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OpenSearch 2.1 compatibility ->https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/473-r114/

I'm setting up a new Debian server to host our eletronicabr.com forum.

I noticed that Opensearch compatibility is only up to version 2.1. But this version is not available for installation on the website https://opensearch.org/downloads.html

These are the available versions in the repository:
sudo apt list -a opensearch
opensearch/stable 2.13.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.12.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.11.1 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.11.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.10.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.9.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.8.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.7.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.6.0 amd64
opensearch/stable 2.5.0 amd64

I didn't find an online repertoire for installing Elasticsearch 7.17 that currently works on my old server.

Would it be possible for the Invisioncommunity team to update this compatibility?

I noticed other customers having problems too:

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