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  1. This has been such a great and useful plugin! Thank you so much, @Pete T! Now that I've updated Invision to the latest build, I'm just making sure it won't break my site: Is this plugin compatible with Invision Community 4.5 before I re-enable it? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks so much for the answer! Only now seeing this. 😛 After I get the website complete and launched, I'll ping you so you can help me put in the custom navbar and footer. I'd like to set it up in a way to dynamically pull the header/footer into my IPS template (in other words, have the header/footer be a shared component across my marketing site and IPS). Would that be possible or would it have to be a copy/paste job every time I change something about the header/footer? Thanks again!
  3. Hello! I'm in the midst of upgrading the marketing/blog site that will be connected to my IPS forum. I'm wondering how to tack on my custom responsive nav bar at the top of all the IPS forum pages and also the custom footer, too? They're the nav bar and footer you can see on this sample page: http://thehopp.webflow.io/post/ella-told-the-world-she-has-herpes Am I able to copy and paste my HTML/CSS somewhere in IPS to make that happen? Thanks for any guidance you can give! 😄
  4. I need to be able to *not* export folks who have been banned from the forums since I use the export function as a means to add folks to the email list. Now there is no way to tell who has been banned when I export the members as a spreadsheet.
  5. I'd love a mailchimp integration for sure! Or better yet, a zapier integration. Edit: Oh, cool! Just found "Mailchimp by IPS Themes" NEVERMIND! Gave me an error after I installed it!
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