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  1. Sorry for hijacking the thread Does this mean if we only renewed say pages and not forum under the old modular system we nolonger have forums and have to buy it again? Or would it still be in the acount as it had the option for renewal before the change? And can you still change the domain for a license. Little worried about clicking that renew button now to find out.
  2. Hope the solution is one menu to rule them all
  3. I was about to come and post the same thing now I'm on desktop and seen how it looks as I was on mobile all morning wonder what was going on its pretty confusing.
  4. your mobile links need updating the our community in the menu still goes to community.invisionpower.com that redirects to invisionpower.com needs to be changed to invisionpower.com/forums
  5. Hello, I'm announcing the end of life of Simple Countdown Widget, I'll no longer be maintaining the code and support for this plugin as of 28 November 2015 at 5:30 PM (GMT+10:30) I would like to say thank you for using the plugin.
  6. You still need to refresh I had issues with server load when I was experimenting with auto refresh. I will investigate it again soon I'm just really busy atm.
  7. Hi @ucjohn All the widget configurations happen in the edit window, what's the error say? is there anything logged in the System Logs under the support tab in the ACP?
  8. I can understand a price on a dedicated IP address, but forcing you to use their SSL certificate and move to a more expensive package is a little unfortunate. My opinion on this you should be able you use your own SSL Certificate and be given the option to pay for a dedicated IP or to use SNI.
  9. Hello, I'm announcing an update to Simple Countdown, version 1.1.1. This is a small maintenance release, see Simple Countdown on the marketplace for the changelog. (Upgrading Note: because a new setting was added you will need to reconfigure any Countdown widgets after upgrade.)
  10. This is one thing that changed from the previews to the release of 1.1.0 there is the only one style, each time unit is wrapped in the css class ipsWidget_title. This is an oversight and I'll address it in 1.1.1. If you want to edit the template before i release 1.1.1 you can find it at core > global > plugins > Countdown.
  11. Hi guys, This plugin will work on 4.0.13 and 4.1. It will look a little different on 4.0.13 because of the css class I'm using to colour the boxes.
  12. Hello, Today I'm announcing an updated Simple Countdown, version 1.1.0. In keeping with the name the widget is still very simple to setup and now offering a couple new settings, an updated code base and A new widget styling. (Upgrading Note: you will need to reconfigure any Countdown widgets after upgrade.) (Missing Feature Note: Due to a couple issues the javascript live countdown will not be in 1.1.0)
  13. So 1.1 has changed plans it will stay as a plugin. I still have a couple things I want to add and do a clean up, A beta should be ready next week for anyone that wants to test it out send me a PM and I'll send you the beta file when it's ready. Some progress pics.
  14. That is true with 1.0 of the widget it uses the core formatInterval that combines everything into a single string. In 1.1 I have a custom formatInterval that will allow this type of styling.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, This is apart of the "Multiple styles/templates for the countdown widget."
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