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  1. Excellent as always :) What about the option to make a table? It's really strange that there isn't such option.
  2. Hello, Do you want a different picture to each forum?
  3. This the second time I am starting such a topic, after 2 years. IPS, I want you to know that I am very satisfied of your service, and I really appreciate you. Quick & helpful response at the support tickets and staff members with patience. Thank you IPS, and I hope it won't be changed!
  4. Hello members and IPS staff! Many times I wanted to make a table while writing a post in my board, but I couldn't, because the RTE doesn't include the option to make a table. I know that developers can make a modification that can enable the option to make a table, but the RTE is so advanced editor, so I always ask - How doesn't the RTE include the option to make a table, as an default option? So I though it would be wonderful if the next version of the RTE [at the next version of IP.Board... (v.4)] include that option! :smile: Thank you in advance, and have an excellent day! :smile
  5. For the next version, could you please add the option of making a table? (Like tables in Office Word, etc.)
  6. Finally! This is really what I needed!
  7. Hey, In THIS page, there's a block "All Packages Include...". In this block, there's "Fantastic support". I think you should fix that to "The MOST fantastic support" :D Regards
  8. What's on your mind?

  9. OK Michael. But Damn, why always members must add negative points? I think my suggestion is good for people that don't like it, as me.
  10. I think you forgot me :cool:
  11. Thank you Ziv :) any reply of the staff?
  12. Hello, I have a suggestion to the Reputation System in IPB3+. There are members that don't like the Ratings of the Reputation system, so you can add an option to the user control panel: :) Thank you.
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