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  1. Can this be updated for 4.3.x Status updates are now a default feature. However it would be great to have the option to show the Recent Profile Visitors block on all member profiles. Thanks for your help!
  2. Does anyone have adsense working successfully on logged in pages?
  3. A basic format that I've used for years is If member has 0 content > delete account If member has content > remove email > change password > move to a "closed account" usergroup Send notification email once process is complete.
  4. Sorry I was referring to the Invisible or 'Ghost' mode.
  5. Absolutely second this. It's a massive incentive for premium accounts.
  6. Thanks Adriano. Have installed and it's almostttt perfect lol ((sorry)) Even if I don't allow a usergroup to edit their country or see any flags they can still see this in their profile: Ideally they should only have the ability not to see them if they have permission to see them in the first place. Know what I mean?
  7. Hi there, Are the above errors fixed? I encountered a red error on install. I entered the icon field as eye-slash. I can't see anything. No option to go invisible, etc. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  8. lol maybe I just thought it was working. Thanks for adding it in the next version Adriano, I appreciate it.
  9. OK, so this setting doesn't apply to the profile page? I had it working successfully for a long time and then it changed. Perhaps this is what you are referring to. For our community I use this as a tool for our staff to detect trolls and spammers. We are also diligent about privacy and so it's not very user-friendly for members to have their country revealed to others on their profile. I'd love for the plugin to be able to respect the permissions settings on the profile page also. Thanks for considering.
  10. Hi Adriano, This is still happening for me. The permissions are not working. Has no-one else reported anything similar? I'd greatly appreciate help in fixing it. I can see that it works for you in your demo but this is not how it works for mine. I tried replicating the same settings and any other combinations I can think of but no matter what all members can see the flags. I have tried disabling all plugins. This didn't happen in the version prior to December last year.
  11. Used it, it doesn't work real well unfortunately.
  12. It would be nice if there was an easy way to see if a member has ever posted, logged in, registered or shared the IP address of another member before. Although the new Device and IP lookup area in the Admin CP helped a little, I have found it doesn't help all too much most of the time. Many trolls / duplicate accounts don't show up here. Plus we have to manually look so you need to know to begin with that something is up. I have found that to isolate a troll (especially a persistent one) I need to go to Mod CP > Search Member > and then click on and view every IP address listing and then click on their posts / registrations to see if it reveals another member name. It would be great if all this data was linked and was displayed to Admins on the member profile, so we can see other accounts that person has participated with. Thanks for considering.
  13. Automatic account deactivation should be an option for our communities. I noticed this topic was started and then closed because Admin was reluctant to see the value of this feature. Could you imagine Facebook or Instagram not having an option to disable your profile? Or better yet, you need to write to the staff to manually get it done? It's ridiculous that we have to do it manually. People care about their privacy - whether you think it is a big deal or not that they close their account, it is important to them and it is an expected right with social media sites these days. This plugin is great but it's nearly $100 for what should be a basic social media site function. I also already forked out USD$35 for the same plugin which was then discontinued and rebuilt. I am still going to purchase the above again because this is something I desperately need. Does anyone else find themselves wasting time on manual account removal requests and feel this should be part of the core?
  14. I had to remove my adsense. We were getting impressive traffic stats but virtually no clicks. I couldn't figure it out what wasn't working. Would love to know if you get it working well with your forums.
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