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  1. You may have some issues with DateTime using hyphens vs slash (British vs American) and localeDate() - I know this is a huge problem when using date()/strtotime() as they will interpret based on the usage of hyphens or slash. Just to keep in mind
  2. As far as I know, no @Makoto could help you though if you needed a plugin developed for it.
  3. Strange, if the original picture is not sideways, how is uploading sideways not a bug o.O
  4. No. The correct avenue for such a topic would in fact be https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/ Which is monitored all throughout office hours of IPS (If they are in-fact being uploaded sideways to what the original picture is)
  5. @Makoto make a quick fix and hook it -> \IPS\Image::rotate();
  6. No no it was perfect when it came out and perfect still, was just making a poke at ::1 - Thanks
  7. Hey can you add this guide into this please: http://reecea.github.io/ipb4-css-guide/
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