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errors in the system log and spammers traffic

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on my IPB on www.drivingitalia.net i have many error in the system log and many spammers traffic, in the last 3 days
The log entry was triggered by a guest (Guests)
20 minutes ago
The URL of page the error occurred on was http://www.drivingitalia.net/index.php?s=5aaf2b8029884e28f832d7fc35addee6&act=idx

Error: Cannot use a scalar value as an array (0)
#0 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(786): IPS\Output\_Javascript::_writeJavascriptFromResultset()
#1 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Output/Output.php(585): IPS\Output\_Javascript::compile()
#2 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Output/Output.php(338): IPS\_Output::_getJavascriptFileObject()
#3 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Standard.php(79): IPS\_Output->js()
#4 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(717): IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard::baseJs()
#5 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(79): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front::baseJs()
#6 /home/i125w7do/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(110): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front->init()
#7 /home/i125w7do/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher::i()
#8 {main}

#0 /home/i125w7do/public_html/init.php(1036): IPS\_Log::log()
#1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler()
#2 {main}

the stats of the server hosting in real time, absolutely abnormal

Could contain: Sign, Symbol, Text

and many errors like this on www.drivingitalia.net

Resource Limit Is Reached

The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

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If you believe that your server is being attacked by a DDoS attempt, you would want to contact your hosting provider for your options in blocking these attacks or IP ranges from accessing your server.

To resolve the error you're encountering, you may wish to disable all third party applications/plugins and switch to an unmodified theme.

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You do realize that’s because literally everything that could be breaking your site such as themes or third party plugins can’t work?  If you rename that file… the software is essentially useless. 

If you think it’s truly a DDoS attack, you need to work with your host to mitigate it. But your test for third party resources or themes is flawed because renaming that file basically disables those along with everything else by breaking the full software. 

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6 hours ago, ntrivilino@alice.it said:

is it possible to rename the index file (so that it is no longer found by attacks), for example index2.php, but still make the site work? what should I change?

It would take some server configuration and potentially break areas of the site plus be outside our scope of support. I wouldn't recommend it because it's a decent amount of work for a short-lived breath of freedom as the attackers will find it again.

The best solution would be to simply block the incoming attackers at the network/server level via a firewall or advanced WAF. 

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