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  1. Anyone use this with Mobile usage? How stable and readable is it?
  2. Chat is fine as it is, with one caveat, on mobiles it frequently disconnects users. Wish it was more reliable on that regard.
  3. A text editor that lets me paste with firefox without clicking buttons and then pasting. Useful Global ignore (Chat, forums etc.) Like vBulletins super ignore, remove the offending posters existence from the other poster. (in example. "yes you ignored this poster but we are going to remind you every time his post is there anyway.") better ad system that doesn't require an arm and leg to purchase. (nexu$$$$).
  4. I really wish IPS would delete the fav.ico out of their "upgrade" files and stop overwriting our own.
  5. Just to let IPS know, my users have made ignore a requirement. Since you have made no effort to even give me a quote on paying for said mod, we will be looking for alternative chat software. Thanks,
  6. Having this request bombarded at me because of the elections, you cant convince the other party no matter what, that is obviously something you cant ban or censor over...
  7. That is a cool idea, but I see that it would probably add to server overheard since it would have to also download the user list every time a page is refreshed adding yet another query to the DB.
  8. My thoughts exactly. We are in the same boat, one user likes a certain player and cannot abide by any opinion to the contrary. They aren't necessarily wrong so I can't stop them from posting but others gets sick of defending their side of topic and either just leave the site or cause a fight every time they meet in the same chat.
  9. Mods are possible for chat? I didn't know that I will do that. Thanks !
  10. I have reasoned this out. Your hosted solution is technically unable to do this isn't it?
  11. Can we get a price on how much it would be to have this implemented. I submitted a ticket to this effect but I never received a response. I am sure a couple of us can band together and get this paid for. This has to be one of your most requested features?
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