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  1. IP.Nexus Dev Update - Handling Support Requests

    IP.Nexus is cool but the skin does not match the business theme. IP.Nexus need a new skin so its look like commercial site.
  2. Notification Menu

    When you click on any links from the "Notification Menu", I really wish it direct to specific topic/post/status/etc rather than to Notification Page. I hates when it direct to Notification Page and then click on the topic link.. too many click!
  3. Notification Feedback

    Much better :) well done! What happen if you click on any link from the menu (apart from 'view all')? Does it direct to Notifications Page (I hope not) or specific thread, reply, status, etc.
  4. Notification Feedback

    What is your thought from my feedback? (Comment above). Aha, I got 7 reputations :)
  5. Notification Feedback

    Notification menu is great but when I click any links from the Notification menu, it will direct to Notification Page.. I really don't like this and its annoying. I would prefer it to direct to topic, reply or status.
  6. Mobile Skin Now Online

    Opera Mini is quite popular for Mobile Devices. Why is that missing as default, please add it.
  7. IP.Board 3.1: Notifications (Updated)

    The number of Inbox and Notification will look confusing for the new users because it look the same. There should be icons for Inbox and Notification.
  8. IP.Board 3.1: Notifications (Updated)

    Q1: Is notifications popup disabled by default? I hope so. Q2: If notifications has arrived, will it tell me without refreshing the page? Use Ajax to check every X seconds.
  9. 3.1 Feedback

    Excellent to hear that! I hope it similar to facebook notifications.. right?
  10. Sorry that is what I meant, click on 'Facebook Connect' icon should show FB JS pop-up instead directing to IPB login page. I see what you mean about FB JS to each page would slow things down but would be nice to option ON/OFF option in ACP...
  11. Could have done a lot better. Right now 'Facebook Connect' icon will direct to normal Sign In page.. it should have direct to Facebook Connect sign in page. It would be good to include Facebook Connect button at the bottom of each topic so guest can reply right away.
  12. It don't seem to be added yet to make it more visible?
  13. profile images..

    I would like that but it will never happen because you will need to buy Gallery script :(
  14. blog and facebook sync..

    Matt, It would be good if you can add Facebook Connect button at the bottom of each topic... When user click on it, they can reply right away. Just like you see some blog. Would you consider that?
  15. 3.1 Feedback

    That is great news, are you familiar with Facebook Notifications? I hope you can do the same. "Notifications" link should appear somewhere in the header and when you click on it, it should show like a menu. If there is any new Notifications has arrived (Real Time / Ajax) it should show green circle with number of update just like the inbox.