool to fix this externally anyway (think of 3x 'upgrade finish' type of thing) at a completely random guess. This is simply why I wanted the database details to save me searching, 🙂 Seems it is moving things, quite why I'm not sure as the two configuration paths both storage filesystem are identical except for the " \ " vs the " / " , just wish the link to the path was pointed out as I could of done it. 🙂 Having said that i appreciate the help. I've told it to just run the move now until its done. Unsure if its going to make it worse or better tbh at this stage but we'll see.
  7. core_file_storage looks like this: {"dir":"{root}\\uploads","url":"uploads"} Note the double \\ although I see nothing else immediately amiss. There are no options to change it there as there's only one choice in the dropdown itself. Changing it (to what it was) then saving it makes no difference. I can see I'm not getting anywhere here 😞
  8. I have explained what I'd done. 🙂 The first quoted line is slightly upsetting to me 😞 Wish the editor would behave properly when splitting quotes but that's something else. It only shows the path I'd mentioned, nothing else. 🙂
  9. Thanks. But I have no css in the ACP hence no button but I found the link directly anyway 🙂 But the paths in there are all the same ie: " File System: /home/~~~~~/public_html\uploads Note the " \ " there instead of " / " between public_html and uploads hence me thinking I ought to edit this in the DB directly, I'm not scared! 😄
  10. Must admit I'm very reluctant to post this topic as its actually asking "for something" rather than me "giving something" however as I've been "away from IPS" for quite a while it felt appropriate. Due to an odd issue (it is attempting to write /css_built_1 , javascript_core , javascript_forums , javascript_global outside the webroot , as in its creating a public_html/uploads directory in /home and writing them there. I have no css and when I did the icons such as notifications and messenger were missing, but the rest of the site was fine. I did remove the legacy /screenshots and the like from the db as I'd already dropped the legacy files into uploads / monthly to match (this was tested on localhost without issue) To be clear this is a 349 site upgraded to 4.5 on localhost then 'transplanted' onto a live server. Yes I did adjust conf_global 😉 Can't immediately see anything amiss unless the supplied from the ACP friendly URL .htaccess file is somehow interfering but that seems unlikely. Aside from /datastore which I keep emptying out without much gain, I need to be sure where any path is being kept in the database please. In legacy versions this was core_settings and easy enough to find if anything really did go pear shaped. I can't put a ticket in 😉 I've not done a 'help me' ticket since 2006 so I don't plan on doing it now! 😄 I could start digging and find things myself but if anyone has a few pointers to save me time (as time is not in plentiful supply today unfortunately) would be appreciated.
  11. If its a huge quantity being purchased then I'd suggest a ticket first to see what the situation is , say for instance you wanted like 50+ licences etc I'd fire off a ticket first 🙂 I could not (I only did a cursory search) find anything immediately relevant for "bulk" , "multiple" or "volume" purchases (that would be relevant) however there is absolutely -nothing- to lose by asking even if its like your 3rd etc etc. I could just about remember what the situation was but I don't want to post that as 1. I don't have the authority really and 2. It may of changed so I'd not want to give inaccurate information. If I was you I'd just open a quick ticket and ask 🙂
  12. Was it just the previous version you upgraded from or an upgrade from a few versions back (like say 4.3 or lower) , only ask this as I wonder if it is theme related in some way, although (iirc, as I'm not a server guru in any way shape or form) a 503 is as far as I'm aware usually a problem with the server/hosting side rather than anything else.
