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  1. AndyF's post in Donation total not incrementing was marked as the answer   
    There is a bug report on this. It is marked fixed in 4.1.12.
  2. AndyF's post in Errors While Converting from vBulletin 3.8.7 was marked as the answer   
    Moved to Convertors forum :)

    Regarding 1. If you go to ACP > Stats / Logs > Logs > SQL Error Logs you should be able to see what the real problem is here, alternatively look in the /cache directory for the latest sql error log.
  3. AndyF's post in Whitespace was marked as the answer   
    It may not cause a problem unless the convertor errors out. You'd have to examine that file in a text editor and trim any excess spacing out.
  4. AndyF's post in [RESOLVED] Errors running the converter was marked as the answer   
    It works on higher php versions, I'm using php5.4.3 so I cannot see it being that.

    Its trying to get a list of IPS apps. Did you have *any* problems installing IPBoard itself ? :smile:

    If its a fresh install of IPB it may be quicker to remove it and re-install it (re-upload the files) then re-install the converter (do the Converter install after board is installed not during)

    I can't think of any other reason its throwing that error. Its worth installing Calendar if you've not already when you setup board before the converter although I don't see it being that.

    I've not seen it throw this before.

    Alternative is to submit a ticket in the Client Area so a tech can take a quick look for you. Although they won't do the conversion they will see why its not 'starting up'
  5. AndyF's post in [RESOLVED] Question about converting phpbb3 to ipb was marked as the answer   
    I see your problem now. :smile: , that's the wrong location.

    The 'uploads' folder that's already present is for uploaded files.

    Inside the converter .zip, get the 'admin' and 'interface' folders and drag/drop them onto the 'forum' folder in the left hand pane or on the right if you can see it.
  6. AndyF's post in Converser not able to convert vBulletin User DB was marked as the answer   
    Welcome. :)

    Pretty sure this is the same thing I encountered doing a IPB to IPB merge. There is a bug report > http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ips-extras/converters/driver-error-merging-with-profile-fields-r42687

    Although the operation was different the failure query is the same ie its missing the id_(number) from it. There is an updated in QA testing at the moment (I have it to test later) and I expect it will be released soon.

    If you are unable to await, please submit a ticket in the Client Area, with that error and they may (I'm not sure) be able to provide the fix or a manual patch. The manual patch is not the same as the one posted in the bug report as far as I know.
  7. AndyF's post in Trying to convert MyBB to IPB was marked as the answer   
    That's the problem then. :smile:

    The concern here is an IPS Hosted account can only have one database (limited via Cpanel) and you cannot use temporarily use the IPS Hosted board on your other host as its encoded.

    The simple solution would be to obtain an empty database and upload / import the myBB database to the empty one, then upload the files somewhere and then start the importer (this is easier than it sounds)

    As the limitation (at least as far as I know) is at IPS's end, please open a ticket in the Client Area. Explain (link to this topic too please) that you need them both on the same server to do the migration but you are not sure how to proceed, as I say I *think* hosted accounts only have one db so there's not an easy way of doing it directly without some assistance, aside from table prefixes but that is a bit messy (I'd consider that a workable last resort option personally) :smile:

    The tech should be able to advise on a suitable course of action for this as it will of come up before a few times no doubt.
  8. AndyF's post in Converter Issue - "Access denied for user..." was marked as the answer   
    Ensure you have a backup of the db first then:

    Go and assign the same user you have used for IPBoard's installation to your XF database as well.

    Then adjust the form on the convertor page.

    This way you'll be 100% sure its correct otherwise IPB would not be functioning.
  9. AndyF's post in Forums not adding to user post counts? was marked as the answer   
    A 'test' area is a good use for having no post incrementation.

    Regarding general use, there are a few sites that have it, I can remember posting a post here a while back explaining how to skin it out from everywhere as the client required it to not show (they had turned it off)

    Perhaps the value of post counts will slowly fade away as forums evolve more.

    On a slightly different note, social sites such as FB as you know do not have any form of (visible at least) post count. I think its just a tradition to have post counts on a forum.
  10. AndyF's post in Conversion Problem was marked as the answer   
    Are you in the right place ? :smile:

    See pics:

    Manage Member Permissions > Then click the 'pencil' icon: , note this contains bits of import groups too (which you may not have):

    Now you will see a list of all forums, you can adjust each groups permissions here:

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