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  1. Membergroup upgrade doesn't load at all after you buy and use... it does nothing, won't update the group at all. The item can't be used. (maybe it's something wrong with the php8 compatibility)
  2. When I upload a file I get the points from member shop and when I delete it the points aren't taken away. When you purchase the member group upgrade you'll get it and have your main group removed ( this is not ok it should be switched to secondary groups ) and after the group membership expires it removes whatever the main group is instead of the one you purchased.
  3. I'm not willing to pay for a plugin, rather make it using html and css.
  4. Thanks that worked! It was an app that caused this.
  5. I updated from php 7.4 to 8.0 fpm but the forum isn't working anymore it gives error 500. All the other scripts I have work just fine.
  6. So i'm trying to add a slider to the main page only with the forums but editing the globaltemplate isn't helping as it displays everywhere. How can I add the code for the slider to display only on index - forums page, what template file do I need to edit?
  7. Have the images for reputation levels been removed in 4.6? I see it still pops up in acp but they don t show on posts or profile.
  8. Is there a way to reset the IPB default theme because it's still on the 4.5 version and it lacks a lot of things, how do I use the 4.6 default version, is there a way to reset it to that ?
  9. Luciann


  10. It won't detect the update at the moment.
  11. Any estimation on when will this version be available to everyone, stable and ready to use? Maybe comparing this to when 4.5 released?
  12. Seems like the last stable release is 4.6 but it doesn’t show for me in the acp, is there any way to update? I’m still on 4.5.x and it says it’s already up to date.
  13. There's an error when you create a status then edit it multiple times, you keep getting the points as if you created a new one.
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