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  1. Bump for Matt ;) You know, I can half-sense some Blog / Downloads / Gallery screeenshot's appearing here soon 😉 possibly this weekend or shortly thereafter.
  2. Usually the case, prices drop until it becomes obsolete then after a couple of years when stocks have dried up the price can rise. That RD-Ram might now fall into this category if its the one I'm thinking of, where you needed a 'blank' if you did not have a mirrored pair. Its not that long ago (well it was really I suppose) I was paying £1 or £2 per MB (yes megabyte) for PC-66 sticks... :D
  3. 😄 , I just put in the "as you know" after I saw your reg date so figured there was no need/point to go into specifics or a screenshot of that section. 🙂 Oh OK. 🙂 I can understand that. It did look not far off from how its done in "other software" back then, in particular the one you mention and that version, it looks very similar. 'Folders' of images in effect for the end user to pick from. I do think this would likely be a lot more suitable for a third party application though somehow. Might even be a small $ / € / £ (pick your currency as appropriate or otherwise) in it if there's sufficient demand for said application. Maybe ? 🙂
  4. I have had this at least once, a few years back when trying to find suitable server ram (ECC stuff) , cut a long story short I did end up eventually hunting down some listed ram which worked properly rather than the usual "compatible with" used stuff found elsewhere.
  5. There is that, although I thought in a way it was in the past as most would prefer to choose their own. IPB2x as you know had built in galleries for them, I just mention this last point given your reg date 🙂 I know you've been here erm "a while" much like me! 😄 Having said that, I just looked at the highest content contribution from my membership. The top five here (including me) only two others have uploaded an image of their own. Looking generally it seems to be roughly about 50/50 on if they have added their own or not. I do have a non-standard 'by default' one though. I'm not on the latest version but I won't go into why here as its off topic and the answer is not what you'd expect. 🙂 EDIT... Perhaps the solution here is for a third party developer to recreate / create some kind of 'Gallery Profile Images' (avatars) for members to pick from for those who require such functionality on later versions.
  6. 34x had an option to just show or hide them , nothing more than that a simple yes/no binary choice. Previous versions I think just had an option to remove it from the jumplist dropdown rather than a depth setting, but I obviously don't have access (and can't remember for sure that far back, it was years ago to be fair) the exact specific details. Point here being some form of 'control' for this in IPS4 would be an excellent idea / feedback hence my reply. :)
  7. I'd like to see the return of the option to display them or not on the forum index or perhaps even better some numerical input where you could specify the depth (for want of a better word) to show, such as 1 , 2 or 3 perhaps. By that I mean if you have subforums within subforums how "far down" to show. :)
    Another excellent idea from the author. This really is something that should be built in I think or perhaps an option offered for it at least. 🙂 Does what it "says on the tin" so to speak.
  8. The above used to be the case where there was a separate checkbox for upload and download for each group. This is from the last of the 3x series, 349: I can see why it was removed however it did have some merit. I can tell you one quite common source of confusion for new admins (I used to see it a fair bit in the Peer to Peer support forums) was the fact that uploaded images are attachments and if you disable 'download' for an attached image you are in effect saying "can view it" (or not) , there was actually a third party tweak at the time to exempt images from this behaviour, I remember using it so they could be viewed but files could not be downloaded, useful for guests actually.
  9. All the 2.0.x series have that coloured sidebar. It went awol at 2.1.x although the main 'panel' area gained a bit more colour, increased a bit more with sensible warnings/hints etc with the later 2.2. and then the 2.3.x series. All the 2.x series had a scrollbar unless you had a mass screen resolution (at that time when I think 1024x768 was normal and 1280x1024 for those with a slightly bigger wallet for a monitor perhaps) :) Not sure really what you mean by "changed much" , unless I answered to your satisfaction in my two sentences above. 😀
  10. It might be considered a specialist request I guess, possibly like Fortran or something ? I've not really looked tbh. Having said that there could possibly be some kind of CKE plugin to assist with it, it would be worth a minute of your time to check to see. I have odd display issues if I try to post assembly language in code tags but I kind of consider it expected behaviour. EDIT... A small piece of code, the kind I usually deal with: 36904 LD A,(33799) ; 33799 = The current cavern number (0 to 19) 36907 INC A ; Increase that value 36908 CP 20 ; Is it now 20 ? If so that means (19+1=20) the last cavern completed was The Final Barrier! 36910 JR NZ,37009 ; Jump if it was not Final Barrier 36912 LD A,(33882) ; 33882 = Game mode indicator (0 for live play, other values = demo mode) 36915 OR A ; So are we in Demo Mode ? 36916 JP NZ,37008 ; Jump if we are in Demo Mode 36919 LD A,(33885) ; 33885 = Holds the teleport code if its been activated 36922 CP 7 ; So is the teleport active ? 36924 JR Z,37008 ; Jump if it is as we were cheating!
