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  1. Sorry. If it helps, I'm not suicidal or anything to that degree, probably should have clarified. I'm actually quite content and proud of what I've made using IPS. It's just sometimes I get exhausted and am tempted to click the delete button on everything I run. Explaining things, talking, or just interacting become chores. Sometimes, I know I'm supposed to get something done on the forum, and I want to get it done, but I just won't. For example, I know I need to apply for a certain partnership, but the action of having to write a 3 paragraph essay as to why I'm a good partner, seems so daunting, even if so simple and the benefits are numerous, but I just don't. It would save me about 50k down the line, but I can't visualize that amount of money.
  2. Lol, thanks, it's been a tough day, tough last few weeks. Got rejected from a job I was promised I'd quality for, but then I didn't pass their entry IT test. I got a 97%. They require 100%. Man, it's all the forum I'm running now. Does Invision have any open positions? My social skills are lacking and structured communication is iffy, but at least I can read CSS, build a computer, write legal documentation, and am willing to learn something new everyday. Just an idea, but not necessary. I don't want to be a pity hire, just asking if I can apply and be considered, even if it's for something as simple as helping moderate. I'll keep job searching though, some promising stuff on Coursera, but it's long term.
  3. Ignore what was previously here, I've come up with a solution, weeeeee
  4. It's disturbing how structured some medical discrimination is. I've been trying to get a job again for the last couple of weeks, with 7 replies back. They all respond with some form of "due to behavioral issues associated with Asperger's syndrome, we've denied your application." Sure, I have no idea how to talk to other humans, but does that warrant telling me I can't apply in IT? None of those guys talk to humans. Plus, humans are all afraid of each other anyway. People judge me so often on my behavior, which just so happens to be influenced by a degenerative brain disorder, but that's no excuse, and they don't see what I can bring to the table. I can tell you how a super collider or thrust gravity works, but I can't tell you why someone frowns. If my job was to tell you how those 2 first things worked, I would give ya everything on them, to the best of my ability. Given how much effort I've put into my project here on IPS and classes on Coursera, I would think that'd be a sign that I have the ability to direct majority focus to a task needed. While I try not to take it personally, it still hits getting rejected over and over, simply because I'm different from them. Isn't everybody different? I thought that was evolution, but clearly, some homo sapiens lost that gene pool. ha pun When in doubt, just keep swimming. I've sunk to the bottom before and I never want to again. Sorry, I needed to get this small vent out somewhere that actually has nicer people. I like the previous replies.
  5. I have a terrible sleep pattern, some of it's PTSD, some of it is Autism, which I don't hide, and actively support recovery/support programs, there ain't nothing wrong with that, but mostly it's ideas. It's midnight and I get an idea for a forum color change or a new launcher for my smartphone. My brain never shuts down and I constantly have to mess with something. I like to poke and prod, and have been, admittedly, banned from the Squarespace forums for that, oops. They don't like when their domains are transferred around 10 times a day, lol. In my defense, it was a security flaw that you could transfer outside the regulated 60-90 days, so if anything, I did them a favor. Going to the gym at night helps to chill out a bit, I do it from 8 to 9. There's people who say going to the gym at night is better, but it's still the same workout. Diet is the biggest thing. Less fast food, more natural proteins like salmon help you sleep better, keep ya more full and active next day.
    Visually, looks great. It takes the default theme and adds a couple little extras in vector, but it is absolutely covered in ads that are near impossible to remove completely in editor. The footer credit disallowed access to contact and privacy policy. The main menu on mobile become strictly visual assets, no access to anything. Good start, but needs heavy improvement and refinement. Remove those ads too, that's a deal breaker for me.
  6. Yeah, I'mma blame the bad weather here. Every edit I do gets reset every time I try to save. Bugs are bugs, ain't nobody's fault. When in doubt, blame Amazon. I'll get what work I can get done, done. I'm so close to finally finishing up and getting online, after a ton of setbacks. I'm mostly having issues with custom themes.
  7. Was the bug going to be noticed eventually anyway or was it just something that crops up with AWS on the regular? Also, I was really hoping I broke something again. I love freaking out your sales guy then apologizing over and over for being rude. I'd pay for drinks, but I'm broke. Give that guy a raise.
  8. All good, thanks. You don't seem to alone in this either as it appears Linux Kali is having issues with vBulletin, mod reporting issues with Admin controls. It appears to be a native Chrome flag based on tests, but unsure which one, that they pushed out for cookie policies this morning, specifically for hosting and security. Pretty much breaks Wordpress Admin too or any site with native admin panel, based on cookies. Other apps unaffected if admin is isolated. I only get domain unresponsive errors if I use Chrome Canary, while site issues themselves are beta/stable. Other browsers just show regular 500 errors. Firefox Focus, Tor, Vivaldi - no issues. Hope this helps, at least a little bit or at least arrows down which flag Google broke this time.
  9. Is there a known issue with Website/Service Down or Unresponsive errors popping up for AdminCP/Forum for Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge, & VPN connections on ChromeOS/Android? Tried different connection types and basic browser/device troubleshooting, was wondering if IPS is down for multiple people or just me breaking something....again.
    I keep coming back to this one, it's just that good. Keep it up.
  10. I got a GoDaddy one working, but something else came up externally that I need to take care of first
  11. I like to experiment and learn new things. If I break it, I just start over, but I like setting up my own stuff. Amazon is good, but I want to do it myself.
  12. welp, I done it. I added an SSL by GoDaddy, followed their instructions for forums that aren't self hosted. now I just have to wait. im pretty sure I broke something, but I won't know for at least 24-48 hours at least GoDaddy makes it easy to start over if needed but yeah, not gonna touch anything til I'm sure it worked or didn't work
  13. Hi, I'm using the 4 required nameservers with Invision, with the domain registered through GoDaddy. I'm not self-hosting. If I add the 2 required nameservers from Cloudflare in GoDaddy's settings, will it break the site? Would it be better to purchase an SSL from GoDaddy themselves and point the IP to Invision, rather than messing with nameservers? Thanks.
  14. Another solution is shift the help desk to a different provider. I'm using the one provided by Invision to handle support for billing, account, things of that nature. They still are excellent in that regard. But, the immediate one is through Spiceworks, which is more readily available. It's free and has built-in spam blocking from IP's. It's more built for IT, but it fits forums based around tech. People also tend to trust it more on certain things. I've used it for every IT-related job I've had. https://www.spiceworks.com/
  15. I was curious about this. Is it possible to apply this to different streaming services like Disney+ or HBO? Would that break their terms of service or could redirect so that it would be that users have to make an account with them? I've read through their stuff, they allow development, though it isn't clear on what exactly that entails. It might just be easier to some of these services built-in streaming "parties." I'd rather stay on their good side in terms of copyright and who gets what because they have billions and I'm broke.
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