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  1. It would be possible with a query to do this , an "update set replace" type of one , I'm extremely reluctant to post this due to the risk of: > Me not being 100% correct > Issue running it > Other concerns I wonder if you can add some .htaccess to do this which might be a lot easier.
  2. A member actually pointed this out, and I had to look at the internet archive / wayback machine to see for myself. 🙂 On older 4.x versions the widget to display the forum total posts/topics was accurate however the newer version seems to round it up. First thought was space so I moved it to underneath rather than the side but it did not change. Please see attached pic: As noted via a query... [code]SELECT COUNT(*) AS total FROM forums_posts;[/code] ... the real total is shown. The members do mark each actual "complete K" posts with things so it is helpful to know which / when we get to 16K / 17K etc etc. I could not find anything to alter the format itself, and the (they are helpful) stats do not quite cover this as they don't count everything. I'm aware the total is "what is present" rather than the total count because ID's are not recycled. Any easy way to alter this ? I did think about a file edit (yes I know) but I'd rather avoid that. I don't think its anything that mySQL or php are doing to it though. Thanks! 🙂
  3. Thank you Jim. Silly to ask really I suppose as that was the only logical answer. Had this been 3x or 2x which I know -very- well inside out I'd of never had to ask. Just time was short so a quick topic, (perhaps my 2nd 'support' one in a decade) was worthwhile, certainly posted a lot of info in the past. So yes I did the bypass (and yes I removed it aka the "MD5 Check" immediately after) Had the site not been broken I'd of been able to look at this next weekend to simply try a few ideas on a localhost test of it. There is a small issue a white page however nothing in logs either in webroot or in the system itself that I see, but its not a big issue at this moment in time. I'll get back to that one as it concerns ACP removal of CMS. Something for a new topic later.
  4. Greetings 😉 Been a while. I am now in the process of upgrading my community from 4.5 (yes I know) to the latest however: The existing site is broken due to the host upgrading php ergo I cannot access the admin panel , not a big issue except the site has core/forums/cms(content)/downloads and I am not updating cms/content as we never really used it. There is a bit of data for it but its very old outdated articles so I'm not fussed about it. So we are upgrading core/forums/downloads only. As expected the upgrader complains:[quote] etc etc etc , all are this application. I'm debating if to: > try the bypass for it but I suspect that might just break something during upgrade > turn the cms off now in the database aka switch app_enabled from 1 to 0 for this then perhaps remove the tables (or leave them, better to leave I suspect as their tiny) > perhaps try the recovery in constants to switch it off but I suspect the version mismatch will cause issues perhaps I do have backups although its quite long winded to restore if I needed to hence wanting to ask first as I've not really used much of the 4x series for a couple of years.
  5. Oh I'll admit I don't think I'd checked the ACP out, the front end was completely blank and in the logs themselves I'd found said error and it sprung to mind what the likely cause was, so I stopped looking elsewhere. Tested on localhost dev with display_errors enabled (purposely at php7.0.3) and it displayed said error but that was expected.
  6. Maybe to the init.php file, I'm not sure. Although it did not catch me out, one site I was looking at had by some chance switched back to php7.0 , this turned out to be due to replacing the 'use version x' in a .htaccess file being lost. Anyway, currently if you attempt to run (run not install) the suite on say php7.0.x or lower, you tend to end up with a blank page or if you are lucky an error such as... Parse Error : Unexpected '?', expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) init.php on line 1413 ... or something quite similar to that. This may be very confusing to some, assuming they see it and/or check their logs. My suggestion here: A simple addition perhaps in index.php or init.php with something along the lines of using phpversion() may help quite a bit here as if its treated like the requirements checker then the cause is shown, something the end user may be able to fix themselves, otherwise they'd end up with a ticket and the support tech would possibly direct them back to their host to fix, causing the client two tickets one at 'each' whereas with the error shown they may know to contact their host about it. Thanks for consideration. 🙂
  7. I do have a few bug reports to post now too, well two at least that are reproducible and not related to my erm 'adventures' EDIT... Editing the path above once it was found then checking it in the db as well as throwing out most of the generated js from uploads and all of datastore minus the blank index.htm file and it decided to work again. Thanks. Marked the relevant post as solution, although option ( 2 ) was never an option for me. 🙂
  8. I found the (as mentionde previously) the final part of the upload path has a " \ " between public_html and uploads, whereas the rest of the path is " / " , ie : / home / blah etc / public_html \ uploads < see the " \ " there ? I changed it in the link you provided, emptied out datastore and the nonsensical javascript it had built in uploads (this got recreated anyway) Interestingly it lists two one correct now and one not, but it gave me a no permission error when I tried to alter one, it says its moving the files (except there is nothing to move) so I'll wait and see what happens. Option is is not an option, there's probably a tool to fix this externally anyway (think of 3x 'upgrade finish' type of thing) at a completely random guess. This is simply why I wanted the database details to save me searching, 🙂 Seems it is moving things, quite why I'm not sure as the two configuration paths both storage filesystem are identical except for the " \ " vs the " / " , just wish the link to the path was pointed out as I could of done it. 🙂 Having said that i appreciate the help. I've told it to just run the move now until its done. Unsure if its going to make it worse or better tbh at this stage but we'll see.