  11. The .zips are still alive in my initial posts. The splash of colour in the ACP , I mean simply this in the sidebar area:
  12. Got to say I did like the extra splashes of colour in the 2.0.x ACP , something that went away (a bit anyway) in 2.1 although iirc the side menu options for each 'section' were much improved from 2.0 to 2.1 from a 'human navigation' point of view. I can't remember the reason for the colour reduction although I do recall it was a logical decision. :)
  13. That's not actually unexpected given its a browser concern (at least as I see it, and its not my area) but the point was if in any doubt there was (as I indicated) no harm at all in asking in a ticket at least. You may not be out of luck though. It would be very worthwhile in posting the question in the Peer-to-Peer area of the forum to see if others have ideas or thoughts to assist with this. I do think (again, not my area) this is not a common concern generally though.
  14. I could be wrong (I do see what you're saying though) in that if the 'effects' are being caused by browser plugins the scope for support to assist with this is slightly limited as its an 'external factor' (for want of a better phrase) . However there is absolutely no harm at all in sending in a support ticket to enquire about this, something I would probably recommend in this case so a tech can take a look and inform you. :)
  15. 🙂 Would be good to see what you come up with, if/when there's time for an entry on "A look back" as such.
  16. Usually the case (no pun intended as we were talking about cases a bit a while ago!) , I know some are a bit averse to Bios updates for fear of 'bricking' but its something I've always done and not really had any major issues. I have seen it go wrong but the cause was because the person doing it did not properly enter the command which wiped it out, it was recoverable thankfully but it involved much messing about with the image on a floppy (we are talking a few years ago now and the updater usually has some safeguards against this) :) Its a bit more erm exciting (or it was) with a server where you've got the main bios then the raid/controller one as well as possibly one for remote and/or any other things too. Its been a few years since I last did a server one so I can't really recall exactly what but there were three 'sections' as such, iirc this was one of the HP ML series towers, quite old , P2 or P3 and SCSI drives etc. O/T: Interesting that my smilies parsed in your quote but not in my reply, mind you half the time they never do anyway :( , no matter.
  17. I do partly agree with that, but Windows does tend (or did) to carry on allowing legacy bits to run where possible whereas Apple did not (afaik) , I should point out my last 'Apple' was years back I was given a PowerPC 6100/66 . It had System6 on it which I managed to upgrade to System7 but it was quite a traumatic thing even then and it really put me off. 😄 , I guess what I'm 'agreeing' with you here is they did not take any of that legacy 'stuff' along with them although I realise the OS / Hardware has changed a couple of times at least since then in regards to 'generations' EDIT... For reference the model was this one > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Macintosh_6100 Complete with SCSI HDD etc and if I recall correctly a 2GB SCSI HDD. To be fair to it given its CPU speed and the fact the OS was about the same age as say W3.1 it was OK speed-wise. I still have my Final Doom CD-Rom disc for actually! 😄 I've not been near an Apple machine since.
  18. Would a bios update not fix any real concerns ? Unless its new functionality you need. Each to their own regarding waiting, but as I say the problem is going to be in a few months time there will be another "new" one! :) I'd not worry about that. :) I'm quite bad at doing it.
  19. That will always happen though unfortunately. You could get the "latest one" right now and have that erm concern, or you could wait say six to ten months and then get what was then the "latest one" and find a few months further down the line a new one was out. :)
  20. I had issues rarely with it getting stuck in a repair loop as it was trying to be too helpful but twas impossible to get out of. That and the odd difficulties sometimes in getting to real 'safe mode' when needed. The refresh would also eat data iirc whereas as I understood it only the reset was meant to, or vice-versa, its been ages now so I can't be sure. I did try to like it honestly, same with W8 before that and then W8.1 which I got when it was on the 9.99 offer thing for existing 7 users, I stuck and tried with W8 for six months but had to revert back to 7 until 8.1 appeared which to their 100% credit did actually sort a lot of issues out, W8 (first one) seemed really better suited to touch screen devices rather than a regular desktop imo. Back to W10: What actually put me off which I guess is partly my fault but others will be in "the same boat" I suspect and I don't have a lot of choice in the matter currently was the size of the updates as they were or appeared to be almost complete builds as in relatively huge compared to previous Windoze (typo deliberate) which were a bit more of a saner size. This is a concern if you pay per GB of data ;)
  21. Makes sense, always best to seek a bit of advice. Can't really say much more than that on the subject as there's (1) too much variation and (2) I'm not a tax expert! I do need a new case for an older machine here actually, but only a cheapy cheap type of ATX (midi or perhaps mini) style, Ideally I'd want something with one external 5.25 bay and one external 3.5 bay (not two of the former which is or was most common) But I've not really looked lately and when I randomly browsed Ebay a few months ago for cheap cases, nothing really inspired.
  22. I think that question is something probably best (as you know) referred to those qualified to answer. :) It may well be possible to get some free initial advice on it too perhaps. Problem is tax rules are different "here to there" and if over there is like here, they can change quite often too! Its slightly different here with regards to what you can class as 'business expense' , I did not bother with quite a few things I could of legitimately claimed for simply as the monies returned to me would not of been worth the continual hoop-jumping to do it.
  23. That does make sense, thanks. :) Problem is you can't get beyond that 'which forum' page to do any more though.
  24. Its not that long ago in my mind that ancient (yes I know) PC-66 ram was about £2-£3 per MB :( :o , I remember paying what seemed a small fortune for two 32MB sticks lols. Although I realise RAM prices do fluctuate (they always have tbh afaik) at least they are within a sensible margin for a sane amount of memory for a system.
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