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  1. Which forum software?

    Where IPB mercilessly manhandles its competitors is in the suite. Integrated blog, gallery, etc are way better than a forum with third part apps. Finally, IP.content is a fantastic application that nobody else offers. If you want a site that engages community around content then IPB is a no-brainer. If you just want a forum then I don't think it's going to matter much which one you choose between IPB and Xenforo.
  2. Cloud product inquiry

    Does the cloud hosting support email accounts?
  3. Cloud product inquiry

    #3 was mostly related to #1 but since the answer to 1 was false it's not so relevant. Thanks for the answers.
  4. Cloud product inquiry

    I have a client on Vbulletin that I would like to move to IPB. I think the cloud product might be a good fit but wanted to clarify a few points: 1. I am under the assumption that the cloud product gets it's version updated automatically. Is this true? 2. If #1 is true, what happens to plugins and addons that don't work anymore once the core software is updated? It seems that automatic updates create a very difficult environment for supporting third party add-ons. How is this managed? 3, What would be the best approach to get my client on the cloud product with compatibility in mind for the update cycle? He needs the following functionality: Core products a. forum b. gallery c. blog Third party addons (or maybe best in IPcontent?) a. Link directory b. portal page c. banner ad management. To summarize, the essence of my question is what is the best way get this site up and running with the cloud service so that it is compatible with the upgrade cycle? 4. What backups are available with the cloud product and how are they accessed?
  5. Suggestion! in the features

    I think he just called us stoopid cuz we aren't "innovating" by copying what everyone else is doing :laugh:
  6. Suggestion! in the features

    My tone is directly related to the fact that many of these issues have been going on literally for years with no resolution. I was a lot less frustrated one and two years ago.
  7. Suggestion! in the features

    Well you targeted me for sarcasm but completely missed the point. I can't say i'm surprised. What I am referring to are actual usage paradigms and software features, not common uses of feature names "like" etc. Like is fine. I like it. What I don't like is that an enormous amount of time and resources are spent on very complicated notification systems and other bloated features while years go by without basic functionality like tags. And what I REALLY don't like is that the new gallery is created based on IPS staffs browsing preferences and experiences at sites like Facebook (yes this was publicly stated), completely removing backward compatibility for existing customers and forcing many new features on us that are absolutely not wanted. I'd also like to point out that while you have labeled me as a complainer, targeted me for sarcasm, and responded to my requests with a friendly "shut it" via PM, that most of my issues have, over time, proven to be real issues that the community as a whole are starting to realize are real and legitimate issues. Just read back through my posts if you don't believe me. Here's a great example: http://community.inv..._1#entry2076723 1. I try to get some information on an obvious inconsistency in the software. 2. Staff gives me a run around. 3. IPB fans tell me im a complainer 4. People realize that I was right in the beginning and wonder why nothing is being done about said issue 5. IPS staff never gives definitive answer. Likely conclusion is that this has never been fixed. 6. Conclusion: bug is never fixed, staff refuses to give an answer, i'm the jerk, issue still not resolved. This has been the theme around here since I migrated from Vbulletin. And you wonder why I "complain"?
  8. What do YOU do with points on your forum?

    My points system is custom but I let my users either spend points to enter a monthly giveaway, or convert their points to a charitable donation to the advocacy group of their choice. http://www.wanderthewest.com/index.php/rewards
  9. So frustrated and upset with ip.Board

    IMO IPcontent is the best part of the whole suite by far. I've worked with it a lot. However, the lack of documentation, and the lack of functionality in the area of just making the product easier to setup and integrate with the site are very real problems.
  10. Suite updates without updating gallery?

    Bump for relevancy to current gallery topics.
  11. I only manage parts of my project and my developer does most of the coding but I believe this is true: with the current system to change the order of the main navigation items (gallery, forum etc), or to remove items from the nav is quite a bit more complicated than just editing the template. This alone would be enough reason for an improved, ACP based solution.
  12. IPS Suite is a community content suite and the difference from a CMS is really just semantic. To give IPS a pass on it's shortcomings because the core suite code is in the forum package really doesn't make any sense at all.
  13. Actually your analogy is completely inappropriate as it is a pretty simple matter to add options to the ACP - you do it one time and its done. A car change is an ongoing cost in every unit. The ACP is full of options I don't use but I respect that others may use them. Making the main nav easier to update should be a simple implementation that would likely be used by a high percentage of users. So it makes sense.
  14. TBH I expect more helpful responses from community moderators.
  15. This post shows selfishness at its finest. It works for you so other's suggestions obviously have no merit. Duh.