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Automated Daily topic?

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You can indeed create daily topics with our Zapier integration, but unfortunatly you can't close them this way.

Instead you'll need to utilize the REST API and use the Zapier Webhook integration to send a request to your community to close the topic.

Here's a quick example which I've just created and tested sucessful:

Could contain: Text, Page, Plot, Number, Symbol, Label



1. I've used the scheduler to create a daily running zap https://zapier.com/apps/schedule/integrations

2. I've used our Invision Integration to create a topic https://zapier.com/apps/invision-community/integrations

3. Get the topic id from the yesterday topic from the Zapier Storage https://zapier.com/apps/storage/help

4. store the todays topic id in the Zapier storage.

5. Run a request with help of the Zapier Webhooks Integration to your REST endpoint to close the topic https://zapier.com/apps/webhook/integrations


This sounds complicated, but it took me literally 3 minutes to set up the zap and 1 minute to create the REST endpoint on my community


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