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  1. I got a GoDaddy one working, but something else came up externally that I need to take care of first
  2. I like to experiment and learn new things. If I break it, I just start over, but I like setting up my own stuff. Amazon is good, but I want to do it myself.
  3. welp, I done it. I added an SSL by GoDaddy, followed their instructions for forums that aren't self hosted. now I just have to wait. im pretty sure I broke something, but I won't know for at least 24-48 hours at least GoDaddy makes it easy to start over if needed but yeah, not gonna touch anything til I'm sure it worked or didn't work
  4. Hi, I'm using the 4 required nameservers with Invision, with the domain registered through GoDaddy. I'm not self-hosting. If I add the 2 required nameservers from Cloudflare in GoDaddy's settings, will it break the site? Would it be better to purchase an SSL from GoDaddy themselves and point the IP to Invision, rather than messing with nameservers? Thanks.
  5. Another solution is shift the help desk to a different provider. I'm using the one provided by Invision to handle support for billing, account, things of that nature. They still are excellent in that regard. But, the immediate one is through Spiceworks, which is more readily available. It's free and has built-in spam blocking from IP's. It's more built for IT, but it fits forums based around tech. People also tend to trust it more on certain things. I've used it for every IT-related job I've had. https://www.spiceworks.com/
  6. I was curious about this. Is it possible to apply this to different streaming services like Disney+ or HBO? Would that break their terms of service or could redirect so that it would be that users have to make an account with them? I've read through their stuff, they allow development, though it isn't clear on what exactly that entails. It might just be easier to some of these services built-in streaming "parties." I'd rather stay on their good side in terms of copyright and who gets what because they have billions and I'm broke.
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