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  1. @Pete T @Joel R I was just curious if you guys know any different plugins/apps besides the one from the marketplace. Like an advanced our picks, to be able to reorder the promotion topics or with more functionality.
  2. Hi there, I would like to know if there is any useful third party our picks application or plugins that are very useful to use, i know some of the devs are posting stuff on their own forums... If you know some please contact me
    Awesome plugin, and very helpful person, who helped me customize my code. Went above and beyond to meet my expectations! A must have plugin, for every forum out there!
  3. No this disables only the invite group members option. They stil can join them 1 by 1 through the invite member button next to it.
  4. Thanks! 1 more suggestion to consider. I'm using the clubs as (guilds) So i want my members to join the guilds themself. Without making it possible to clubowners to add random people from the forums and be automaticly accepted in a club. The members didn't want to join for example. Maybe a option to disable clubowners to invite members. Or make them invite members but the member should accept the invitation before joining the club this should be beter. keep up the good work!
  5. Yes i disabled/enabled stil doesn't show.
  6. Anyone els having this issue ? Club owners are able to create forums but after opening a forum the (start new topic) doesnt show. As an admin i'm able to see the button. I already checked if restrict number of features is disabled. But stil doesnt show up anyone could help ?
  7. Please consider option 4 because this is a must have in my forums to indentify their character name linked with their forum name.
  8. Some more suggestions. 1:Can you change the name of Topics in the menu into Forums? Because Topics create a forums and inside a Topic if you go to right menu it says again create topic. kinda confusing. 2:And Is It possible to change the background of members in the clubs into something els ? Or make it so that it takes the background of the member that already uses 1? Now it's for everyone white . 3:And Can you limit members to join 1 club only? Because i'm using this Clubs for game guild. So it's kinda weird to see someone joining multiply clubs. Make it so they can only join if the leave their old club. 4: Is it possible to let club members add a nickname below their forum name. This wil be their game character name for example. My Forums name = Exterminator In Game Name = Doom This is great because they can't use game nickname as forum name because it is already taken by someone els for example. If i have more suggestions i'll let you know.
  9. close please topic moved to peer to peer support section.
  10. Hello, As you can see, does this already exists in ip board? i couln't find any. Maybe someone knows how and where to create this ? Very usefull to add as a widget feed in my forums. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, Anyone know how to add facebook feed to my forums?
  12. couldn't buy the theme before. ( edit worked now) Let's see if everything works fine. Thanks !
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