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  1. TheJackal84's post in payTo: split payment for two members was marked as the answer   
    OK so I figured out a way, ( I was bored and intrested in this lol )
    Do the invoice normally and then payTo the club owner his 10%, ( you can just use 90% as commission for the site as that is what it will be ) now under invoice save do something like this
    $totalPercent = \IPS\Settings::i()->club_owner_percent + \IPS\Settings::i()->sites_percent; $getTotal = $price->amount->percentage( $totalPercent ); $toPayOwner = new \IPS\nexus\Money( $price->amount->subtract( $getTotal ), $currency ); $extra = $invoice->status_extra; $extra['sellerscut'] = $toPayOwner; $invoice->status_extra = $extra; $invoice->save(); now if the item was $12 and the both % were set to 10% it will save as {"amount":"9.6","currency":"USD"} as 20% of $12 is $2.40, take $2.40 away from $12 is $9.60.
    In the onPaid call
    $invoice->status_extra['sellerscut'] and there you have the $9.60 to pay to the seller
  2. TheJackal84's post in {{if}} statement in add attribute was marked as the answer   
    Ok I done it and got it to work basically you need to add this sort of code to the template
    {{if \IPS\Settings::i()->My_setting == 0}} {{$test = 0;}} {{else}} {{$test = 1;}} {{endif}} and as the attribute the key will be what ever your key is and the value will be
    {$test} then it will show if your setting is selected
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