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  1. From what I understand it is possible it will make a comeback at some point with some additional protection, going from what I can recall reading when we had the 'upcoming' type features page. I also recall my and others suggestions that extra protection to it would be added as prune 'accident's are scary and quite upsetting to forum admins, more so the ones without a current backup available. Having seen this happen myself to a community, its not nice. I'm not sure what the protection is likely to be, I recall suggesting a re-authenticate (ie: you would have to confirm your password to use it) and possibly it may be restricted to those who have ACP access.
  2. I can see why it was removed though. I think it is safer in the ACP or at least (as I made the suggestion) a re-authentication option before pruning as its as you know quite destructive, and 'accidents' are known to happen.
  3. I see my thoughts posted above on making this a "bit safer" were taken into consideration for future implementation, as seen on the Feature Plan page.
  4. I too have seen 'accidents' with this feature. I thought about extra protection for it, but thinking again instead of how it was in 3x and 2x ie a global mod option, how about making it only available to those with ACP access and in a global mod group ? Another idea would be to request the users password I guess, although I am starting to think this should *only* be available in the ACP itself rather than appear on the front end...
  5. AndyF

    Member Map

    Might want to re-upload them again perhaps your FTP client skipped some as they were already present ? :)
  6. AndyF

    Member Map

    I'm surprised you're not having problems with upgrading or installing apps at that, upgrading IPB especially lang importing may have issues at 50mb. The default for php5.2 is 128mb so its been reduced by the host. They should be able to sort this though, its likely the change has not taken effect as there's a few ways of doing it either a local php.ini file or an ini_set in a .htaccess file.
  7. AndyF

    Member Map

    Are you using a shared server ? You'll not have full access to all the error logs if you are. It could be anything from a missing php module to a server configuration concern. Ask your host for the apache error logs as typically you'll only get the php related ones in a control panel. A blank white is typically a php error though of some description. If its not that, add this to initdata.php after the opening tag on a new line: ini_set('display_errors',1); See if anything is displayed now to assist. If not see here for more things to try > http://invisionfocus.com/tutorials/article/149-blankwhite-pages/
  8. This is a paid listing, please contact the author for further details.
  9. AndyF

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    The notification link (for members adding their location) seems to just be linked to the board index, rather than the map application itself :)
  10. Suggestion: If you have group(s) that cannot receive any reputation it would be good if it did not show when viewing their posts. I don't mean the current option to only show it to certain groups ;) , I mean when groups are excluded from the reputation system, would be good not to show it. I guess I could do a skin edit to achieve it though, but that's likely to be messy.
  11. Broken link to author's sale page fixed. :)
  12. Some peoples definitions of "Beta" vary though ;)
  13. I've thought about this a few times before. I wonder if there should be an option added to hide the language chooser (especially if you only have one language anyway) , I know you can simply skin it out ;) , in fact I've added a quick article on doing this for 3.0. (as I have done for other versions at the time), but the same thing could be said for the skin chooser too, and there is an option to disallow anyone (easily, at least) choosing skins by hiding it. I'm merely thinking along the lines of tidiness as with only one language present, it does not appear serve a real purpose as far as I can tell. :)
  14. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details :)
  15. This is a paid listing. Contact the author for further details. :)
  16. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details. :)
  17. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details. :)
  18. AndyF

    For IPS Staff.

    Thank you for your feedback. :) I'll move your topic into the Feedback forum as that seems the most appropriate location for it.
  19. This is a paid listing. Contact the author for purchase / payment options :)
  20. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details etc. :)
  21. This is a paid listing. Please contact the author for further details. :)
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