  9. core_file_storage looks like this: {"dir":"{root}\\uploads","url":"uploads"} Note the double \\ although I see nothing else immediately amiss. There are no options to change it there as there's only one choice in the dropdown itself. Changing it (to what it was) then saving it makes no difference. I can see I'm not getting anywhere here 😞
  10. I have explained what I'd done. 🙂 The first quoted line is slightly upsetting to me 😞 Wish the editor would behave properly when splitting quotes but that's something else. It only shows the path I'd mentioned, nothing else. 🙂
  11. Thanks. But I have no css in the ACP hence no button but I found the link directly anyway 🙂 But the paths in there are all the same ie: " File System: /home/~~~~~/public_html\uploads Note the " \ " there instead of " / " between public_html and uploads hence me thinking I ought to edit this in the DB directly, I'm not scared! 😄
  12. Must admit I'm very reluctant to post this topic as its actually asking "for something" rather than me "giving something" however as I've been "away from IPS" for quite a while it felt appropriate. Due to an odd issue (it is attempting to write /css_built_1 , javascript_core , javascript_forums , javascript_global outside the webroot , as in its creating a public_html/uploads directory in /home and writing them there. I have no css and when I did the icons such as notifications and messenger were missing, but the rest of the site was fine. I did remove the legacy /screenshots and the like from the db as I'd already dropped the legacy files into uploads / monthly to match (this was tested on localhost without issue) To be clear this is a 349 site upgraded to 4.5 on localhost then 'transplanted' onto a live server. Yes I did adjust conf_global 😉 Can't immediately see anything amiss unless the supplied from the ACP friendly URL .htaccess file is somehow interfering but that seems unlikely. Aside from /datastore which I keep emptying out without much gain, I need to be sure where any path is being kept in the database please. In legacy versions this was core_settings and easy enough to find if anything really did go pear shaped. I can't put a ticket in 😉 I've not done a 'help me' ticket since 2006 so I don't plan on doing it now! 😄 I could start digging and find things myself but if anyone has a few pointers to save me time (as time is not in plentiful supply today unfortunately) would be appreciated.
  13. If its a huge quantity being purchased then I'd suggest a ticket first to see what the situation is , say for instance you wanted like 50+ licences etc I'd fire off a ticket first 🙂 I could not (I only did a cursory search) find anything immediately relevant for "bulk" , "multiple" or "volume" purchases (that would be relevant) however there is absolutely -nothing- to lose by asking even if its like your 3rd etc etc. I could just about remember what the situation was but I don't want to post that as 1. I don't have the authority really and 2. It may of changed so I'd not want to give inaccurate information. If I was you I'd just open a quick ticket and ask 🙂
  14. I can't be 100% but if I had to take a wild guess I'd say it was 4.4.x or 4.5.x specific, possibly 4.5.x for the 'unknown column' concern. I don't have any previous 4x versions to hand to verify. Should be easy to duplicate though, any 34x database dropped into 4.5.x to find out , no need for the 3x one to have any addon apps. [b]EDIT...[/b] Editor threw away some content 😞 The downloads issue I'd say crept in in 4.4.x or 4.5.x as I'm almost certain I did a test upgrade with all apps at 4.3.something quite a few months ago. Realised this topic should of been in Peer to Peer not Feedback however that might be a blessing in disguise actually as I'd consider (if the fault is not with me) both to be potentially bugs, possible one of them at least should of been caught by the internal QA team. I do need to write a positive feedback ticker later this week too. 🙂 🙂
  15. Thanks both. The Downloads database issue refers to custom fields, I had to hax up the upgrade file a bit to fix this 😞 Custom Fields are something that can escape QA unfortunately it seems. I'll raise a ticket on this later this week as I want to provide some feedback about other stuff. My "hax" method was to just throw the custom fields out and chop the code out of the upgrader for that, not 100% ideal but I wanted a 'quick fix' to test the rest of it. I can in my case here recreate them without too much trauma anyway. THis is not really the way to go I know however for what I needed to to it is fine. Adriano, this does not work , that is the standard method I've used. It does not like the 349 database, previous 4x versions would accept it so I'm not sure what changed. Morrigan, you're correct it should but it does not. There's no (or there was) code for a 2x to 4x upgrade built into 4x, you'd need to temporarily upgrade a 1x or 2x database to 3x (any version really) then upgrade that to 4x 🙂 Can't use mentions as Firefox seems to have issues with adding text after same as emoticons too, hence just bolded text. I know this is a browser issue and I'm not concerned about that as its existed in all 4x versions. It only happens if you have a snail's pace internet connection I think.
