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  1. Oh I know. 😄 I only asked about the previous version as 3x had a 'Print' option in the share buttons below the topic and (iirc) 2x had it in the dropdown at the top.
  2. What version did you upgrade from ? Was it the 3x series ? 🙂
  3. As this topic was replied to (with two useful third party tools) I think the above is still relevant for anything inbuilt if it appeared on the "front end" , prune is very handy and useful indeed *when used correctly and with care to be sure what you are doing* but as with the nature of the function itself, the scope for 'accidents' is present...
  4. 'Pages' is a bit simpler to use than 'IP.Content' I've generally found. It may be best to post a new topic in the support forum with your issue/question for help. I take it you've looked at the guides for Pages yes ?
  5. As I QA'ed this earlier its still quite fresh in my mind. If you go to ACP > Pages > Under the 'Page Management' section a new link is there "Feeds Importer" Click that, add a new feed then the next page gives you choices of how to display the title and content from the feed. The user/pass section when you're filling in the details usually refers to the feed itself (if its behind a protected directory or suchlike), if its a public feed you're importing leave those two box's empty. EDIT... Take a look at the 3rd, 4th and 5th screenshot in the file listing itself.
  6. I've removed the "off topic" type posts to keep it relevant to the matter in question, ie: support for this file.
  7. Posts related to the Classifieds application were split off and placed into that topic as appropriate.
  8. I've tested it on the Client's site and provided some thoughts. I've not downloaded and tested the version here yet although I will once I have a reply to my PM regarding this.
  9. IDK if its a lot of help but I've seen that (or similar) when trying to use an elderly 3x version on a high php / mysql version... You may want to add what versions of these are currently in use.
  10. I had a report on this file stating it was 120 not 121 although a cursory glance at versions.json shows it to be correct at 1.2.1. I did not install it to test it I merely looked inside the .tar to check.
  11. I will chase this for you. Can you please confirm if you received (or not) the automated "thank you for contacting us" type reply to your initial email ? I'll contact you via PM with any information I have. I'd not call it supportive as such, I just have to stop and look at things from "both sides" as such. I simply meant that once all the other "without access" options are exhausted then the author is limited in any further assistance. I've never directly advised anyone to "hand over their keys" as such to their site to anyone.
  12. As I mentioned in my post above, if you are are unable to provide access (and from what I read, the author has exhausted all other options and no one else seems to be able to produce this issue) then support is limited. It will be a decision of Management regarding your refund request however as once it goes to the email its out of my hands.
  13. OK. Please allow a few days (excluding weekends) for a reply. If you've not heard anything back after a reasonable time, feel free to ask me to chase it up for you (just fire a PM at me) if needed.
  14. Its not unheard of for an author to request temporary access to help them solve a problem for a client with a purchased file, especially if they are not able to reproduce it either on their own 'test site' and/or have not seen it happen on other clients sites either. Obviously it is completely your free choice if you wish to give them (or not give them) that access to do this to hopefully assist you It is slightly difficult to check/support a file however without access, and for say 'official support' for an IPS product, its stated in the the Standards that support would be limited etc in this case (note this is 'official products' I'm speaking of here) so having read the last two pages of this topic, I feel the author may of exhausted all the sensible options available to her without recourse to 'access' Regarding your request, I'm assuming you've submitted an email for this ? Please contact me via a PM if you are not sure what is needed for this.
  15. From the comments / reviews (not verified) Will ask commenter to post here.
  16. From the comments/reviews. I've informed the poster of this topic so they know where to look for assistance.
  17. From the comments I've not verified this, I'm simply quoting it here. As in a review it won't remain accurate if/when the file is updated or a new IPS release appears.
  18. Regarding support: You are naturally well within your rights to not allow the author access to your community, either a login or filesystem access etc. However you must bear in mind that this will limit their ability to help you if they have a need for access. This is not dissimilar to say requesting 'official' support via the Client Area for say a Gallery problem but not providing any form of access to said site. Its obviously your call if you wish to allow the author or not, all I can say is as I've already put it does limit their options to assist without being able to 'see' the problem first hand. One option here is perhaps if you can duplicate this issue is to setup a 'test site' and when the issue is present there, provide access to that ?
  19. I've removed two posts from this topic as there's no need to allow a support topic to descend to what is not far off insulting. Lets try to keep it civil. Thank you.
  20. Without checking with my 'client' account it should typically show a 'no permission' embed (or similar) to those who cannot 'see' the file in an unapproved state. You as the author may well see the link as normal as do I. Its been approved just now anyway.
  21. The email is correct yes. I've not published the comment / review on the file as it just reflects what was posted into this topic anyway. Regarding 'times' this is very much done on a case-by-case basis as such as to what is acceptable or otherwise. Going from what I can see (just in this topic) the developer will need some error logs (or access) to be able to proceed further with this. It could be something server related or maybe conflict with another file. You're welcome to PM me if you wished to discuss any aspect of this in private.
  22. I'd agree Given the inconvenience of the visitor to 'cheat' to continue see more such as clearing their cookie data or switching IP's, its quicker for them to spend < 1 minute registering in the first place.
  23. From the comments section, moving here as its not a 'review' [quote name='Eric BXL'] Firstly, I registered at the author's site, but couldn't introduce myself as the page is full of mismatch; Secondly, trying to ask for support is not possible: it lets you type what you want, but when sending there seems to be just an inbox! Unless I missed something, nowhere is mentioned for which IPS version this plugin is written. Watching the pictures I thought it was OK for v4.x, but it isn't working. Having a moderator not showing up for more than 1 year, I need to change the author of his topics to the new Moderator's title. Starting a new topic is out of the question because it is a word game with more than 1450 replies. Does anyone know if there's a plugin (or another way) able to change the author's title and working for IPS v4.x? TIA Eric
  24. Moved from review to support topic: @Nikica
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