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  1. You have a very Merry Christmas too Andy! Thank you for everything you have done for me - Kim xxx

  2. :) Have a great Christmas.

  3. Welcome to IPB Shan :)

  4. [quote name='Charles' date='14 October 2010 - 08:46 PM'] Check Matt's reply a few lines up :) Whooops.. didn't read the comments :)
  5. Looking good Matt... I think you should have a universal Checkbox for the Map thing, watching you use it, it seemed a little cumbersome to have to manually check each one.
  6. hey gorgeous!!!! :D

  7. Of course there is not one look that suits all, that wasn't my point at all ;) If there was we would all be out of business :P What I meant was that... the better the base, the better and easier it is to produce superb and different looks.. and to maintain them!!! Right now IPB with all it's components is a HUGE job to skin (not a colour change, to really skin it to look different and sexy) , and if you are a professional skinner, come upgrade time, requires a rebuilt to ensure that you haven't missed something in the 600 odd templates, 20 odd CSS sheets etc. But the big point is the base we are all working with to create our masterpieces.. the less un-necessary template changes one has to make as a skinner.. the better it is for everyone.
  8. That does look nice Graeme... very nice work, much cleaner, certainly a huge improvement over the IPB one, which is really clunky, boxey, buggy in IE7 and unappealling.... The huge problem is.. in 5 minutes time when there is another upgrade, you will have to redo that, or manually code in any changes etc... as you will with any template you have altered to make IPB prettier ....yes of course there are ways of course of making IPB look better, I've built a career out of it :P But the base is often ugly, and not very user friendly, some areas are down right diabolical, like the Blogs which are hideous and dispite many complaints it appears no one is listening. Yes we can change IPB to look something like xenforo... but seriously, think about that, why should that be necessary. IPB is very cool under the hood, it is quick and strong and has a massive feature list. It is the best forum software available right now... by FAR... however, the UI has always been it's failing, and whilst it is much better than vB it is still outdated. xenforo looks modern, clean, loads faster and is the best UX I have ever had on a default skinned forum anywhere anytime. I totally get the whole weight of expectation and the baggage of existing customer demands that IPB were working under when 3.0 hit.... heck I have been guilty of being like that myself around here, not wanting change etc... but here's the thing, having seen the change via xenforo.. I want it, and I want it bad. I want a cleaner more functional base to build my beautiful skins on. I Adore IPB, as you all know, :wub: but I am very impressed with xenforo, I will be buying a license, and I will be skinning for it, not just because it is another product line to add to the portfolio, but because I love using it.. it is very sexy software.
  9. That's good to hear Matt :) Not that I personally give a hoot about the warning system, my forum is very well behaved :P But it's always nice to see an organisation responding positively to customer feedback :)
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