  16. lol I spoke too soon, Downloads sql issue 😞 1170 BLOB/TEXT column 'field_1' used in key specification without a key length *****\applications\downloads\setup\upg_100013\upgrade.php::49 ALTER TABLE `downloads_ccontent` ADD KEY `field_1` (`field_1`) Used php 7.2.18 and mysql 5.7.26 for this. Line 49 is: \IPS\Db::i()->addIndex( 'downloads_ccontent', array( 'type' => 'key', 'name' => "field_" . $field['cf_id'], 'columns' => array( "field_" . $field['cf_id'] ) ) ); Unsure if I should retry it afresh with php 7.3 as mysql version would be the same. Can't run that query manually either. Not intended in a negative manner but I -am- surprised slightly QA did not get this when testing a 3x upgrade 😞 Unless hmm , no I'll not say more than I'd test 3x upgrades 🙂 Appreciate any thoughts on this, bear in mind this is a localhost test as I can't do it live until it works, ideally I want to upgrade it locally then move the whole "ready to go" onto the live server.
  17. Figured it out. Install 45 afresh. Drop all database tables Import 349 database into now empty database Run upgrader System Current Version 3.4.9 Available Version 4.5.4 etc etc
  18. Been away from the community here for a while 🙂 Anyway cut to the chase, has anything in particular changed with a legacy upgrade ? I am talking about 3x (specifically 349) to 4.5 , I do realise no 4x version -ever- supported directly a 2x upgrade (going via 3x was needed) Upon attempting to use the upgrader you are given a "Unknown column 'conf_app' in 'field list' " error , this with a UTF8 349 database. Had it been a 2x database -or- an early pre 3.3 database I would of expected an error but not with "the last" 34x series. I half wondered if I'd missed something out, but nothing immediately springs to mind. The conf file is fine unless some entries in it are upsetting for 4x compared to 3x (archive and things) Thoughts appreciated please. 🙂 [b]EDIT...[/b] Obviously I can't install a fresh 45 first then attempt to run an upgrade as it will quite rightly complain an installation exists in that database.
  19. The above used to be the case where there was a separate checkbox for upload and download for each group. This is from the last of the 3x series, 349: I can see why it was removed however it did have some merit. I can tell you one quite common source of confusion for new admins (I used to see it a fair bit in the Peer to Peer support forums) was the fact that uploaded images are attachments and if you disable 'download' for an attached image you are in effect saying "can view it" (or not) , there was actually a third party tweak at the time to exempt images from this behaviour, I remember using it so they could be viewed but files could not be downloaded, useful for guests actually.
  20. I think that is possibly by design to prevent 'accidents' from those who discover it by accident and then try things without realising the serious nature of the tool. It has been known.
  21. AndyF

    Error Code List

    Page does not exist (Pages) I think.
  22. There are good restrictions in place regarding the number of conversations permitted and time limits etc but I see what you're saying. I'm aware there was a third party file to do this. For the immediate moment you could use group promotion to do what you're asking, not 100% ideal I know but its not difficult and it would work plus it would also give you an advantage in that you could promote after x period of time and/or content count if preferred too. Just my suggestion to help for now. 🙂
  23. I'd suggest a ticket/bug too, if you are sure the criteria are correctly set. Although unrelated: I was actually having a discussion (on anther site) about something similar a few days ago , generally computers are not *that* good at creating real random numbers, there's nearly always some pseudo randomness even if the seed is reset often but generally it should not really be easily detectable without some kind of detailed pattern search. I'll spare you my findings on this as its off topic and a bit boring too! Back on topic, I had a thought if you're using some kind of external caching that *might* possibly (just) be causing it but that seems unlikely somehow. Ticket is the best option here I think as indicated above. 🙂
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