  13. 😄 , I just put in the "as you know" after I saw your reg date so figured there was no need/point to go into specifics or a screenshot of that section. 🙂 Oh OK. 🙂 I can understand that. It did look not far off from how its done in "other software" back then, in particular the one you mention and that version, it looks very similar. 'Folders' of images in effect for the end user to pick from. I do think this would likely be a lot more suitable for a third party application though somehow. Might even be a small $ / € / £ (pick your currency as appropriate or otherwise) in it if there's sufficient demand for said application. Maybe ? 🙂
  14. There is that, although I thought in a way it was in the past as most would prefer to choose their own. IPB2x as you know had built in galleries for them, I just mention this last point given your reg date 🙂 I know you've been here erm "a while" much like me! 😄 Having said that, I just looked at the highest content contribution from my membership. The top five here (including me) only two others have uploaded an image of their own. Looking generally it seems to be roughly about 50/50 on if they have added their own or not. I do have a non-standard 'by default' one though. I'm not on the latest version but I won't go into why here as its off topic and the answer is not what you'd expect. 🙂 EDIT... Perhaps the solution here is for a third party developer to recreate / create some kind of 'Gallery Profile Images' (avatars) for members to pick from for those who require such functionality on later versions.
  15. I know this is fixed now as such but I don't recall seeing this happen for a long time, as in a previous series and even then it was relatively rare. It was iirc due to the count getting out of sync from what I recall or a 'deleted' topic being unapproved/approved as I think (again years back) the logic to check its existence was not present, or something like that. Not really relevant I guess. :) :)
  16. As my current one is just such a small 'hobby' site as such its all out of my own limited pocket, but costs are relatively low all-in-all really. I did with my previous site about 6-7 years ago as that was a bit larger consider some form of advertising or perhaps getting some companies interested, as in a free ad spot for a bit of a member discount (as it was a specific vehicle niche site) but never really got much further than looking as that site itself was starting to wane. :)
  17. Ah yes 'Group Name Indicator' 🙂 Various versions of that have been around for a very very long time, certainly since 2.0.x if not before, either as a modification or as a skin/theme tweak to display the legend. Its always been a relatively popular 'addon' a bit like the 'Members online today' or 'recently', again available in various guises since ancient history.😀 As they are quite generic in nature and do suit a wide variety of communities, regardless of their niche. 🙂
  18. Possible, but only if I removed the file and/or the author requested it. I can't really check this anymore to see if I did or not ;)
  19. Ah. I only searched the MP itself 'downloads' rather than the topics forum which was a much better thought. :) :)
  20. Only vaguely, but I cannot really be 100% sure to be honest. Possibly was for the first IPS4 (4.0.x) series.
  21. I though there was but I think it was the one you indicated that's not relevant for newer versions. I did find a file to move them to a different group but that's not what you had in mind I suspect. Unsure if search engines still consider this as 'cloaking' actually I'm well out of date on S.E.O... I'll link to said file anyway > https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8870-dp42-bot-group/ But as I say I don't **think** this is what you're actually looking for as I do not see it showing a counter for them being in another group, but I could be wrong. Would be well worthwhile a minute to ask the author about that. :)
  22. 34x had an option to just show or hide them , nothing more than that a simple yes/no binary choice. Previous versions I think just had an option to remove it from the jumplist dropdown rather than a depth setting, but I obviously don't have access (and can't remember for sure that far back, it was years ago to be fair) the exact specific details. Point here being some form of 'control' for this in IPS4 would be an excellent idea / feedback hence my reply. :)
  23. I think I may of mistaken the O.P for the other LewisP perhaps, just noted the content counter. Apologies to the O.P if my reply does not make much sense, sorry. Otherwise I would of likely replied similar to you, but assuming it was the person I though who would be imminently more than completely capable of rectification of this issue with just a pointer/push or two in the right direction. 🙂 I see exactly what/why you're saying though. 🙂
  24. Long time no speak Lewis! 😄 My first thought was it would be a theme related concern but you've ruled that out by the sounds of it. OK , can you check the page source for said "status" when you can't see it ? I doubt it is there not displayed in the source but the few seconds to double check this is well worthwhile. No third party plugins effecting anything member related no ? Even if its not status related. Or anything that effects the menus 'design' anywhere. Nothing in the browser debugger ? I'm actually thinking here about it not being able to fetch some external js or suchlike, read next sentence to find out why: Any issues with the main CKE when posting ? In particular emots etc do they get parsed ? (the reason for asking this is quite boring so I'll spare you) but it is potentially related, summary being mine don't always parse until an edit (but usually only if the internet is slow)
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