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  1. Exactly. I have a product it asked me for the price Ive set $50 and a renewal per eg 3months is $100. When the user buys one week assuming it costs $50 which the price that I initially set for the product and per example they wanna add 1month which costs more than the initial price then they would still pay $50. Got it? I can show songs screenshots through DMs if you’re free
  2. I have a store with renewals, when people have a product active they will be able to pay the same purchase price for all different renewals even when another renewal is more expensive than what they currently have or the purchase price.
  3. I don’t wanna do that. I need to have it as a store so I can have separate products with subs for each product
  4. I have a sub based store that I set up as a product with renewals. Issue is that whatever the purchase price is that’s going to be the price that people will pay for different subscriptions (renewals) while they have an active one. How can this be fixed? I’ve seen a lot of people using the store the same way I have so I’m confident there’s a way around it.
  5. That only solves it for images. I’m trying other formats How can it be a server issue? I can upload files with the same size on plugins/themes but not as attachments on a thread?
  6. I keep getting this error while my server is perfectly set up, this happens on attachments it says max file size is 48MB and I'm uploading a 15mbs file and getting this. What could be the solution to this? It doesn't make any sense
  7. Hi, I always need to approve all the transaction made through my store on commerce. Is that something that is automatically enabled from the settings or what? My customers can't receive their orders until I approve them and I'm not 24/7 online to approve each one. Is there any way around that?
  8. Doesn't seem to be there. There was a redeem key button on my store as well but it went away when I disabled the feature
  9. It didn't work for me, it did remove the other user I merged with so I just changed the UID from the db since the uid I wanted to use didn't belong to any user. I needed to do it for some of my staff members just a structure thing nothing major
  10. That doesn't change the user ID. Just tried it
  11. Is there any way to change the ID of a user? Doing it through the database messes up things on forum side
  12. Hey I remember disabling product license keys somewhere but now I wanna re-enable it and can't find it anywhere in ACP. Can someone point me where it is please?
  13. After doing some googling I came across this You should check it out
  14. Can you link me any docs or some instructions please? I'm pretty confident I can pull it off if I get some kind of directions where I should look
  15. C++ / C# Wait so there is no way this can be done?
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