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  1. You mean this section? If yes, how to setup
  2. Hi anyone can help me add a webpage inside a ips board page/block? i've tried many examples but doesn't seems to work. Thanks
    Awesome plugin, and very helpful person, who helped me customize my code. Went above and beyond to meet my expectations! A must have plugin, for every forum out there!
  3. aha, nice. 1 more question, what if users already registered? does this pop up come everytime they visit the website or every page? Or can you make it not visible on people already registered like cookies/ip etc
  4. Does the pop up show when visiting the website? And when the guest enters email for newsletter, does it save this anywhere?
  5. Hi there, I'm almost sure this already exist, but couln't find. Anyone can give me a link to an plugin/application that makes this possible? I would like to collect mails from people who visit my website like this example: Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, As i'm trying to get even more visitors and improve the search ranking of my forums. I wonder if someone here that has more experience in SEO - Meta tags to increase traffic would share their experience. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello anyone with php knowledge pm me pls. I need small coding to start accepting paymentwall on my website. Thanks!
  8. Upload section is disabled. Even it's disabled i'm able to upload photo from the member group. But from my admin account.. it wont let me. even if it's enabled/disabled. Seems like you can only upload 1 time only? is there any restrictions i can change somewhere in the settings?
  9. Hello, Been using the profile photo before with no problems... but for some reason it won't let me upload new one the option is gone... is there any settings I need to enable for this?
  10. Hello everyone, I hope there is someone in here that have some decent knowledge to prevent ddos syn flood. As you can see below. Receiving tons of TCP request Time_Wait without PID. I'm running a windows server 2008 server.
  11. What if you make certain group members not allowed to post images? so it can be usefull for a premium member group to use exclusive emoticons.
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