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  1. Would you like me to move your topic to IP. Board Feedback ? , as that seems a more appropriate place for it as its a part request and part feedback. :)
  2. I have not tried that, but I'd half consider that to be a bug even though its probably working as intended (for media only at least) You could turn off quote embedding, although if they are quoting the actual post that contains the 'original' media it will not achieve much. :)
  3. As you are looking for an official answer I will move your topic into the IPS Feedback forum for you. :)
  4. That one is listed as being too resource intensive. :)
  5. I think there might be a limit regarding what data can be exchanged from Facebook to your IP.Board installation, possibly as some kind of data protection / privacy on Facebook's side of it. :) I've not looked into it though.
  6. It depends on how large a db file phpmyadmin will accept without timing out. ;) , your host may be willing to adjust this (I "think" its not actually the php.ini upload limit its set it my.ini although I'd have to check that) Myself, if its over about 5mb I would not try it and wait ages for it to just timeout. :) See my reply above (post 7) , I'd suggest using BigDump (although sometimes you can get some strange issues) if possible as its a good tool to use and very straightforward once you have used it once, its easy. If I'm using localhost I just use the command line as its fast and always works. :)
  7. This is a paid listing, please contact the author for payment options etc. :)
  8. I'd have to suggest the "copied" database is not complete. You may want to try to re-download it again and then re-import it (either via the command line if you have access) or via a tool such as BigDump (it works quite well) :)
  9. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details etc. :)
  10. Good to hear you fixed it. I'll move your topic into Server Management , simply so anyone having this problem in the future will find it easily via a search. :)
  11. This is a paid modification, please contact the author for further details etc. :)
  12. I always thought you could, but I could be wrong. A member of Management or Billing will be able to answer this for you. :) I'll move your topic to the Feedback forum, as that seems a more appropriate location for it. :)
  13. Moving topic to Server Management, Resources and Optimization (as you may get a quicker response in here) :)
  14. A sort of anonymous warn ? (to the user, the Admins should still be able to find out who issued the warn) Would you like this topic moving to IP. Board Feedback (as a suggestion) or Modification Requests perhaps ? :)
  15. This is a paid listing, please contact the author for further details etc. :)
  16. If you should find any bugs in the CleanCut skin, simply report them here > http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/project-28-cleancut-skin/ :)
  17. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details etc. :)
  18. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for more details etc. :)
  19. Thank you for your positive comments. :) EDIT... I think I'll move this to the Feedback forum as that seems a more appropriate place for it.
  20. This Blog theme is only for Blog 1.4.x (for IPB 2.3.x) , its not suitable for IPB3.0 (which has Blog 2.0.x) :) The date is confusing on the support topic as resources were imported from the old Resource site (which did not have support topics) , the date on the file is 03rd September 08.
  21. One thing I'll mention generally, not specific to this topic (I don't do any official support) Its always best to include as much information as possible in your ticket and anything you have tried to do as well as it will save a few of the more usual questions being asked and waiting for responses etc. It may be better to include information you consider unrelated as it may help the technician narrow the problem down quicker which is better for everyone. :)
  22. I think that (was) a bug at one time (deleted members can still show as friends in profiles) If your running 3.0.4, I'd suggest you post a report in the Bug Tracker and if it cannot be reproduced opening a ticket in the Client Center. :)
  23. Probably not long as Billing will be active at this time of day. :)
  24. I'd agree with DawPi , as far as I am aware it must stay intact and unedited unless you purchase Copyright Removal (in which case you can simply turn it off) its not something you should translate / edit. A staff member will probably clarify the official position though for you. :)
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