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  1. Awesome, not a big bug or anything, but I'm glad to hear you are tracking it 🙂 Thank you!
  2. I use this as a membership application form like many others. I have a "Referrer" field that uses the "Member" option so members can type in a few letters and select whom recruited them. The member name shows in the application submission management page in the ModCP, but it only shows "Guest" in the actual topic. Is that a permissions issue? Or might that be some quirk in the file? Either way, how could I have it show the actual member name (like a @mention link) in the topic?
  3. @SoftwareFactory I like the idea of your 2nd gen Brilliant application 🙂
  4. Stupid question, but does it look good on mobile?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! Thank you for the information. 🙂 I'm guessing there is some sort of permissions system for this as well? How in-depth is it? Ideally, I'd like to have every member on my site have basic access to Strategem, but of course have some projects that are staff-view only, etc. Is that possible? P.S. Nice avatar 😛
  6. What types of notifications are included in the Strategem app? Do users get notified when they get assigned to a project? Do admins/mod get notified when tasks/cards/projects get completed, etc (or whomever you may choose)?
  7. Thank you for this form. I haven't paid attention to the Contact form--since reading this, I've audited my Contact form and where it goes. Thank you!
  8. Regarding the bonus points feature: Does the "Last Activity" setting only work if a member logged out before he/she logged back in? My goal is to try to award points when a member visits, even if he/she didn't log out beforehand. Any ideas?
  9. Are you looking at making categories for member notes? So an admin can separate notes into say "Warnings" and "accolades," etc.
  10. https://www.fighting13th.com/games/ I have the same issue. Not a big issue for me though.
  11. Any updates on this? I would get this in a heartbeat if it meant users could login from the website view. I'm sure others are in the same boat.
  12. Wow, speedy reply, thank you 🙂 No, I mean SuperGrid with Superdocs, not super block. I.e. Superdocs database category listing > Supergrid record list within the category.
  13. Can this be used with SuperDocs? I.e. the database homepage being Superdocs template, and then each category would be the SuperGrid category template.
  14. If you use this as a login handler, will you have to login to your website via Discord for each new session (each time you open your browser)? Or does this have the ability to remember your Discord login?
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