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  1. Try logging out (of here and Resources) and then logging back in again. If its no better after that, logout again. Clear your cookies (probably not essential but does not do any harm) , then go here to Converge > http://login.ipslink.com/ Login there using the same details as you do on this forum. Then via Converge click the links to come back here and to the Resource site. See if that fixes it. If it does not, you would need to open a ticket in the Client Center to Account Assistance to have this rectified. :)
  2. The O.P is using an InvisionFree (modified 1.3) board ;) ANGELB , you would need to speak to the support people at InvisionFree who host your board really for them to look into this for you. :)
  3. I've thought about something slightly along those lines, there are a couple of small modifications about that add another password input to the actual ACP login (so you need your usual password and another separate one too) Although if a hacker got control of the filesystem, this is moot really.
  4. Something I suggested a while ago > I'd suggest going further than a quick task (I have such a task on 2.3.x), an option to leave it permanently or remove after x hours / days would be more flexible :)
  5. I do like the idea, but its all too easy for people to decide to mark just an enquiry or something as a Emergency or Urgent priority...
  6. You would have to get the licence holder (or one of their approved alternate contacts) to open a Ticket in the Client Center about this. I see you have an invisionzone URL so it may be best to open a Hosting ticket initially. :)
  7. I've only signed in about 20 minutes ago for the first time today (late I know) but I'm getting that message too (on the first attempt to give some + rep)
  8. Would be best NOT to post that link in public :) Simply report all suspected sites here > http://www.invisionpower.com/piracyreport.php
  9. This topic reminded me of something > http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/286583-chmod-back-after-instalation/ , its not a bug as its always been that way... I do think it would be nice if there was a remind on the last page of the upgrader / installer routing to warn you to chmod conf_global back down again. Perhaps a better option, a warning in the ACP (similar to the warning box about /install/index.php still being present) warning you conf_global is writeable. I know its already done in the security center ;) , but new admin's may not visit that section for a while. Just a passing thought :)
  10. I can on my shared hosting, at least I think I did a long time ago (around 2006) Select the database (from the left side panel) so you are viewing the tables etc, then along the very top choose "Drop" Please make 100% sure you are looking at the right database first :o Alternative: Cpanel > MySQLDatabases > Sometimes there is an option here to delete it (along with the assigned database users too) :)
  11. Oh, I'm not always keen on it for the Messenger, I'm about 50/50 on using that and using the full one (depends on what I am posting about really, a quick message is fine but for details I tend to use the full one), but I think for reporting posts (where typically you will not need any extras such as BBCode etc) that pop-up is ideal :)
  12. +1 I like the idea of the Report Post being a pop-up , the same way clicking in topic view will bring you to a popup to send a quick message to that member :)
  13. I could not actually find it on there apart from the combined one, so made another one quickly, but you have seen it anyway and are writing one for 3.0 (which will mean one less one for me) :)
  14. Didn't really want to post the link here as this topic is in feedback , not peer-to-peer that's all. :)
  15. I think Strike X is suggesting something to make it more clear for new members to check their emails. Having said that, its easy enough to simply add something into the skin to display a nice message only to the validating group. I wrote a quick article to do this for 2.2 and 2.3.x, its on the Resource site... :)
  16. The Bug Tracker is a good place to look to see how things are going...
  17. I was just about to suggest something similar too :)
  18. For 2.3.x , it can be done with a tweak to a js file. In fact there is a ready made one on the Resources site that I use :cool: Although (as this topic is in Company Feedback) I can't post the details of what to edit etc here :)
  19. AndyF

    IPB 3.0 RC1

    Would be best to post this in the Bug Tracker :) > http://forums.invisionpower.com/tracker/project-24-ip-board-3-0/
  20. AndyF

    RC1 Release

    Looking at the Bug Tracker is one way to keep up on things etc. Although there is more to it than that :)
  21. The Tracker link in all three Community forums and each product sub-forum in here are incorrect and direct to the board index presently. :) They are currently still using this link > http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?&autocom=bugtracker , instead of this > http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=tracker :)
  22. Moving to "Server Management, Resources, Optimization" :)
  23. +1 for this idea. I suggested something like this a while ago (some form of event import feature) :)
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