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  1. Gabriel Petrelli


    Is there any other way to fix this besides deleting blogs.php? I want to display the blog block on the portal but when I add the code to the portal skeleton template I get that error.
  2. Gabriel Petrelli

    Download: [MM32] Make popular tags BIGGER and BOLDER!

    Easy enough to get rid of by editing the hook file. I didn't agree with it either.
  3. Gabriel Petrelli

    Two features have to be brought back

    Don't forget avatar galleries and linking to an avatar via url. These are enough to prevent several big boards from upgrading that make use of these features.
  4. Gabriel Petrelli

    BoHeGeHa DarkBlue

    That doesn't fix all of it though. Still getting those black areas on places such as the forum index, forum/subforum view, view new content.
  5. Gabriel Petrelli

    BoHeGeHa DarkBlue

    Couldn't it be a shade of bluish/green close to the color scheme of the theme? Quote boxes and some blocks don't look right either, the Bohegeha theme for for IPB2 didn't look like this.
  6. Gabriel Petrelli

    BoHeGeHa DarkBlue

    So, any idea why I am having this issue?
  7. Gabriel Petrelli

    BoHeGeHa DarkBlue

    Some parts of the theme are appearing black to me, it seems no one else is having this issue?
  8. Gabriel Petrelli

    User Enabled badword filter

    As far as I am aware, there isn't one for IPB3. I believe there may have been one for IPB2, but there are quite a few mods that were never upgraded for IPB3 or are in the process of being upgraded. I'm personally looking for a mod for IPB3 to disable/enable the bad word filter on a per forum, per user basis.
  9. Gabriel Petrelli

    News Block

    Found out this is not a bug/issue, realized that after reading the readme again. Wondering if it's possible to add a horizontal line or separator between news, I tried but the horizontal line didn't show up.
  10. Gabriel Petrelli

    News Block

    Another small bug, when I edit a thread containing news that someone else posted, the avatar on the news block will link to the profile of the last person that edited the news thread instead of the op.
  11. Gabriel Petrelli

    News Block

    Something I noticed with both the old articles block and this news block, the lightbox doesn't seem to work, only by visiting the topic does the lightbox work. Also a "See All" button in the top right corner that appears to do nothing and leads to an error page..
  12. Gabriel Petrelli

    Features removed from 3.1.4

    Did v3.2.1 add back avatar galleries? It's too bad that 3.2 seems to be a step back though, at least myself and members like the new default skin. Avatar galleries would prevent a lot of big boards from upgrading. IPB/IPS should not remove features and functionality that other software still has and is relied on for many communities, if IPS wants IPB to remain attractive to those comparing the various features and options between the different board software before they decide which to purchase, good for the competition but not IPB/IPS. These need to be core features of the software, telling us to seek out a hook to get removed functionality back is not good enough. There's always the chance support and updates being ceased if the developer disappears and then what will we do? At least the size of avatars can be changed again, but for goodness sake IPS bring back the other previous functionality such as link to an avatar via url instead of uploading it.
  13. Gabriel Petrelli

    Download: (WOODEN) IP.Content Portal Page

    What about styling it like the portal? I noticed blocks don't have styling or formatting, such as colored usernames on the online list. Also would look better if the Latest Topics, Recent Blog Entries, Latest Downloads were styled like they are on the board index. I noticed there is no block available for Latest Posts, styled like I had with the portal, similar to the style of the Latest Topics block on the board index..
  14. Gabriel Petrelli

    Download: (WOODEN) IP.Content Portal Page

    So, I have a question.. If I buy this, can I configure it to pull news from specified sections and post it on the front page just like the portal without needing to manually promote to an article? I am also looking for for something a bit more stylish than the vanilla portal without spending an arm and a leg.
  15. Gabriel Petrelli

    (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    I don't know how I missed that. I don't know if it's Deja Vu, but I think I made that same mistake in the past. :/