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  1. Daniel F's post in How to send text to template with html tags was marked as the answer   
    {text|raw} won't escape the text. But please be very careful ūüėȬ†NEVER do this with usergenerated content
  2. Daniel F's post in Read markers not on content elements with no conainer was marked as the answer   
    Based on our code ReadMarkers support Items without containers, so it's a valid bug which I have posted to our internal bugtracker.
  3. Daniel F's post in How can I find topics with the most attachments? was marked as the answer   
    select id1 as topic_id ,count(*) as total FROM core_attachments_map where location_key = 'forums_Forums' group by id1 order by total desc will return the topics with the most attachments
  4. Daniel F's post in 403 Forbidden was marked as the answer   
    Is it affect all your ACP pages? It could also be a WAF ( Web Application Firewall) issue. I would suggest to contact your webhost to see if there's a WAF and if yes, to tell them to change the WAF rules.
  5. Daniel F's post in Error when using template on widget was marked as the answer   
    It seems that your homeArticles template tries to include a template called articleSingle
  6. Daniel F's post in Pages Block oembed was marked as the answer   
    I have filled a bug report for this.
  7. Daniel F's post in Language Strings was marked as the answer   
    You have to enable designers mode for this.
  8. Daniel F's post in Pages: Copying a block doesn't copy the content was marked as the answer   
    We have disabled this feature in 4.6 because it's technically not possible to copy blocks because of all the additional data, which are stored separate.
  9. Daniel F's post in DEV - deleted nexus gateway was marked as the answer   
    Thanks, this seems to be a valid issue which is also affecting few other areas and apps. I have posted this to our internal bug tracker.
  10. Daniel F's post in Make message required for reporting a post was marked as the answer   
    Almost all form fields are handled via Form Helpers so if you need to change any of these fields, you'll have to search for the method which creates the form, then you can create a hook to change the form fields!
    There are few methods where above approach won't work, in this case you can create a hook on \IPS\Helpers\Form\FormAbstract to override the constructor to adjust the field data ūüôā¬†
  11. Daniel F's post in How to get the current URL in FURL form was marked as the answer   
    Why would you want to get a friendly url for 
    http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=widgets&do=getBlock&blockID=app_nexus_latestProducts_tfxsn9iaq&pageApp=nexus&pageModule=store&pageController=product&pageArea=header&orientation=horizontal..... ? The page is meant to be shown in a modal and only to moderators with permissions to edit the sidebar, there's no point in having a friendly url here.
  12. Daniel F's post in Social Media Thumbnails was marked as the answer   
    You could probably use our live meta tags editor https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/promotion/seo-r295/ to add your custom og:image files https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters/getting-started/basic-link/ 
  13. Daniel F's post in New registration with gmail are not allowed was marked as the answer   
    Have you banned gmail? Review your ban filters in your ACP => Members => Ban Setting
  14. Daniel F's post in Topics custom field, variable in templates was marked as the answer   
    The metadata field isn't unused, it's used by the meta data system, which in fact is perfect for your use case! 
    You could create an application with a proper meta data extension for topics to flag the topic:) 
    You can find more information about the feature in our dev guides: 
  15. Daniel F's post in How to view members of a group? was marked as the answer   
    You can use the search to get all members from a group in the frontend, and you can either use the member list filter or just click on the number of members on the groups list in the ACP to get the list of all members from a group. 
  16. Daniel F's post in How to find the template throwing an error? was marked as the answer   
    the pages database templates are located in your ACP => Pages => Templates.
  17. Daniel F's post in Core groups extension was marked as the answer   
    There are at least 2 different ways to accomplish this which I've mentioned here:  
    Depending on the ammount of fields you want to store, you could either use an own database table or a setting to store the data.
  18. Daniel F's post in Custom Login Redirect from Forum Login was marked as the answer   
    We fixed recently a bug which caused the los of the redirect after the login process.
    This should be resolved in the next release.
  19. Daniel F's post in Lost All Formatting After Migration/Upgrade was marked as the answer   
    Please submit a ticket and we’ll take a look 
  20. Daniel F's post in Files in the "interface" folder and CIC clients. was marked as the answer   
    Short update on the issue: This is indeed a limitation which we've just noticed ourself, We're looking at this right now and investigating possible solutions.
    In the meanwhile I would suggest to stop using the interface directory at all, and instead use controllers for the PHP logic and official CDNs or the application resource system for any other files.
    I'm going to explain this further in the upcoming September Marketplace Recap topic which will be published on Monday.
  21. Daniel F's post in Code completion in IDE with monkey patching was marked as the answer   
    There's a handy tool in our marketplace which is able to generate the proxy classes and dozen other autocomplete providers for phpStorm
  22. Daniel F's post in Deleting a hook in the dev center doesn't work properly was marked as the answer   
    Thx, I have fixed this for an upcoming release.
  23. Daniel F's post in CSRF error was marked as the answer   
    Thanks, I have fixed this for an upcoming release.
  24. Daniel F's post in Approved with 0 downloads? was marked as the answer   
    Downloading the pending version update isn't logged as download.
    And if you take a look at the file, you'll see that he posted a new version while the file was waiting for approval
  25. Daniel F's post in 4.5.1 to 4.5.2, skin changes was marked as the answer   
    Top Menu => Resources => Theme Differences , links to https://invisioncommunity.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=plugins&do=diff
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