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  1. IPS is no longer able to support the feature due to changes made by Facebook, which now requires a Facebook developer account App (free) for their oEmbed system. You can however restore the embed functionality with this inexpensive plugin, which updates Facebook and Instagram embeds to use the new Facebook App authentication system. You have to jump through a few hoops, and spend $10, but it's worth the trouble. Once configured with your Facebook App credentials, it's pretty much a 'set it and forget it' plugin. @rebraf will help ensure future compatibility.
  2. The plugin is now live in the store: @SC36DC @breatheheavy
  3. Many thanks to @rebraf for restoring this functionality, great work! I commissioned this plugin to be shared on the marketplace and supported by rebraf, to help fellow community admins get their content back on track. I can confirm this plugin works well, and also restores Instagram embed functionality to older posts with existing embeds that had broken. It will be available for download in the store very soon, it's worth the wait! Installation is easy, and it 'just works' after you enter your App credentials in the ACP.
  4. Contact Viglink support, this is an issue on their end. It is happening on other sites. If you disable Viglink you will see the broken 1x1 pixel images disappear. They were purchased by Sovrn, and it seems their new owners have been making changes.
    A great application for increased community engagement with top-notch support.
  5. @Adriano Faria Would it be possible to add a feature to only display a user's followed topics from admin specified forums only, when configuring the block? I would like to display followed topics from a single forum only.
  6. Would it be possible to add a filter to only select a user's topics from specific forums as set by the admin? @Faqole
  7. Consider rebuilding your sitemap from the ACP sitemap section, there is a button. It's possible there were errors in the sitemap being served.
  8. There was a bug fix posted on the IPS Focus forum, add this to your custom.css @supports (display:grid){ [data-ipsgrid=""]:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]){ --grid-fill: auto-fit; } .ipsGrid + .ipsGrid{ margin-top: var(--grid-gap) !important; } .ipsApp .SG_wrapper, .ipsApp .SG_category_container{ padding-bottom: 15px; } }
  9. Would it be possible to also automatically confirm email addresses of all new accounts that have been created via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.? These kind of account email addresses are not validated by the IPS system, so these new users are being asked to confirm their email immediately after signing up. We can assume their email is confirmed if the account was registered within the timespan set in your app. Thanks for this great tool!
  10. Perhaps a text display beside the Submit Reply button of the editor: "bfarber is typing..." or "bfarber, Charles, and rikki are typing..."
  11. On the latest Safari 11 on macOS 10.12 the selected text becomes deselected once the quote button appears, and then the button disappears as well. It's impossible to quote selected text.
  12. Would it make sense to create a filter to exclude it from displaying for users that have registered within X days? There is no need to verify email addresses for brand new users. Keep up the good work Adriano!
  13. Great idea @opentype. I'd rather be proactive as well, many users may have an email address that is still valid, so system emails don't bounce back, but the old inbox goes unused nonetheless.
  14. Great work @Mark! I wonder if it might be possible to use native emoji but fall back to Twitter or EmojiOne for devices that do not natively support emoji?
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