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  1. Hello VizionDev! I downloaded your Battlefield 4 Theme for my forums. I was able to get it all setup, but once I add my own image into the Slide Show, it wont display on my hompage. It just shows a blank white screen on the Slideshow. Any suggestions?

    1. LRS Global

      LRS Global

      My apologies. I meant the "Adrenaline" theme


  2. Here you go. I think you can also do this by using the Support option in the ACP to restore it. Default.xml
  3. You may have some issues with DateTime using hyphens vs slash (British vs American) and localeDate() - I know this is a huge problem when using date()/strtotime() as they will interpret based on the usage of hyphens or slash. Just to keep in mind
  4. This should not be shown to members. You can request support to update it for you, however this is not manually completed for you for various reasons. The only tips that can be provided are the ones you said yourself, download it, then extract to your server. There should be illustrated steps to do so if you don't want to wait for support
  5. Every page on IPS, 99% of the time comes from a template you can modify through "Customizations > Themes". Anything within {{ and }} is processed as raw PHP Anything within { } is checked for a short-tag, or is attempted to be echo'd out. There is documentation on IPS' template system somewhere in the Guides section from the menu above
  6. I'm feeling generous, check your PM shortly for a copy of VGM, it add's a steam profile tab and pulls in all information from steam about your users.
  7. @Makoto keeps it updated - should work with no issues System > Plugins > Install New Plugin
  8. Hey everyone, just letting you know that I have discontinued majority of my paid themes.

    My recent work in application and plugin development has allowed me to further grasp the IPS framework and all the possibilities that a paid theme could bring to the table that was not even imaginable for me before releasing any of the themes I had on the Market Place.

    So time to start delivering higher quality themes and perhaps even set a new standard of expectations for a paid theme.

    To those who may be frustrated about how majority of my paid themes have been now priced as FREE. I urge you to contact me so that we can maybe work out a credit for my existing paid themes, or my future paid themes.


    1. VizionDev


      This would be an example of setting standards :D 



  9. The image is generated by javascript, he's using Google Adsense Give me a moment and I'll see what I can come up with Can you add the advertisement back into the header for a moment please
  10. If you're feeling confident enough to do it yourself, try the following. In the ACP Click the "Customization" tab Click "Themes" Click the "</>" icon (it may be in the drop down depending on your resolution) You will now see the Template Editor, which a single file is opened "globalTemplate" In this file you will see a reference to utilitiesMenu along the lines of {template='utilitiesMenu' app='core' group='global'} or very close to it - remove that line. This is a template that no longer exists, if that's the only error you're seeing - then it sounds like you're in luck because your theme consists of only css modifications If you need help with this don't hesitate to send me a PM Good luck
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